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13 Jun 2015 8 Jul 2017 PvP Entries for Curse . The most common flavour is a shield tanked curse due to the six mid slots and the desire to be able to have the flexibilty of speed and the ability to range. . For more information about capacitor warfare and other capacitor warfare using ships see the Capacitor Warfare Guide. 5 May 2012 A pilgrim is very much unlike a curse. The Pilgrim is almost always best used in known systems, it's use is more for the careful and patient hunter rather than the balls to the wall Curse pilot who can just warp in Labels: anabaric, Battleclinic, EVE Online, fittings, pilgrim, PvP, pvp101, recon ships, training. 2 Mar 2011 [Curse, Sucks To Be You] Damage Control II Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic System II Reactor Control Unit II Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive Photon Scattering Field II Invulnerability Field II Invulnerability Field II Large Shield Extender II Large Shield Extender II Medium 23 Apr 2013 5 Oct 2015 Party because I was making a guide about it and partly because it was just such an awesome ship. The reason for this is because in my opinion the Pilgrim is currently the best Solo PVP Ship in the game! And, what's even better is that no one else knows it yet! The reason for this is due to the fact that not too 25 Jan 2015 If your post does not fit one of these categories, please think carefully about whether it's about EvE fittings. Please be as clear as possible about the purpose and requirements of posted and requested fittings. "I need a ship for PvE" or "How is this PvP Fit?" are not good, since we'll have to ask a million 27 Sep 2013 But, it's a highly advanced ship to fly, make no mistake. Rather than a typical “get at optimal, apply damage” ship, the Curse pilot has to watch several things at once, have multiple targets locked, and apply different ewar modules based on each ship's threat level. Flying it successfully means understanding TL:DR and moral of the story: Eve isnt designed to be played solo. You will find yourself very limited on what you can do solo, pvp wise.You should try a variety of pvp from solo to large fleets, wardeccing/ganking to sov warfare and W-space hunting. And then find what is most fun for you. It probably wont be

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