Creative biography of Sherstiuk Tetyana Andriivna - leader of the folk song group "Vesela Sloboda" District Communal Institution "Balakliya Cultural Centre" Balakliya, Kharkiv region

Creative biography of Sherstiuk Tetyana Andriivna - leader of the folk song group "Vesela Sloboda" District Communal Institution "Balakliya Cultural Centre" Balakliya, Kharkiv region

All-Ukrainian Choral Society named after M. Leontovych

Tetyana Sherstiuk was born into a singing family, where everyone loved Ukrainian folk songs. After graduating from Balakliya Children's Music School, she entered B. Lyatoshynsky Kharkiv Music School, and later - I.P. Kotlyarevsky Kharkiv National University of Art, graduated with a degree in musicology, after which she returned to her native school as a teacher of music theory. But the love for Ukrainian song did not go in vain. In 1999, Tetyana Andriivna formed a singing group called "Slobozhanski Malyata", which later grew into the powerful folk song group "Vesela Sloboda».

     Love for folk songs in combination with the high professionalism of the musician and the talent of the teacher allowed Sherstiuk T. A. to raise the performing skills of the group to the international level. Classes with the group are interesting and meaningful. Children, teenagers and young people enjoy learning the traditions and customs of Ukrainian people, songs of Slobozhanshchyna and other regions of Ukraine. At the same time, a sense of patriotism, respect for the native language, native people, and culture is nurtured.

      The leader treats every performance of the band with a great sense of responsibility, she is the screenwriter and director of all the band's concerts, instilling in the younger generation the same sense of responsibility. She is the author of almost all songs adaptations performed by the group, always in search of a new repertoire, new forms of work. In 2019, the first collection of  T.A. Sherstiuk "On the wings of songs. Notebook I. Calendar-ritual songs were published”. The second collection with lyrical songs is being prepared for printing.

       Thanks to the creative energy and perseverance of Sherstiuk T. A., "Vesela Sloboda" is not only a regular participant of district cultural events and concerts, but also a winner of many festivals and competitions of different levels. Concerts with the participation of "Vesela Sloboda" and its soloists always gather full halls of spectators. Sherstiuk T. A. together with her group held a charity concert "With Ukraine in the heart" to raise funds for victims in the war zone in eastern Ukraine, as well as participated in other charity events. In 2020 she became the winner of the first degree of the "Constellation Ukraine" contest as the aouthor of Ukrainian folk songs adaptations.

          For conscientious work and personal contribution to the aesthetic education of the younger generation Sherstiuk T.A. was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Department of Culture and Education, as well as honorary diplomas and thanks of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, diplomas of international and national festivals "For quality training”, honors of Balakliya District State Administration and Balakliia District Council, honorary diploma "Pride of Balakliya" in the field of "Culture and Spirituality".

     Tetyana Andriivna constantly covers the group's achievements on the pages of the district press and Balakliya radio, as well as on the Internet. "Vesela Sloboda" has repeatedly been a guest of regional television programs "Kharkiv online morning", "Kharkiv online day", "Cultural capital".

     Sherstiuk T.A. enjoys a well-deserved authority in the district and region, it is valued and respected not only by pupils and their parents, but also by colleagues and just residents of the district who are familiar with the work of "Vesela Sloboda". She has repeatedly conducted master classes and taught refresher courses for teachers of schools of aesthetic education and leaders of vocal and choral groups. She is friendly to colleagues and is always ready to share her work, to provide her professional help if there’s a need.



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