Crypto Agent Bot

Crypto Agent Bot

International Team of Analysts and Traders in the Crypto-Market

We are an international team of analysts and traders in the cryptocurrency market, having a lot of experience and really good results at this fast growing market. We would like to share with you our great knowledge and invite you to the high yielding cryptocurrency market.

We will help you:

1)  Yield stable financial profit at the cryptocurrency market

2)  Get the newest information about the cryptocurrency market

3)  Increase your capital funds in deeds, not words.

4)  All what is required from you is to carefully follow our recommendations on signals and in- and out points (buy and take profit)

5)  We trade on two greatest world exchanges (Bittrex, Poloniex)

6) Remember: It is possible to get from 1BTC if you multiply 2-3% Daily, after 365 days Over 1000 BTC!

Your Agent in the Cryptocurrency Market

What you will get from the Team behind Crypto Agent Bot?

  • We will teach you how to master the cryptocurrency market, and you will not need to worry that you are not experienced in this business.
  • We will take care of all technical and analytical moments, we work in professional and result-oriented manner, which you will see soon.
  • We will design your financial independence together with you.
  • We are not an investment group or company, we render high quality services at the cryptocurrency market and we will be on this market as long as it exists.
  • You will invest in yourself first of all, cause we do not take your money to manage it! You will have the full control about managing your own account and financial growth.
  • Daily signals (Short-, Mid- and Long-term).
  • You will have access to a unique and very attractive compensation plan for partners remuneration and receive about 60% profit up to 10 levels deep.
  • You will get information about the most relevant coins for investment with good growth prospects.
  • Assistance in creating your investment portfolio.

To benefit from our unique service you need to choose one of the following Packages!

Service Packages

We see ourselves as pioneers in the Crypto-Market, so we would like to see more people joining Bitcoin, Altcoins & Blockchain technology.

Therefore, we have considered a possibility to reward the members for further recommendations, in addition to our Trading & Analytical Service (which already provides great results).

For this, we have set up a very attractive Compensation Plan and Career Bonus:

Career Bonus


We have more than 14 years of experience in analyzing & trading Stock and Forex market, and have now completely gone to the crypto market 2 years ago. The reason is NOT because of the money, but because we are fascinated by the Blockchain Technology and want to share the vision of creating a better world with it.

Why we work with a Telegram Bot?

Messenger Services like Whats App and Telegram are used already today every day in most of peoples live. This will increase even more in the future. Already very mature bots and artificial intelligence are in use at Telegram. That's why we want to go with this trend and constantly improve our bot.

Before we started with the english-speaking (international) market, we have already tested our Crypto Agent Bot with a test-group of russian-speaking people over the last months. The results and feedback from the test persons were very positive 😀

Also we working NOW on a software to give our members the opportunity to set-up directly Signals on Bittrex or Poloniex from Telegram!! This will improve huge the user friendliness. Therefore stay tuned 😎

Anonymous - Please understand

Another reason why we use Telegram is because we want to stay anonymous. We have learned from the past that success have also a downside. We are an elite circle that enjoys privacy and family life. We know that we are seen by some people as a network marketing company. But you need to understand that we are NOT marketers or Show-Maker!

Perhaps, with this attitude, we achieve less trust in people. And we apologize for that! 🙏🏻 But please take a look on the three following aspects:

  • We are not scammers! We are not an investment group or company, we render high quality services at the cryptocurrency market and we will be on this market as long as it exists.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results or you do not trust us, you can simply let expire the membership you have chosen.
  • With anonymity, we have no distractions. So we can focus on the results better! Cause we love to achieve good results! And at the end, it is what the members want: Just good results! 👍🏻


We have a support to help with problems or other issues. All requests are processed within 2 business days. Right now, 3 employees are working on the support team. We think that up to 1000 Members this is enough. If the amount of members will increase we will higher more employees.


If you have more Questions please take a look at our FAQ list right here