Dare anal sex

Dare anal sex

Chelsea Nichole
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We will not do it upside down, but we know it: sodomy is a subject that challenges you. Curious, excited, disgusted, afraid. Go find out why, but this long-repressed sexual practice leaves no one unmoved — men as well as women.

While the subject is often taboo, it is appropriate to dismiss conventional wisdom and talk about sodomy. Because above all else, remember that this is a real gesture of love and a moment of shared pleasure.

It all starts with Sodom and Gomorrah

The terms sodomy or sodomites come from the biblical city Sodom that would have been destroyed at the same time as Gomorrah, partly because of its sulfurous mores. His men were then accused of homosexuality.

This transgression of a ban has long been repressed. An anti-sodomy law existed even in Canada until the early 1970s. Did you say taboo?

But by the way, what is sodomy?


Well, if some still ask the question, specify that this anal or rectal sex is the penetration of the penis in the anus of the partner or.

The richly innervated anus constitutes a critical erogenous zone. The penetration must be delicate because the sphincter, effective muscle, contracts at the penetration. So you have to help him relax slowly.

In contrast, unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete secretion itself; it is vital to lubricate the anus with a lubricating gel.

Sodomy in the couple, a shared pleasure?

Although, in general, this practice is at the initiative of men, some women are surprised to appreciate it. According to a 2014 FIFG study, 38% of women and 51% of men report having already practiced it (compared to 37% of women and 45% of men according to a 2006 study). If sodomy is gaining ground, it is mainly in the head and not under the quilt.

It seems, however, that by embarrassment or disgust, few women dare to take the plunge - the phrase "getting sodomized" does not necessarily help to give a positive image of the thing. The role of the man who wants to share this pleasure is then to reassure and go smoothly. Even if an orgasm can appear by the different movements of back and forth, it seems that female pleasure is more cerebral. The partner, in his transgression of a forbidden and his submission, would accept a total gift of himself, his joy would then be increased tenfold.

On the other hand, remember that even in a heterosexual couple, the man may be sodomized. For the followers of the prostatic stimulation, for example, there is no harm to be touched buttocks and the rest! After all, there is no other way to boost your point P.

Protect her back!

couple in the bed

The rectal mucosa is extremely porous. All introduced substances are immediately absorbed (this is the desired effect of suppositories). It is therefore important to protect yourself because the risk of transmission of STDs is much higher. The use of a condom is essential.

In addition, in sexual games, vaginal penetration or fellatio succeed one another, so it is essential for reasons of hygiene to end with sodomy or so to change the condom.

So for your partner to want to try sodomy, gentlemen, take your time and do not hesitate to multiply the preliminaries. And for your partner to want to start again, you will have to apply yourself and make sure that she felt pleasure.