Create an on-demand taxi booking platform using a taxi booking script

Create an on-demand taxi booking platform using a taxi booking script


Introduction - You can improve the customer experience and handle your taxi transportation business more effectively with the aid of your online reservation system. You are free to include as many taxis and services as you like. The on-demand taxi booking script offers a straightforward, step-by-step booking process as well as a user-friendly, password-protected back-end administration interface. The on-demand taxi booking script can be modified to suit your unique requirements.

So let us further read this article about the step-by-step process of creating an on-demand taxi booking script and what things should be included while you design your own app is.

Things needed in an on-demand taxi booking script -

Firstly, you need to understand the essential features required in an on-demand taxi booking script. You can meet your prospective customers' expectations only after understanding the app's needs. However, an easy user interface is the first essential thing to facilitate the ease of booking for customers. Still, several other things need to be remembered while designing your own app or on-demand taxi booking script.

  • Driver app with a clean UI/UX
  • Google Firebase is used for user app phone number authentication.
  • Simple one-step booking procedure.
  • possibility of setting cab types and pricing
  • Push notifications for all status
  • Secure and Safe Payment
  • Management Promo code
  • Utilize the admin panel to run the company.
  • Cancellation Flexibility in facility booking
  • Rating and Review for the Tracking System
  • View earnings information
  • 100 percent Customizable RTL Support
  • Driver auto-assignment View booking history

You need strong technical support and a fleet of good engineers and coders to include all these features. Let us now see what the technical team should focus on while creating an on-demand taxi booking script.

Services needed to create an on-demand taxi booking script - 

  1. Drive app features -

The driver needs several features in the portal. A good app creator or designer must ensure that all these features are included while booking the taxi for the driver. 

  • Register and Login Evaluation of Legal Documents License Police Check Physical fitness certification
  • Vehicle Registration \sVehicle Permit \sCommercial Insurance Tax Receipt
  • Image updating
  • New customer ride request view
  • Get notified when people request a ride from other users
  • Accept and deny requests for rides
  • Modify status to display on the passenger map whether it is online or offline.
  • View historical riding data
  • A look at payment statements
  • View Rider Comments and Feedback Statistics for Weekly Earnings
  • Automatic driver location update

  1. User app features -

Once all the driver-app features are included, the next step is to ease the customer app features. After all, your cab-booking business will bloom only if the customers get various features that are beneficial to them.

  • Registering and Logging In
  • Choose several car types to ride in
  • Automatic cab pickup for a ride
  • Using GPS, choose the pickup address
  • Booking cancellation options
  • Follow the driver
  • View driver information
  • Request a ride and then cancel it
  • View current journeys in real-time.
  • See previous Ride History
  • Estimating fares
  • Promo code Feature Set Address 
  • Place of Employment

  1. Admin panel features -

As an owner or manager, you need some features at your end to supervise the m=bookings and to manage an efficient customer-support panel. This is why the app builders must focus on the third aspect, i.e., the admin panel support. 

  • User Control.
  • Driver Control.
  • View each user's profile in its entirety.
  • View the profiles of all drivers who have registered.
  • View and select a location to filter the ride history
  • Name of the Driver Passenger Type of Vehicle
  • Date of reservation Amount Status
  • Marketingcode Management
  • Localized taxi management is used.
  • Control of vehicle type.
  • Document management for drivers.
  • View locations with high demand and insufficient driver supply.
  • Review Control.

Apart from these essential features, various other features are also required to customize the application or website. Thus, your app should have customization features also. The technician hired for the job must include the codes or scripts for these customization features in the on-demand taxi booking script.

  • Customization for all driver alert push messages
  • Customization for automatic car updates
  • Adaptation for Social Login
  • Personalized payment gateway.
  • Support for customization of daytime and nighttime rates.
  • Customization for Internationalization and Localization Support.
  • Share ride customization for Facebook and Twitter
  • Personalized SMS transportation details sent.
  • Real-time driver location tracking customization
  • SMS Notification Customization
  • Email notification customization
  • Adjustment for ride scheduling
  • Customization based on country Selection of a Car Type
  • customization for live user travel tracking by third parties
  • Implementation of customization for ride-sharing (carpooling)
  • Adding Ads through Customization

Products offered by technicians -

Improve Your Car Sharing Business with outstanding mobile apps and earn more commission with Peer-to-Peer ride sharing.

Sharing and renting cars are becoming more popular. Companies with such alternatives will assist you in raising the market value of your company.

Many people are drawn to your apps by many registration options like Facebook, contact information, and email, so give your company access to this popular feature.

When a user of your app is verified, it demonstrates the software's dependability and ethical virtue and protects the user from the undesirable circumstance.

The functionality of the app has an impact on the website traffic of app usage. So an excellent built-in algorithm could be added to improve the app's flawless search.

The "Geo Tracking" feature enables the user to see the driver's navigation. It is an essential component of any on-demand taxi service.

Utilizing "Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology," quickly update your riders on the progress of their ride requests. This demonstrates the app's responsiveness as a service provider.

Having many in-app payment options, such as Paypal, wallet, or cash, will increase how convenient it is to use the business app. So, for convenience, use payment gateways.

Conclusion - 

It's important for a firm to provide the riders with every convenience. By offering a precise cancel reservation option, the reliability & trustworthiness of the company will be preserved. Every online business needs a team of technicians to facilitate ease of use and growth in online business. Except when you have a competent team of engineers and developers, creating your own on-demand taxi service has never been so simple. They offer a superb, fully functional, and prepped taxi business solution. 

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