“Star Sand” is said to be the first novel ever written and published by major publishers in both Japanese and English by the one author. It is literally a novel with two originals.

The story was conceived by Roger Pulvers in 1977, when he spent a month on the small Yaeyama island of Hatoma in the southernmost reaches of Okinawa Prefecture. It is there that he first encountered a beach and a seabed made entirely of star sand. (Star sand is tiny star-shaped shell-like carcasses of a protozoa.) Pulvers was intrigued by these beautiful star-like “shells” and by the fact that the war almost entirely passed little Hatoma Isle by.

The Japanese version of “Star Sand” was published in hardcover in March 2015 by the leading publishing house of Kodansha.

In May 2016 AmazonCrossing, a division of Amazon, published the English version of “Star Sand”; and it has gone on to become a bestseller with more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon’s American and British sites. In May 2017 a French translation of “Star Sand” appears in France.

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