Daddy and Me

Daddy and Me


Dad and daughter

Summertime in Phoenix sucks!! Let me tell you unless you have a pool your summers will be full of boredom! The house I grew up in had a older style pool. Wasnt the beautiful pools we see now but it was something. My name is Alexandra but I go by Alex Allie or Al. I was excited summer had finally come and I could stay home and relax. My best friend Kate comes over all of the time. On a hot Monday she came over so we could swim in my pool. At the time I remember I was a little jealous of Kate because she was super skinny had a nice body. Anyways we head upstairs to my room to put on our bathing suits. Kate and I have never been shy around each other. At least my boobs were bigger than hers. As we get undressed i glance over at Kate looking at her from head to toe. I never knew why my pussy was just a little slit and the only way I can describe hers was meaty. She had what looked like an overgrown clit hood. Anyways that made me feel good. I had her in the boob and pussy dept. She had to of been an A cup with her mosquito bites. I was a full C. I was still thin but not as thin as she was. All of my newer bathing suits were in the wash so i had to wear one that i hadnt worn in a couple of years. The top barely fit. I was coming out of thr top and sides. Trust me I didnt think it was sexy at all. My areolas barely covered. My bottoms were small and tight. My pussy lips were visible in the front. Kate and I go outside and decide to sunbathe a bit before going in. After just a few minutes of laying out I hear a familiar voice say hey girls! It was my dad!! He was home early. We both say hey in unison. I instantly thought fuck Im going to get in trouble for wearing this suit. Then I realize I left my towel clear on the other side of the pool. It was do or die I had to get it. As im walking i notice my left tit is out! I quickly adjust myself and look over at my dad. I was expecting him to be mad. He says wow havent seen you wear that in a while. I grab the towel and notice hes staring at my ass. He all of sudden waves and goes inside the house. Youre so lucky Kate says. Why i ask? Well because your dad is so fucking hot. After a few minutes my dad came back out...

Hey I was wondering if I could join you girls. He was wearing his swim trunks and tank top. Of course I say. Of course says Kate with a huge smile. He takes his shirt off and goes into the pool. Kate and I follow. I notice her being very flirty with him. She asks him if he can pick her up and throw her in the pool like he used to do when we were younger. Dad says of course I can try I havent done that in a while. She swims to him he grabs her from the waist picks her up then readjust his hands to her inner thigh practically touching her vagina then he throws her. She comes up with a huge smile on her face. Try it Alex, she says. I swim to him then turn around so he can grab me. As hes pulling me into him i brush up against the front of his shorts. He had a massive hard on. He grabs me to throw me. He puts his hand in my inner thigh touching my pussy with the back of his hand. Just before throwing me he wiggles his finger touching my clit. Wow! Was that on purpose I thought? Either way it felt amazing. I come up to find Kate and dad staring at me. Your top she yells. My tits were out. I quickly adjust. I notice dad just staring. Im thinking what the hell is going on with him. We hear a car pull into the driveway. It was mom. Dads demeanor completely changes. He says I better get out or mom will be upset Im in here. I didnt quite get why. As hes getting out he quickly moves so that we dont see his huge bulging boner. It was way too obvious. Kate and I both stared. We both get out of the pool and I sneak in without mom seeing me. She surely would have been pissed. We walk up the stairs and change into some dry clothes. Kate leaves immediately after not wanting to stick around for the fireworks that could be coming. A few minutes later I see mom and dad coming up the stairs. He glances over to me just before going into his room.. I then hear them talk then I hear mom say whats gotten into you in excitement. Then I here her moan and the bed squeaking. Dad was giving it to mom. It was crazy and it kinda turned me on thinking I might have been the reason why he was so horny. I go into my room lock the door and touch myself for a bit thinking about him and his huge cock. I came so quick. It was intense.

About an hour later I get a call from Kate. She starts off with guess what? I say what. She says i just got out of the shower and while i was in there I was fingering myself. I laugh and say yea and what? She says I was thinking about your dad the whole time. Youre so gross I tell her. Its my dad. She asks if she can come over for dinner. I say its fine. She shows up about an hour later wearing a nice dress low cut. She has very little cleavage still not something I would ever be allowed to wear. We go up to my room. She says her panties are bothering her. Such a fucking slut in think to myself. She takes them off. I see shes clean shaved. What a whore! The only reason she was shaved was bc she wanted someone to see it.. I then began to wonder if all this was for dad. She pulls her dress down and takes her bra off as well. What are you doing I ask? Thats bothering me too she says with a smirk. Her nipples were rock hard and can be seen through her dress. Mom isnt going to like that I say. I put on a skirt and nice shirt. During dinner mom had to nudge dad several times because he was staring at her. That made me jealous i didnt know why though. After dinner we go up to my room afterwards. As we are sitting on my bed I see her underwear on the floor is a cute pink lace thong. I wonder what that would look like on me. I ask her if I put them on. She says ok. I take my skirt off then my panties. My stupid bush was so embarrassing. She laughs and says you really need to start shaving that. I put the thong on. The material felt so good. i look in the mirror. it looked to cute on me. from behind even better. my ass looked so nice and smooth and sexy. my pussy looked good. you could see the outline of my lips. the lace felt good. they were a little small for me but still. She then says I can keep them if I want. shes got plenty more. I say thanks. I take them off. She says she has an idea.. she takes her dress off. her boobs were so small and cute. small nipples. she says take your shirt off. I do then take my bra off. shes staring at my body. we lay down. she asks if she can see my vagina. I say ok. she opens my lips to find my clit. yours is so different she says. let me see yours I say. she lays back. I can see her hood exposed. she had a cute vagina. she had a tiny clit. very pink. I ask her what does it feel like to have a cock in there. she says it hurts at first then it feels good. we talk for a bit. she asks me if I have a razor. I said yea I shave my legs. she asks for it. I get dressed and go get it. I bring it into the room. she asks i take off my clothes again. i do. i had some shaving cream in my room. she puts it all over my vagina. it felt good as shes rubbing it all over. she asks me to lay back. I nervously do. mom cant find out. she starts shaving me. it felt good. so good. after about 15 minutes she said all done. I walk over to the mirror. wow. in front of me was the cutest pussy. I hadnt seen it hairless in a few years. it was so sexy. my slit was about an inch in length.

A few weeks after all of this I went to the mall to purchase clothes with my mom. During this trip i asked mom if i could get a thong or nicer bras. She of course said no. It didnt really piss me off as much as it usually does. Mom and I had a better relationship. That night I was in the shower and mom just walks in bc she needed to use the toilet. As Im talking to her i remembered I was clean shaven and I hadnt told her about it. It wasnt like she was going to open the shower curtain it just made me nervous. It seemed like forever that she was in there. Anyways afterwards I quickly got dressed and went to my room.. 2 days after that my mom calls me into her room. I go in and notice shes in the bathrrom. Shes getting undressed getting ready for a shower. I look at her and notice she was completely shaven. This was the first time i had ever seen her like that. We talked about random things that seriously could have waited as shes washing herself. Then i notice she missed a few spots mostly underneath from behind. I get the guts to tell her i want my vagina to look like hers. I dont like hair. She asks me to take my pants off and she will help me. Thats when I confess to her that I had already done it. She wasnt upset just surprised. A few minutes after i left the bathroom I heard dad go in there and then could faintly start hearing my mom moan. I was thinking wow dad was giving it to mom. Mom was trying to be quiet. i really wanted to see dads penis. I got flashbacks of how good it felt in the pool. I had a plan. I would burst into the bathroom pretending not to know he was there. I walk over still hearing mom moan then i burst in. Dad is standing behind mom and she is slightly bending over getting it. ALLIE!!! he yells. I see dad had a huge hard on very little hair. Looked very good. My dad is uncircumsized which is why i think i like them more. Sorry i say then walk off. I go into my room get under the covers and begin to touch myself. I was done so quick.

Next morning mom went off to work early. It was dads day off. He had his poker game on saturdays with his buddies. This was back when everyone was playing texas hold em. I hear dad downstairs fumbling in the kitchen. I figured I would go downstairs and mess with him for a bit. I take off my bra put on my wife beater shirt. It was completely white and see through. My boobs looked amazing in that. I put on some short shorts that barely fit. They were super tight. Had a small cameltoe no undies. As I walk into the kitchen I look over at him and he seems surprised to see me. He looks at me from top to bottom and is fixated on my boobs. Well hi sweetie he says I say hello. He turns around and continues cooking. I come up behind him and rub my right boob on his arm. My nipples were rock hard at the time. He was nervous and points me to the pantry to grab something i think it was salt or some sort of spice. I go over bend over spreading my legs a bit. I call him and pretend i cant find it. I look back to see him as he walks over just staring at my ass and the perfect outline of my pussy. Oh Allie he says please go upstairs amd get dressed.

I called my friend Kate over later that morning. Kate showed up usual short shorts low cut shirt hard nips. We hung out in my room for a few hours. I really wanted to take a nice pic of me to send to one of the guys I had a huge crush on. Well i had Kate help me. I layed in bed on my stomach wearing nothing but the thong Kate had given me. She took a pic of me grabbing my boobs. Trust me when I say I had a hot little body.

After a while dads friend Matt showed up. Kate and i got an idea to go downstairs and flirt and show off a bit. I put on the skimpiest pair of shorts and a low cut shirt. I pulled up the shorts as much as i could to really show off the outline of my pussy. It actually felt good. Some of it was rubbing up against my clit. Downstairs we walked by the living room non chalantly saying hi. Kate of course was staring at my dad. Both of the men were both in awe.. I still didnt like the fact that my bitch friend was getting most of my dads attention. I had to do something about that

We went back upstairs and hung out. After a couple of hours Kate and I decide we would go swimmimg. We go downstairs and announce we should ALL go swimmimg. I didnt realize it but by this time my dad and his buddy were a little tipsy. Matt yells lets go swimming!! Kate then yells lets go skinny dipping!! I saw the look in my dads eyes. He didnt look like he wanted any part of it. He surprisingly says sure! Wow i know Kate was all into it but i wasnt. I was just a tease. I didnt want to do it.. I said you guys go ahead Im going to listen to music. I went upstairs upset because of how everything went. I could hear them laughing and having a good time. I put my headphones on and try to concentrate on my music.. Just then I feel some arms wrapping around me. It was my dad! Lets go outside you prude he says.. Fine but Im not getting in!! I walked up to the water to feel the temperature. All of a sudden i get pushed into the pool. I had a white shirt no bra short shorts everything is see through. Matt and Kate began chanting take it off take it off referring to the fact I still had my clothes on. I finally got the courage to do it. I tried staying underneath the water so my boobs would stay submerged. No luck hiding with everyone splashing around and playing. I noticed Matt had a great body but i was so surprised with dad and his body. It was so nice. As we were messing around playing I rubbed up against Matts chest and he did rubbed up against mine. I look over to my dad and can see that bothered him. I swam down towards the bottom of the pool and towards dad. I came up for air and saw him talking to Kate. I went back down and grabbed his dick outside of his shorts and squeezed it! He jumped back a bit. I came up and smiled he then grabbed my head and pushed it down towards his dick. i come up smiling again. Nobody knew anything except he and I. Afterwards we got out and went inside and hang out for a bit. While we are all downstairs i decided to go upstairs to my room to grab my phone. I had no idea my dad was behind me. i turn around at my door and he pushes me into the room and begins to kiss me..I had never full on kissed someone like that. It was amazing. He felt me all over above my clothes. Slowly he began to move his hands underneath my shirt. He felt my boobs and then pinched my nips. It was the first time that had ever happened. I didnt know what to do so i began to grab him. He was rock hard.. solid hard. I went underneath his pants. I really didnt know what to do so i began to stroke it slowly. He stuck his hands in my pants. He rubbed me with 1 finger right along my slit. Felt amazing. Then he slowly penetrates a finger on my clit. It felt different then when i do it to myself. Wow felt amazing. I got naked. he slipped his tongue in and out. he said i tasted great. He licked my boobs and nipples. I made sure there was no penetration. I was saving that for someone special

So the rest of the summer i would catch my dad checking me out. It didnt bother me i kind of liked it. Made me feel pretty. Dad didnt know but after mom went to work I would go into my room and change clothes usually shorter shorts and i would take my bra off. One day dads friend Johnny comes over. They were hanging out in the living room taking a break from working on dads car. Me not knowing dad had company come out in my usual short shorts and no bra. I see that Johnny is there and it immediately embarrassed me. Johnny looks up at me and his jaw drops. They were both speechless. I immediately went back up to my room. I couldnt stop thinking about the look in johnnys eyes. It really turned me on. I stood in front of the huge mirror checking myself out. I took my shorts off and looked at my panties. I hated them. I was putting my grown up body into some underwear that was made for people younger than me. I decided to take my panties off and put my shorts on without them. Now that was a different feeling. I liked it. Made me feel sexy. I laid on my bed thinking about my next move. As im laying on my stomach i look back behind me at the mirror and i can see that when i open my legs my pussy is visible just enough for a tease. My shorts opened up when I moved my legs and right through the leg hole it was there. Being that it was clean shaven you could finally see some definition not a big ball of hair. I then got an idea. I grabbed a tight shirt made my nipples hard and went out to the living room. I walked into the living room nipples rock hard grab a throw pillow and lay on the carpet in front of the guys watching tv. I looked back a couple of times and saw them both staring at me. I then made my move. I opened my legs to give them a view. I then closed them and opened them again nonchalantly. I looked back and saw my dad and Johnny just staring. They didnt even bother looking away. I did it again for a few minutes then got up and went back to my room.

A few hours later johnny left. I went back downstairs and hang out with dad. I had a load of laundry in the dryer so i grabbed all of my clothes and put them on the couch. I would fold them there before putting them away. My dad was sitting on the couch with a huge smile on his face. I grabbed my pajama pants and instead of folding them i figured i would put them on. I LOVED doing this bc i would tease my dad a little bit make him uncomfortable and it turned me on. I take my shorts off and they were probably going down around my knees when i remembered i had no panties!!! I quickly took them off and put on my pajama pants. Im sure im bright red i look over at my dad and hes got an amazing expression on his face like he cant believe what just happened. I sit on the couch trying to be cool about everything. I remember dad grabbed me gave me a big hug a huge kiss and told me how beautiful i was. He got up and said he was going to shower. As hes getting up he uses my thigh for leverage and it hurt like hell. I let out a little scream. Oh shit he said im sorry. Let me see where did i hurt you. I pulled my pants down just showing my right thigh. Right there dad. Oh right here he says as he runs his finger on my exposed vagina. Omg!!! Felt amazing!!! I instantly got excited. He then said you will be fine Amy and walks away leaving me there hot and horny. I guess that was his way of teasing me.. idk i never asked him about that.

A little over a year had passed since everything had started happening. I had recently lost my virginity to one of my friends brothers Trey while spending the night at her house. Trey was a little older than me. We did it 5 times total in the subsequent weeks. Anyways i remember it was a monday morning. Labor day! I was off from school. i was laying in my room just waking up wearing tshirt shorts. I pulled my shorts up and it created this grandiose cameltoe. Lol i dont mean to brag but as im writing this I just googled cameltoe and these girls online have nothing on me. I loved it so i grabbed my cheap ass flip phone and took a picture of it. Being the fuckin tease that I was at the time i sent it to my dad. Lol I waited with excitement to see what his response would be. His response was is that it? I immediately took that as a challenge. I had a couple of pictures i had taken for my Trey. I sent him those. They werent complete nudes just tease. No response. I waited probably 30 minutes before i went downstairs. I didnt see dad anywhere. I laid on the couch watched some tv. After a few minutes dad comes in from the garage. No words doesnt say a thing he grabs me turns me over on the couch and pulls my shorts down. No bullshit that kind of scared me a bit but i loved it. He proceeded to run his fingers down my ass and then my wet pussy. he got to my clit and he rubbed it. I moaned loud thats when he stopped and stuffed his face into my pussy. He began to lick then move and stuck his tongue inside of me. He started to finger me and lick me at the same time while im still laying stomach. Its killing me that i cant see anything. He takes his fingers out and squeezes my ass hard. Felt amazing. He then flipped me over and squuezed my right boob. I pulled my shirt up he runs his tongue from my pussy up to my stomach then begins to suck on my nipples. He flicked with his tongue and nibbled on them. They were rock hard! i cant stand it. I grab for his crotch and feel his cock. it was rock hard as well. i tried fumbling with the zipper of his pants to no avail. he got up off of my chest and undid his pants and pulled them down. i grabbed it. My hands couldnt get around the whole thing. i player with it for a bit not really knowing what to do. i put it in my mouth and was stroking it while sucking on the tip. I seriously have always had a bad gag reflex. i couldnt get anything past the head in my mouth. Hes moaning so im thinking im doing a good job. then he pulls it out almost yanks it out. He opens my legs pulls me towards him and sticks himself inside of me. it was amazing. just incredibly amazing. it was the fact that it was wrong that we were home that it was my own dad. everything played a part into the most incredible orgasm of my life.;u=1783;area=summary

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