DIVO Mobile App is designed for fashion industry professionals  

DIVO Mobile App is designed for fashion industry professionals  


DIVO Mobile App provides smart services which empower models, new faces, content creators, brands to build peer to peer cooperation, reduce costs and digitalize business.

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The DIVO App is a safe and universal working tool for all industry participants who can be considered as performers - models, talent, and other fashion professionals.

The application is based on cutting-edge technologies, the most important of which is DIVO Face Recognition, which makes it possible to identify the real user with absolute accuracy and provide protection against unauthorized access to the user’s account.

When combined with Big Data, the use of DIVO Face Recognition technology makes it possible to target users by appearance type. The algorithm provides an accurate search according to user-selected parameters, which allows new faces to closely compete with famous and experienced models with a physical resemblance. DIVO gives new faces the chance to unexpectedly get a contract from an industry leader.

Smart contracts, integrated into the mobile application, ensure the ability to instantly sign contracts and the guarantee of timely payment for fulfilled agreements. When both parties come to an agreement in the blockchain network, a document is automatically generated and remains visible to all parties during its validity period.

With the use of geolocation automatic confirmation of current status, a virtual SOS button and the constant care of the support service allow members of the DIVO community to feel safe throughout the entire work period.

To be continued...........with a review on Face Recognition and Smart Contracts within DIVO Platform.

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