Creating Desktop Themes

Creating Desktop Themes

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To create a theme, you'll need to put two files together in a .zip file

  • The first file you'll need is the color scheme, like this. This file has to be named 'colors.tdesktop-theme' and contains the main settings and configuration for your theme.
  • The second file will be the background image, it has to use one of these names: 'background.jpg', 'background.png', 'tiled.jpg' or 'tiled.png'.

If you want a tiled background you should use 'tiled' as the name, for a single image you should use 'background'.

Once you've added both files to the .zip archive you'll then need to change the file extension from .zip to .tdesktop-theme

So you'll have:

Tada! Now share the 'mytheme.tdesktop-theme' file on Telegram and open it from Telegram Desktop to apply it! :)

Too technical? Don't worry. Try looking for a telegram theme you want on the web or browse — great minds think alike, so perhaps someone has already created it. More user friendly tools to create your own themes will probably come in the near future, sit tight!

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