Crypto investments in oil will help save the planet

Crypto investments in oil will help save the planet

by Alexandra Bliznina

ODMCoin is the first blockchain option in oil&gas sector. The project has recently  launched the ICO. The token of ODMCoin is backed with the agreements with large oil&gas companies. The token holders invest into eco-friendly technology that can process oil drilling mud.

Nowadays there are more than 1000 types of tokens on the crypto market and experienced investors pay their attention to those tokens which are backed with something.  For example the crypto society is actively discussing the Venezuelan token EL Petro. It is known that government gave 5 billion barrels of oil to back it. The project managed to raise $735 million during the 1st day of sale.

How is it possible to combine crypto industry, oil&gas sector and business? The Tyumen start uppers know this. In fact, they managed to implement the technology that lets make money from the mud, or, to be more precise, oil drilling mud.  

It is known that Russia is the world's largest oil producer. During a year the country produces more than 500 million tons of oil. However, few people know that this produces a huge amount of oil sludge — waste that remain during the drilling of wells and leakage of oil into soil or water.

The developers of the ODMCoin project figured out how to make profit on solving this problem.

The team designed the technology that lets process oil drilling mud into fuel and materials for building roads.

Today oil companies store oil wastes in oil pits and have to pay millions to dispose it in accordance with the State regulations. But even this doesn’t help a lot as oil wastes can easily get into the soil and pollute it.

The developers of the project wrote a petition addressed to the Ministry of natural resources and environment. Now they are collecting signatures of people who are concerned about this problem and can help to stop oil pollution.

The designed technology was appreciated by experts in the oil&gas industry. Thanks to this ODMCoin made contract with the largest oil&gas Company for manufacturing and putting into operation the first complexes on their oil fields.

It is planned to get $132 per 1 ton of processed oil drilling mud.

The developers of the technology plan to manufacture 12000 complexes in a few years, which will allow process more than 15 million tons annually, which is more than 600 million dollars of net profit each year.

Today everyone can make money on this project by simply buying ODMCoin tokens. At the first stage of the ICO, you can buy digital coins for half of their real price.

The ODMCoin team also plans to unite users and production enterprises in the blockchain ecosystem with the help of "Bi Platform" service.  This service helps to invest, distribute profit and exchange assets. Blockchain Industrial Club has its own designed blockchain platform that will allow you to adjust the relationship between the club members and token holders.


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