Daily App Recommendation - My CareCrew

Daily App Recommendation - My CareCrew

App Recommendations

There are apps for so many different purposes nowadays. That’s why if you are a cancer patient in need of support and help and want to create your own group of supporters to make your life easier, there are apps to help you with that too. We looked and we found one cancer support platform for you to request and get the help you need. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This cancer support platform is easy to use and user-friendly, designed for cancer patients by cancer patients. Developed on the Android and IOS platform, this is a community that could help with everyday challenges as a cancer patient. It offers support and help on a daily basis and you just need to create your own CareCrew of supporters to get the help you need at any time within this cancer community.

Features of My CareCrew

My CareCrew with its various helpful and practical features makes the life of cancer patients easier on a daily basis. You just need to sign up on this app and choose the contacts that you want to be added to your CareCrew supporters. No matter if you need help with meal prep, transport, child care, errands, personal care, house chores, virtual help and other, you can request help within this app. Just share your help requests with your supporters with just a tap on your phone.

All your help offers from CareCrew members can be managed effortlessly too. Review offers to decide which offer suits your needs the most. A help tracker is also offered on this app for you to track all your requests and the offers you get. You can accept or deny requests, and even chat with supporters to make agreements and get the help you need. Let people support you through your tough times and receive the help you need, all available directly on your phone within this support community.

Download it on App Store or Google Play to receive cancer support and help on a daily basis!

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