DACX is an economic platform designed to bridge between old financial markets and emerging digital asset ecosystems

Exchange is one way to get the product you want from someone by offering something instead. Exchange is a process and not a momentary event. Each party is said to be in exchange if they negotiate and lead to an agreement.

Digital currency or electronic currency is a type of currency that is only available in digital form, not physically like paper money and coins. It shows properties that are similar to physical currencies, but allow for instant transactions and unlimited ownership transfers. Examples include virtual currencies and cryptocurrency or even central banks that issue digital base money. Like traditional money, this currency can be used to buy physical goods and services, but it can also be limited to certain communities such as for use in online games or social networking.

The DACX Exchange holds the DACX Exchange Offers (IEO) tokens in participating. You have to register on our official website and complete KYC to be able to buy tokens on the DACX IEO exchange and for you crypto fans this is a great opportunity to invest and get mutual benefits, don't miss the golden opportunity we offer this is because the DACX exchange is committed to being one of the biggest exchanges in the world because it is supported by a solid and experienced team in the crypto world, you are certainly familiar with our CEO Zeeshan Chaudhry who is very experienced in the world of digital and cryptocurrency currencies and will be realized in the DACX exchange project because all team members are committed to making cryptto exchange the number 1 DACX exchange in the world.

DACX is a new startup that began in the third quarter of 2018. The project or vision is based on blockchain technology and is accelerated through LEVEL39. There are many digital asset exchanges out there, but DACX is unique with incorporating machine learning and DLT into it. These features ensure security in DACX as a digital market. DACX is more temporary than traditional trading platforms based on cryptocurrency. It offers products and provides services for various classes of clients such as professionals, institutions, and business people in the retail sector.

DACX's vision and goals are very high, and as such, its achievement requires partnership and affiliation. This partnership exists in the blockchain community and has helped the big step taken by DACX. One such goal is the STO list. To this effect, DACX fully incorporates design compliance into the project structure foundation to prevent future regulatory problems. Procedures such as KYC, AML and AMM are used by platforms to monitor these risks and prevent fraudulent activities.

This partnership also involves software transfer. So partnering with several of these infrastructure providers provides access to software such as trade matching machines. This software helps create the most suitable orders, offers and offers. The operation of a trade matching machine is based on a sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm uses a multi-threaded process, which is difficult to find. One of these partners is Modulus Global who has several years of experience in financial technology and HPC. This combination of effective trading solutions is why DACX can cover more than ten million transactions in one second.

New technology enables global businesses to reach new audiences around the world to ensure a path for international clients now than ever before. Organizations have been hampered by not ensuring that multi-lingual support is part of an ongoing strategy, customers must always be at the core of your business goals, and part of this gives them a seamless experience. Multilingual help desk, whether at home or obtained through an outsourcing company is key as the product grows. A trade matching machine is software that is used to match purchase orders, offers, and with sell orders, offers. This is the most important part of every exchange because that is what allows users to trade with each other and all the reasons why they are registered on the platform. A suitable trading machine follows an algorithm that determines the set of rules they must obey, how it works, how many orders can they deal with how many pairs and how long. The multi-thread process is more profitable, but only a few crypto exchanges implement it because it requires more work, experience and time to build.

Therefore, it partners with Modulus Global infrastructure providers     , Modulus, a twenty-year-old developer specializing in HPC and financial technology, and has provided sophisticated technology products and services to clients including the NASDAQ Stock Market, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Devon Energy, IBM, Microsoft! Yahoo !, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Ford Motor Company, SAS Institute, Rutgers University, Chicago University, MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, NASA, and thousands of companies, education, government and other nonprofit institutions, in 94 countries since 1997.

Their high-frequency trading solution, allows DACX to provide ten million transactions per second from the start and can be increased up to 8X if and when needed. In comparison, Bitfinex can handle around one million transactions per second, and Binance is only a little more - around 1.4 million. With latency as low as 40 nanoseconds, your portfolio can now go up and down 1.5 billion times in one minute. Even NASDAQ, with latency of 400 microseconds is 10 times slower. Unlike Nasdaq SMART, Modulus solutions track money laundering on crypto exchanges. Our system uses a deep learning neural network to identify hidden relationships in exchange and even in the blockchain.

# Security

To ensure the security of digital assets in our custody, we use four types of crypto wallets:

  • Hot Wallet: This is a wallet that is stored on our internal servers for frequent transfers. Only a small portion of the funds will be saved for frequent transfers. All Hot Wallets come in encrypted form and the decryption key is only applied by authorized personnel at predetermined intervals to approve outgoing transactions. This prevents the loss of assets if our internal server is compromised.
  • HSM Protected Semi-Cold Wallet: This is an outdoor office wallet that is owned by all corporate hardware wallet solutions with governance, multisig, and access limits imposed by the Hardware Security Machine. Some signatures from authorized personnel are required to approve transactions and limited access to the private network terminal.
  • Hardware Wallet Integration: Comments on integration of Ledger hardware wallet, and X (with pictures)
  • Cold Wallet: This wallet is kept offline and transactions are signed on an offline computer by senior management executives.

The advantage

1. The exchange fulfills all regulatory requirements, because it functions properly.

2. You can make payments in currencies such as EUR, USD, GPB and so on.

3. Not only crypto and fiat assets are presented, but also goods, indices, options, and so on.

4. Reliability and security at a high level.

5. Processing transactions of up to 10 million per second.

6. Control over trading and manipulation happens in real time using machine learning

Some of DACX's main features are, but are not limited to:

  • 2FA
  • Crypto to Fiat
  • Rail & Settlement Banking
  • Anti DDOS
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Casting
  • MultiSignature Wallet
  • Universal Wallet-Remit Cross border payments
  • Kartu Debit Virtual

DACX   Token (   DACX   )

We have released our own service token called    DACX Token    . This sets a strict limit of 786    786    786    Dacx    , which will never increase, and total stock will decrease due to frequent token burns. The DACX token    will initially work on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC 20 token standard.

Universal wallet Universal wallet

is the main warehouse of    DACX Remit    . It uses DLT, traditional banking services, and guards to store the following types of assets in one wallet: Fiat Money

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Service Token
  • Token Keamanan (STO)
  • Stable coins
  • Commodity Token 


DACX  Road Map  

  • September 2019 - pre-registration
  • October 2019 - pre-launch DOE
  • Q4 2019 - Launch of the exchange
  • Q4 2019 –   Fiat Gateways 
  • Q1 2020 - expanding operational jurisdiction in the EU and Asia
  • Q1 2020 - cross-border payments
  • Q1 2020 - Integration of service stations
  • Q1 2020 –   Kartu Debit Virtual
  • First quarter of 2020 - Bridge Remit & Exchange
  • Q2 2020 - trade margin
  • Q2 2020 - DEFI - Loans 
  • Q2 2020 - Extend operational jurisdiction to AN

 Tim  DACX

1 ZISHAN CHODRI: Founder | CEO 2. FRANCE CLERKS: Head of Marketing 3. LISA LI: Regional Marketing and Communication 4. TARIMA ISMAIL: cybersecurity and blockchain engineer 5. CURTIS PAVLIK: Regional sales and operations 6. JAMES WAKETT: Regional Business Development 7. FRASS MASROOR: Complete Stack Developer 8. UMAIR JAWAID: DevOps 

& Insinyur Platform

9 PETER MACDONALD: Business Strategy and Partnership


1   . RICHARD GARDNER:   CEO Modulus Global


Conclusions of

Exchange is a source of cryptocurrency, so it must be user friendly, provide liquidity to the industry as a whole, and be very safe. The emergence of security tokens will be very large in this space, and once again exchanges that achieve full regulation and compliance will become dominant in the crypto / blockchain arena in the future.

For more accurate information, follow the link below:

Website:  http://dacx.exchange/ 

Whitepaper:  https://dacx.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/DACX_WhitePaper.pdf

Bitcointalk link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5197112.0 

Telegram:  https://t.me/OfficialDacx

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dacx.io

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dacx_io