Creating Desktop Themes

Creating Desktop Themes

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1: To create a theme, first go to Settings > Chat Settings > ... > Create New Theme. A new theme will be created based on your currently selected colors and background.

2: An extra tab with the color palette will open on the right.

3: Look through the list of elements and fine-tune their color if needed: clicking on an element will open the color selector for it.

4: Once you're done with the changes, click on "Save Theme".

5: Set a name for your new theme and choose a sharing link for it.

6: You can also change the background image if you don't want to use the original one. If you want a tiled background, you need to check the "Tile background" option.

7: Tap on "Save" to finish. You theme will become available in Settings > Chat Settings > Themes.

Too complicated? Don't worry. Try looking for a telegram theme you want on the web or browse — great minds think alike, so perhaps someone has already created it.

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