Courtship & Marriage Pt. 05

Courtship & Marriage Pt. 05

Lady Fenton guided Justin to the library table, where he was invited to sit. Sophie joined him, giving his arm a little squeeze of encouragement. At that moment, Gwen returned, accompanied by Clarissa. Lady Fenton indicated that they should join the happy couple.

"Now, Justin, your mother and I have had these papers drawn up by Fielding's, our family solicitor. I'm afraid they are mostly rather long and boring. Sophie was present at the drafting of the contracts, but if you wish to read through them, you are most welcome. However, to keep this brief, I would suggest that you both simply sign at the bottom, and allow Gwen and Clarissa to witness your signatures.

Justin took one look at the intimidating pile of legal text, and having looked over to receive a smile of reassurance from his step-sister, took up a pen and began to sign each document, presented carefully to him, Sophie and the witnesses.

Finally there was an application for a joint banking account for himself and Sophie, in the names of Sir Justin Smythe and Lady Sophie Smythe. For the first time, our hero raised a query:

"Lady Fenton, I don't understand; I'm not Sir Smythe. That's my father's title...and Sophie..."

Lady Fenton interrupted, and, smiling condescendingly, explained:

"Yes, of course, Justin, we are aware of that fact, but some day, (hopefully, a long way off), when your father passes away, you will inherit his baronetcy. A man in your position must be prepared."

"Oh, well, err yes, I see now," replied the hapless young man, who dutifully signed the banking document, along with his fiancee.

Poor Justin was of course, only vaguely aware of the financial implications of such an inheritance.

The party then rejoined Lady Agatha in the dining room for coffee and liqueurs, before retiring to their rooms.

It was decided next day, at breakfast that there was little to detain Lady Fenton and her party, and so it was arranged for their early return to Fenton hall, accompanied by a metal strong-box, filled to the brim with signed and witnessed legal documents, which effectively sealed Justin's fate.

Now that events had progressed satisfactorily, that afternoon, Lady Agatha once again made telephone contact with the Fairview sanatorium, and its consultant Psychiatrist.

"Yes Charles, I've decided. The gradual reduction in sustaining nutrients would, I think be in Michael's best interests, and the kindest course of action. By the way, you really must come to stay, once this unfortunate state of affairs is concluded. I'm sure we can find a bed for you somewhere!" she giggled. 

Back at Fenton Hall, Lady Penelope Fenton was interviewing the local rector, who's small church was located next to her home in the grounds of the Fenton Estate.

"Yes, Roger, it's been a whirlwind romance. Took us all by surprise. Especially Sophie, who, it feels, only seemed to be baptised by you, five minutes ago!"

The Reverend Roger Wallace, a bachelor, was, like most men, entranced to be in Lady Fenton's feminine company. Like most incumbents of English country estate churches, he was fully aware of the power of his local aristocratic sponsors.

He responded: "How true, my Lady. So, a quiet, private affair, in two weeks time?"

"Yes, no fuss please. Monday the 7th I think, say 3.15 PM?

Later, sitting at his desk, in the Rectory, as he made the minimal preparations for the wedding, Roger could not help himself as he recalled the mature, poised, feline sexuality of Lady Agatha. She had even given him a delicious wet kiss on the cheek, on his departure. Shamefully, he took out his penis and masturbated to this vivid memory.

The fortnight passed quickly, and the wedding day arrived. Naturally, the Smythes had arrived the previous day, and were once again guests at Lady Fenton's rambling home. In normal circumstances, the marriage of a high-society 'debutant' like Sophie would be attended by hundreds of well-to-do, guests. This event was shockingly different. There were not even any special wedding clothes; though Sophie was wearing a glamorous, ankle length, white satin evening gown, loaned by Lady Agatha. 

So, as the Reverend Wallace looked up from the alter rail, he witnessed the arrival of a very small wedding party indeed. Justin led the way, accompanied and guided by his stepmother. They were followed by Gwen, the senior maid and Tompkins, the butler, who would act as witnesses. After a short interval, without the accompaniment of music, they were followed by the stunning young bride, on the arm of Lady Fenton, and Clarissa, the only bridesmaid.

On completion of the ceremony, the Reverend turned to Justin, with the traditional words: "You may now kiss the bride!"

Justin turned enthusiastically towards his new wife, with a hopeful pucker of his lips, but was a little disappointed as Sophie turned her head at the last moment, ensuring that his ardent kiss landed only on her cheek.

The marriage lines were signed and witnessed and the party returned to the house for a modest celebration. It had been arranged that the happy couple would live together, with Lady Penelope at Fenton Hall. Preparations had been made for their comfort in the east wing, where, as was still often the case, in upper-class households, the bride and groom would have separate en-suite bedrooms.

Having, as she said, consumed rather too much champagne at the reception, Sophie complained of a light headache, and retired early to her room, having been offered much sympathy from all present. A dejected Justin was joined at the table by his new mother-in-law, Lady Fenton.

Placing her hand gently on his arm, she whispered in his ear: "I know this is disappointing for you darling. I can assure you that Sophie is also feeling tired and frustrated. Why don't you pop up to your room now. I'll send Gwen up later with your key."

Poor Justin, sitting alone in a draughty bedroom, on his wedding night. Sophie had looked so lovely. He had hoped, at the very least for a night of caresses and kisses. There was a book lying on his bedside table. It was titled 'Venus in furs'. He took it up and began to read.

A short while later, there was a light knock at the door.

Justin stood and opened the door, desperately hoping that his wife might be his visitor. He was disappointed to see the senior maid, Gwen, waiting expectantly.

"Lady Fenton sent me, sir. She said you might be in need of some relief."

Humiliated once again, but frustrated beyond belief, Justin invited her to enter:

"Come in, Gwen. Yes. Please, can you help me?"

"Come and sit beside me on the bed, dear."

When they were seated, she took from a little velvet pouch, a pair of metal hand-cuffs. 

"No Gwen!. Why ever did you bring those horrible things!"

"Lady Fenton insisted sir. She said you'd need to stay in chastity until the marriage is consummated."

"You can put the device back when you are finished; surely you trust me!"

"I trust you, of course sir, but the mistress says that you might get a bit 'out of hand', so we'd need to keep those hands away from any temptation. Now, come along. Lets get your wrists locked up. Then we can begin."

With little choice, given his desperate state of arousal and utter frustration, Justin meekly placed his hands behind his back, as directed. There was a loud click as the handcuffs were secured in place.

Gwen immediately began to lower his trousers and pants, then proceeded to unlock and remove his chastity tube. His young member sprang to life.

"My, you are pleased to see me, Justin!" teased Gwen as she began to gently stroke his bare thighs.

"You know, a lady likes to receive some nice complements when she is attending a young man. After all, I have my feelings too. I wouldn't like to think you are taking advantage of me."

His cock is now fully erect, but untouched.

"Yes, I see. Of course, you are very kind to me Gwen. I think you are very pretty."

She begins to lightly tease the length of his erection, using only one finger. 

"I'm not sure, Justin. Your beautiful young wife isn't here to help you, and you say you love her very much. I might think that I'm only second best to you."

Taking her hands away, she slowly opens her blouse, revealing her large, braless tits and holds them out to his demented gaze.

"Why should I help you, when you don't seem to love me, Justin? Perhaps you need another spanking!"

"I do love you Gwen. You are lovely. Desirable and very sexy!"

She returns her hand to his rigid penis and begins to frig the sensitive tip.

"Oh, you are such a sweet boy. Here, kiss my titties. You know, I think you may have married the wrong girl!"

She took a small jar from her pouch and unscrewed the lid. Then, as Justin sucked on her erect nipples, began stroking his cock more vigorously. It was not long before it was spewing copious amounts of potent young sperm, which Gwen skillfully collected in the small jar.

"Lady Fenton wanted to see how much you appreciated my efforts, Justin."

With that she screwed the lid back, attached his chastity devise, and, after covering her breasts and giving him a long kiss on the lips, released him from the handcuffs.

Downstairs, she handed the still warm jar to her mistress.

"He was very eager your ladyship. The naughty boy even told me that he loved me!"

Lady Fenton laughed out loud. "We'd better not tell Sophie. She would be very jealous!"

Both women burst into laughter.

"Put the jar on a high shelf in the kitchen, Gwen. Above the pickles and preserves."