Critically Review your NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme ) Plan

Critically Review your NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme ) Plan

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National Disability Insurance Scheme has proved to be one of the transformative points in the life of people with disabilities. Though NDIS is providing people with disabilities with the necessary funding to live their life to the fullest. However, at times the National Disability Insurance Agency may not get your needs right.

This can be due to certain reasons like you may have been unable to communicate your needs to NDIA fully. Nonetheless, this can make you unhappy with your plan.

What to do if you are unhappy with your National Disability Insurance Scheme Plan?

You are unhappy how your plan? Simple, request for plan review. You can always review if you are unhappy with the decisions you have made. This will be called an internal review of the plan.

However, while requesting a review, make sure you request for the internal review and not for the plan review. This way, National Disability Insurance Scheme Commission will check if it has made the right decision. They will do this by:

·      Assessing your situation

·      Assessing your disability support needs

·      Checking links with legislation.

Apart from this, you can also give additional information and pieces of evidence when you ask for a review. Be very clear and specific about the supports that you think should be funded and how are they R&N.

Helpful Tips for National Disability Insurance Scheme Plan’s Internal Review:

·      There are several things you must ensure while requesting for internal review of your plan. For instance, you must ensure your request is achieved by NDIA and lodged in the system. This is will help you to follow up with NDIS and ensure that your request is being processed.

·      You must know if your required support falls within the reasonable and necessary criteria. Familiarize yourself with National Disability Insurance Scheme R&N criteria and disability requirements before internal review.

·      You may receive a letter from NDIA. This letter will outline the reasons behind the decision NDIA has made for your support. You will need to mention why you think the decision is unsuitable. You must provide a proper explanation behind their correctness with reference to examples and pieces of evidence.

·      Also, do not forget to request a proper face-to-face meeting in your application too.

·      Before the meeting, you must arm yourself with information and evidence. Not only evidence like medical reports, but you must also consider gathering some letters and reports. NDIA will only consider changing its decision if they get new and appropriate evidence.

·      You also must continue to follow up. This can be done via both phone calls and emails with NDIA and your LAC partner.

·      Though National Disability Insurance Scheme always encourages having a positive vision. However, you must let them know what a bad day looks like too. This is necessary so that NDIS will not underestimate your support needs and provide inadequate funding and support.

·      You may feel overwhelmed during the whole process. However, you should try and be confident. You must only be assertive and not aggressive. You should consider getting help during the process from your friend or family members or just anyone who understands you.

If you have none, you can get help from a professional like a plan manager. Lastly, in case you require some more specific guidance on how to request a review, you can even call your NDIS provider.

·      Moreover, you should consider contacting your federal MP if case you are facing an issue facing regarding National Disability Insurance Scheme.


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