Dare Takes a Turn Pt. 02

Dare Takes a Turn Pt. 02

Morning rises and I must have eventually fallen asleep during the night as I am awoken by a swift and stubborn kick to the stomach. "Rise and shine sissy boy, you've got a lot to do today" sprooked Luke as he looked down at my filthy curled up body.

I peel myself off the hard cold concrete of the patio and instantly feel the pain of my cock being squeezed inside its little cage and my ass hole aching as it is invaded by the butt plug while still being full of another mans cum.

I shudder as the realisation washes over me that last night was indeed not a dream.

I stand up and am sharply reminded of the massive heels my feet have been restrained within and am acutely aware that I have not yet come close to mastering the art of maneuvering myself in them as I almost instantly fall back to the ground. Luke looks down at me and laughs and tells me to hurry up and get inside before he walks off and leaves me to meet him back in the living room.

I hobble back in there to be greeted by all 5 guys sitting around the living room, staring at me as I entered. Once I am with them, the guys offer me a seat with them so we can talk.

Brent begins to talk on behalf of all the guys. "Ok ruby, we know what happened last night was a bit of a surprise and that it all happened really fast. It was the same for us, we hadn't planned what happened but thought it would just be a little fun. The thing is now that we've seen you like this we want some more of it before we let you go."

Tony continues on. "So here's what we've decided is going to happen. You are going to go and clean up this place from Luke's party for the next few hours. You have until 4:00 to make the place spotless. If you can do that we will release you from the plug, cage and heels, let you shower and change. You'll still have your collar on though. After that, you're going to go home and pack a suitcase of things, it doesn't matter what you pack, you won't be needing it. The real reason you're doing it is to tell your parents that your going away on a vacation with us guys for a few weeks and will be back before college starts. Tell them you just know we're all getting away before college and that we've organised everything but you don't have all the details, it's going to be a good time though and you're looking forward to it."

Luke keeps talking, telling me that "What is actually going to happen though is that you're going to come straight back here after you talk to your parents and we have booked a lake house about an hour away for the next 5 weeks. We are each taking a weeks vacation in it and you are going to be our personal slave, doing whatever we tell you to for 1 week each if you ever want your freedom back and don't want us sharing pictures of last night with the world. Got it?"

I feel insanely overwhelmed and shocked at what the guys have planned for me, I mean when did they even come up with this little scheme!? Knowing that it is likely my only way out of this mess though, I nod my head in agreement, to which the guys respond with a resounding "great now get this place looking spotless sissy, Tik tok..."

I start by hobbling around and picking up all the rubbish from the party, there is so much rubbish. About an hour in I find I'm able to go a a lot quicker because I'm actually managing to walk normally in these ridiculous shoes. I never thought I'd be used to them but here I am, walking in a pair of ridiculous 5" stilettos like it's nothing at all.

Once all the rubbish was collected I wipe down all the tables, chairs, the bar and start on the kitchen, wiping benches, washing dishes, putting things back where they belong. Finally a quick tidy in the bedrooms, especially in Luke's sisters room where we made a bit of a mess last night and it's 3:30 when I finish up.

I find the guys all hanging out in Luke's room and walk in to tell them I was done "Hey guys I've finished everything you told me to do, the house is spotless. Now can you please let me go and unlock all of these awful restraints."

Sammy pipes up straight away, almost shouting "how dare you come in here and speak to us with such disrespect you pathetic little sissy bitch. We own you now and you will give us all the respect we deserve. From now on you are to only refer to us as sirs or masters and you may not ask us for anything unless we give you permission. Understand princess?!!" I nod my head in agreement, wanting this to finally just be over.

Sammy turns to the other guys and says "I think for such a disrespectful act, our little sissy here owes us an apology to make up for her behaviour." He turns back to me "you owe us one blowjob each slut. On your knees! NOW!!" I drop to my knees and the guys order me to crawl over to them to receive their cocks. I start by heading to Sam who makes me use my mouth to drop his shorts and expose his cock, he then makes me suck it on all 4's and this time also makes me play with his balls as I suck. Eventually he blows his massive load on my face.

I do this for my other 4 masters, and all of them use me the same way, with a combination of loads being splashed across my face and down my throat. After I am done, Luke comes over to me and removes the butt plug, cum rushing out of my butt along with it. I didn't notice that Luke had put a container under my butt to catch it all, I assumed it was to protect the carpet in his room but he then brought it up to my face and told me to drink up. I gagged as he poured the disgusting liquid down my throat. After he is done feeding me the disgusting butt cum, he slaps me across the face. "What do you say sissy?" Luke asks me. I know he wants me to thank him for it.

I reluctantly respond with a blunt "thanks" another slap.

"Thank you who?" Retorts Luke.

"Thank you master Luke" I respond, starting to understand how this whole slave thing was going to be. He then pulled down my panties and removed my cage. My masters then threw my clothes at me and tell me to get changed. I turn to go in the bathroom but they tell me I can do it right here. Losing what is left of my dignity I strip off and go to put on my underwear and find that it's not there.

The guys tell me to leave my panties on. "A little sissy like you doesn't ever wear boxers or briefs. They only wear sexy little panties and thongs." I leave my panties on and put the rest of my clothes on over the top. The guys also give me no shoes to wear, informing me that they only promised to unlock my heels and didn't say anything about allowing me the privilege of other shoes, offering for me to go bare foot or wear my heels. I notice they keep calling them my heels, or my panties and dresses etc. I don't know why - they're not mine at all. They're Luke's sisters and they made me wear them. I decide not to get into it. Once dressed I ask my masters if I can go and clean up in the bathroom before I go. They tell me no and that I have to go just like I am and to be back in an hour and a half so we can head up to the lake house.

I jump in my car and drive home. Slipping inside and to my room without anyone noticing. I jump straight into the shower and clean myself up and jack off, I knew that both of these things may not be allowed and I might be punished for them later but I risk it, there was no way I could greet my parents looking like this. I then get dressed, wearing the panties and a high collared polo shirt and a hoodie to hide the collar, ear rings and hair extensions I was still wearing as best I could. I go into my wardrobe to start packing a suitcase of things that I might need for a lake holiday. Knowing I won't need them but making it look convincing in case my parents ask me any questions or my mum wants to help me pack.

I pack clothes, some toiletries, shoes, books, my computer and phone charger. All the things I would normally take away with me. I head back out, wheeling my suitcase behind me. As I head out the door I go into the living room to tell my parents that I'm going on a Pre-University holiday with some of the guys. To celebrate and relax together before we all go our separate ways. I tell them that the guys have booked a cabin for us out in a remote little town so I might be fairly unreachable, but that I would be back before I need to prepare for University. My parents tell me to have a good time and don't seem too worried about me, and with that I jump in my car and head back to Lukes house for whatever they had in store for me next.