; Cream Ch. 49

; Cream Ch. 49

"Birthday Cake"

"He's what?" I asked Michelle the morning after. I was having breakfast with my friends when Michelle knocked on my door. She was in tears! She came in and let out everything. When she revealed about Dr. Spencer's fate, I couldn't believe it. I just spoke to him! We just spoke to him! "He's gone? But how?"

"Kendra, it's awful! Michael told me about it when he came back to my place. The poor medical bastard!"

"Who's this doctor that girl's blubbering about?" Hotaru said, eating her eggs. Makoto pulled her aside and whispered in her ear. Well, looks like one of the Hentai animators paid close attention to my notes! Makoto was the only girl that asked me what was happening. She was the one that came to me after the visit from that hospital.

"I'm really sorry about what happened!" Makoto bowed her head to Michelle. She put her hands on hers. "I know that you and Spencer were good friends too. And if there is anything you need; I will give it to you."

Michelle was in awe of the kind stranger. "Aww, aren't you sweet. Yeah, Spencer and I got along well. He's like a dad to me. He gave a lot of advice about boys and all! Oh, why did we lose such a terrific guy??"

John and I held each other when we looked at each other. John whispered to me. "Yeah, that's the same question I asked myself when Rose Klein passed away."

"You too?" I asked him in a whispered. While my swarm of friends and family consoled Michelle from the passing of her "father", John and I sneaked into the living room. We sat on the couch and started to think quietly. I was the first to speak in the awkward silence. "Holmes, we have a mystery in our hands."

"I know, Poirot, I know." John kissed my hand and scootched over to me. We put our heads together and attempt to make some electricity. "So, my Hera Poirot, what do you think?"

I stared into my lover's green eyes. I sighed, feeling what my gut was telling. "Do you want to know something? I have a suspicion Rose and Spencer's deaths are connected somehow."

"I agree with you." John said to me, cuddling me into his arms. He knew I was on a verge of tears. I told everything about those two to him. "Oh God!"

"Oh babe, I know. But think of it like this. They are together now. And they are catching up what they started here on Earth."

I smiled at that. "I know. You're right...still...baby, they died unnaturally. One died from an allergic reaction and Spencer...was murdered."

John nodded and held me tighter. "You're right, my Kendra. I didn't think of it that way. Okay, Chica, what do you want to do?"

I looked up at him, wiping away my tears. I grew stern for the next step. "John, we need to know about May 25th."

I got up and grabbed my bag. John followed me out of the door. "Wait! Honey, what about your friends? They may want to help you?"

"You're the only person that can help me now, John. My friends are already distracted from all of this."

"But what happened on that day, babe?"

"That was the last time Spencer and Rose made love."

You know those moments where you went from point A to point B without even remembering how you got there? That happened to me! I don't remember how I ended up in the woods with my John, but that's where we were the next minute and a half. We stared right at the Sand Oak tree where a carving existed. "Spencer & Rose with Love."

"This is it." I whispered, touching the tree. John held my hand as my emotions came back. "This was where it all started. Spencer and Rose were very intimate right underneath this tree."

"Babe, are you crying?" John asked me.

"Not really. I'm fighting it though."

John hugged me and kissed my forehead. "It's not healthy to hold back your feelings. Let it out for me."

"But I get so ugly when I cry, baby!" I felt tears streaming out of me. I bawled! Peeps, when I bawl, my face flush, my eyes would go red and my mouth goes dry. But John never minded it at all. He only hugged me and let me cry the whole time.

"Why?" I cried. "What's wrong with these people? Why do the good people have to go? It should be--"

"Kendra..." John touched the back of my head, combing my hair. "I know you won't let the guy escape from punishment. I know that. But we still don't know who the guy is. We're here for a reason, remember?"

I sniffed and looked at my love while he dried my tears with his handkerchief. "You're right. We should be looking for clues. We should be searching for something that doesn't look right."

"There's my Kendra I know." John smiled and gave me a fist of courage on my cheek. (It was a gentle swipe with his knuckles, not a punch!) "You're now determined to settle this!"

"I am!" I clutched my bag and lifted it high in the air. "The people that made love will not die in vain! We'll catch the Flasher if it's the last thing we do!"

"Hi?" The little voice made me jump. John and I turned around to see Miel approaching us. "Are you really going to solve the Flasher mystery?"

I blinked at her. "That is our intention. And what's the deal with you being alone?"

"I have a lot in my mind to be honest. My birthday is coming up and I still need to figure out what I want."

John grinned. "Aww, you're a June bug too! Kendra's birthday is on the eighteenth!"

"I...I know...I heard." Miel blushed. "There is a money bet about Katie's virginity being taken before your birthday. Lisa's idea it was. Did Katie lose her virginity, yet do you know?"

John made an awkward face. "Uh...that's kinda personal, don't you think?"

"No, no, I can answer that question." I gave him the relaxation card. I walked over to Miel, her face so genuinely concerned. "Well, Mi-Mi, I'm not so sure if she still has it or not. But if she did, she would cheer."

"Okay." Miel looked over at the left then turned back to me. "If she did lose it, I want to know what it feels like."

I was baffled. "Wait, why? You...you haven't done it?"

Miel got flustered and was red with embarrassment. "Well, I've done it with someone I love...just...not the unusual procedure."

I had a clear visual what she meant. She didn't get the D from her beloved Rudy. He was getting it from her! I can imagine a lot girls would love to be in her shoes! Yeah, I know, some of you are not into pegging, which is okay! But to Rudy and Miel, it's natural and it works for them! And they love the intimacy with Old Blue (that's their favorite toy).

"Riveting!" I said only a moment. I dropped the subject altogether. "Okay, let's solve this Flasher once and for all! Okay, Miel, John, let's put our heads together. We need to figure out about this Flasher. What do we know about him?"

We pondered about the question for some time. In my head, he has to be someone that was experienced with photography. Knowing this, he must be someone older. Someone that is of a technological mind as well. From that encounter with the Mongoose, we knew his skills around digital products of all sorts. Now, I thought about the profile at a physical and mental. However, it was Miel that thought of his profile deeper.

"He's an attention seeker." She said. John and I looked at her. "I'm sorry but hear me out. Serial killers wanted to be noticed. Maybe this is the same profile. Always wants attention from authority figures."

"So, wait," John told her. "If that's true, then we're dealing with an egotist. Is that what you're saying?"

"An egotist? Not quite. No, I don't think we are dealing with someone with a huge ego. Here, let me show you something."

Miel handed me over her phone. John and I watched a video with Miel and Rudy cuddling and kissing outside. Nothing too intimate. They were being a loving, affectionate couple. John and I didn't understand this. John pointed this out. "Okay, so what is the point of showing us this?"

Miel gripped her skirt. "The video came from the Flasher...the real Flasher."

My eyes widened as John stood. "You...wait, did the Flasher talk to you??"

She nodded. "I think so. He texted me after sending me the video. Look at the text."

I saw. And my heart sank. "Miel, you and Rudy are so innocent! I can't scandalize someone like you! I don't have the heart...not anymore. I'm done being a puppet with strings. You were right, Miel. I got to make things right!" 

"You know?" I asked her, giving her the phone back. "You know who the Flasher is?"

Miel sighed and closed her eyes. "It's hard for me to say, but I have some suspicions on who this person could be. I talked to this person a couple of times. I won't reveal to you who I think it is. I will have a word with this potential Flasher myself."

John and I walked over to her. "It might be dangerous, Miel. There is a good chance he may lure you."

"He won't." She went over her phone and showed us the image of a shoulder with scratch marks. "He did this to himself. You do notice the marks turn to welts, right? That's his subconscious talking to him. He is guilty of what he's done. He only did all that to please the Mastermind of the Flasher."

I held her hands and felt some understanding from her. She has both a good heart and a logical mind. It is rare to see someone like her these days. Her intuition was stronger than the oldest person. "I got you, girl. But how do you know about his character?"

"My dad is a detective, and my mom is a police lieutenant. They taught me how to read people beyond their covers."

A good advice to pay attention that was. I felt warm around her as John and I walked together with her. Despite her youthful, childlike appearance, she was wise. Her mouth poured pure golden words, her optimistic view of the world, her hopes of a better and open reality.

"I would like to give the scapegoat a benefit of a doubt." John said, his arm around Miel. "If what you're saying is true, then we need to find a way to expose the true Flasher."

I looked at my new sister. "Do you have anything that can prove you're right?"

Miel winked at me with a smile. "Do you remember letting me borrow one of your Poirot mysteries? This was back in...the fall term of the Sophomore year."

"Yes, I do! You said you love to read mysteries and you read every Sherlock Holmes. That's when I suggested to A.C. and loaned you one of her works!"

"The book is called 'Dumb Witness', and this inspires an idea." She opened her satchel and revealed an envelope. The words on it were "For the eyes of the innocent". In Spanish of course. "If I'm right, the real Flasher won't understand the language. But this man can. I'll make sure that he sees it."

"The lettering is red and bold." John told her. She nodded to confirm. "Red is the color people would pay attention the most. It's a color of danger and alarm for us humans. Depending on the shade, it can represent a warning. In this regard, I chose crimson to make my warning clear to the scapegoat."

"Dare one ask why?" I asked her. She blinked at me. "Crimson is a color of our blood, Kendra. We exchanged a few texts back and forth. I did most of the texts; he looked. I gave the instructions to him. He knows what I intend to do. I didn't go into detail though. I only told him that the letter will be the one no one will notice but him.

"I know what you're thinking. It's a white envelope with red letters written in Spanish. Many will recognize it. However, they won't touch it since it the letter will be in my pile of birthday gifts."

"Your pile?" I gasped. "You mean...today is your birthday??"

"No. I actually share the same birthday as you. We are heading to my birthday party in the Keller's residence."

"Please don't tell us it's a surprise birthday party for you!"

"Nah. We always have my birthday in the Keller's residence. It's no big deal for me."

And she was right. The birthday party wasn't a big deal for Miel. When we opened the door, there was party decorations and people dancing. The music blasted and there were presents at the front hallway. Sebastian greeted us by bowing. He looked up and me and whispered something into my ear. Well, that quiet word would mean nothing to Miel, but this meant everything to me! "Surprise!"

"SURPRISE!" My Eta girls popped out of nowhere, scaring me half to death! John caught me as I caught my breath and calmed down. Yuki skipped over to me and hugged me followed by Rosa. They both chuckled and kissed my cheek. "Happy Birthday, Kendra!"

"Now wait a minute! You guys planned this?!"

"And why not?" Yuki replied with a smug look. "You and John going outside to have your little fun was a perfect opportunity to set up this surprise party for you!"

"Yeah, Miel hatched up this plan the moment she found out you two share a birthday together!" Rosa gave Miel a tousle and messed up her sleek hair. Miel was a good sport and laughed. Her laughter was that of a child's. It was warm and genuine, as well as it's contagious.

Everything was great! I got to meet people old and new. I got to know the Rho girls even better. And you know? They as cool as my sisters. I even had the chance to meet Miel's new love of her life, Rudy. They look so adorable together, my heart won't stop fluttering!

The party itself was amazing! There was punch fountain as a centerpiece of a fancy buffet. There were veggie platters, fruit platters, cheese and meat platters! There were even these nice finger sandwiches with toothpicks. My eyes brought me to the dessert section at the corner. There were three cakes! Buttercream vanilla, devil's food and red velvet? Yes please!!

"Psst." Miel brought my attention to the two tables full of gifts and cards. The blue table was my table (blue is one of my favorite colors, preferably cyan). The peach table was Miel's. She let me see her put the card she made on top of the gift pile. The tables were piled with well wishes and gifts. If one of us could check on the tables and the envelop was gone, the Flasher got it. That was her plan!

After that little stunt, we enjoyed our party. The Cherry Pops showed and sang their latest hits! Of course, they also took requests. After all they didn't mind singing popular songs. Their manager, Fernando, watched them on the couch, beaming at them like a proud dad. He and Mr. McMichael were discussing about random topics and laughed about them.

Sumie danced along with her friends as she watched the party happening. She saw her sons chatting away to their new friends with pride. She smiled as she and the other guests had a great time. Everything was perfect.

Sebastian answered the door when it rang. He saw Kelly with her present in her hands. He welcomed her sweetly. "Come on in, Miss Kelly. You are fashionably late as usual."

"Oh, Sebe! You are so sweet. It so happens I have a great gift to Miel."

"Yes, of course, dear. Allow me to place the gift on the table." Sebastian suggested. He led her to the big tables with gifts. He placed Kelly's gift at the front. "You do have certain taste for her I take it?"

"Yes, I do. I heard that she is into Hercule Poirot. So, I gave her a gold port box set of the TV series."

"Why, Miss Kelly! That is a perfect gift for her! I'm sure she'll love it." He stared at her as he closed to the door, but a hand stopped the door from closing. "Oh! Fiddlesticks!" He opened to the door quickly and saw a tall young man at the door. There two of them. "I do apologize, gentlemen! "

"No need to apologize." The South Asian man entered the front room along with the paler man with blonde hair. "We should have said something."

"Well, it's a pleasure to invite you two. Now then, are you here for Miss Miel or for Miss Kendra?"

"Both." The blonde man replied, holding a pink card. "I'm here for Kendra and he's for Miel."

"I see. Well, I'll announce you to the other guests." He led them to the main room where he introduced the new guests to us. Boy, you have no idea how happy we were to see them. And I saw Katie's face lighten up when she saw the man with luscious golden locks and deep amethyst eyes: Bainbridge.

We jumped all the boys, our friends in our Miami U. We were so happy to see them. Sure, the other guys are there too, and they might be jealous, but they might understand if their friend who is a girl dropped by. We were overjoyed by Amor since he claimed he had to fly from Manila. And Bainbridge? He dropped everything from Maldives to see us. Maldives, people!

Katie's eyes sparkled as she stared at Bainbridge's face. His eyes, his Greek like nose, his full Prince Charming lips, his dimpled cheeks, they got her very hot all over. She blushed as she felt something wet under her sun dress. She clutched it as Bainbridge approached her.

"Hey Katie." Bainbridge said to her, smiling genuinely at her. "You look amazing in this dress."

"Thank you, and hi to you." She said breathless. She let out a sweet sigh as she started hugging him. "It's so good to see you."

"It's more than good to see you." Bainbridge said to her in a soft tone. He brushed her pink hair and stroke her cheek. "Are you okay from the Flasher ordeal?"

"I'll admit, I'm a little nervous he's still around, but I have friends that are strong."

"And you're not?" He asked her, staring into her blue eyes. He let her touch him more. She felt turned on by his hands moving down her back. She pressed her body on his, her breasts against his chest. That was when she found out she wasn't the only one that was turned on.

"Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fitzgerald Mersfield!" Sebastian announced as the co-owners of their beloved diner entered the room. We were so amazed to see Charles in a suit and his hair so healthy. His lady in his arm wore her Sunday best with a red polka dot dress and bow tie heels. They both looked like they were heading to the Country Club.

They came over and hugged Miel and me like we were their daughters. They gave us a pint bin of Birthday Cake ice cream. Boy, that flavor was strong! So that's why there was Cake Batter excess! Okay, that was a random thought, but I'm not complaining. Birthday Cake looked so terrific. I took a glance over at the gift tables and took a second look.

My feet took me to the tables. My memory for the placement of the envelope was sharp. I looked at the top of Miel's gift which was red with thin blue stripes. The card was gone. I was satisfied to know the Flasher got the message. Miel was content too when I told her the news.

"Excellente! This is great, Kens! He's probably reading my theory right now. I hope he reads it in private."

"Well, I doubt he'd be stupid enough to read in the open! I do wonder how he would get in touch with you?"

"It's simple. He would text me back. If I'm right, I will go straight to him...alone. He's not going to anything stupid around me. I let him know that I have three black belts in mixed martial arts."

"Is that a bluff on your end?"

"Nope. I studied the arts when I was four. I am rather quick when it comes to memorizing the mantis and the crane. Right now, I hope I could put the moves into good use."

Yuki yanked me from Miel and led me over to the crowd. "Kendra, why are you and Miel talking?? You got gifts to open!"

The gift wrapping was rather hilarious. A half hour of anticipation and the results of each gift was a rib-tickling moment. For example, I received a card that read "Hope you're popping for success on your birthday." I got a popcorn making machine as a result. Miel had rose crystal, which if you take off the rose bit, it becomes a dildo. Miel got a kick out of that!

"Damn! Someone has good taste!" Will said to her friend. "Who gave that to you?"

Miel looked at the tag. "Huh? It doesn't have a name. It only says, 'A beauty like you deserve to have more beauty.'" She picked up the rose and clasped it. "I think the rose itself is a lovely gift. Whoever gave this to me means well. I guess that dildo was a joke gift as an afterthought. I love that sense of humor!"