Court-Ordered Daddy

Court-Ordered Daddy


My torso leaning against his bare skin, there was a warmth radiating all through my body and I wasn’t sure whether that was a physical warmth or an emotional warmth. It felt vulnerable though, way too vulnerable. So I escaped his embrace and sat up straight, shaking my head. ‘Are you going to bottle feed me?’ I asked, part of me hoping he’d say yes, part of me was curious and yearning for that warmth I felt just now, but another part of me was confused, grasping at straws trying to understand. ‘What are we doing, daddy?’

It must have been the confusion that made me call him daddy again, the panic and the confusion and the desire for him to help me make sense of it all.

‘You’re going to lie down in your daddy’s arms and you’re going to drink your milk.’ He said, gently pulling me back in that cradling embrace. He lifted up the bottle and splashed a little of the milk onto his wrist to test the warmth and then he bumped the nipple into my mouth. Instinctively I closed my lips around the silicon and suckled my mouth full of milk. Then I used my tongue to push the bottle away.

‘Is there drugs in the milk?’ I asked.

‘Those aren’t drugs.’ He said.

‘You know what I mean. Medicine.’ I said.

‘Sweetheart.’ He said. ‘Off course there’s medicine in your milk. I’ve told you a million times your medicine is part of the program. The medicine helps your mind to open up and let all these new experiences inside.’

‘But what medicine is in it?’ I asked. ‘What will happen? How will I feel?’

‘Honey, don’t worry about that. Your daddy is in charge of the program, your daddy takes care of everything, your daddy knows when to give you which medicine. All you have to do is listen to daddy and obey.’ Again he pressed the nipple into my mouth and I started to suckle once more. Filling my mouth with lukewarm milk, trying to taste a hint of bitterness, trying to figure out what medicine he was giving me.

Some medicine made me warm and sleepy, some made me slip into some sort of trance, some would cause memory loss, some would mess up my bodily coordination for the rest of the day and leave me partially paralyzed. I just... I wanted to know what to expect. I wanted to know what was happening to me.

Daddy sang me a song, he was holding the bottle and feeding me my milk while slowly rocking me back and forth at the same time.

‘Hush little baby don’t say a word, daddy’s going to buy you a mocking bird.’

It was quite nice actually. I felt the tension slip away from my body. I was calm and relaxed and at peace. I didn’t know whether that was from some sort of medicine, or whether it was daddy’s singing, or his warm tight embrace. His bare skin against my skin. Intuitively I rubbed my cheek against his pectoral muscle. Wherever his body touched mine there was this glow of peaceful satisfaction and I wanted to feel more of it. I was wriggling and squirming in his arms, rubbing my belly and my boobs against him whenever I could.

‘Ssh, ssh, ssh.’ Daddy said, his fingers playfully darting over my face, he boobed my noise and gave me and endearing smile, then his hand wandered further down, grazing my clavicle, caressing my boob until eventually his whole hand cupped my boob. Flesh spilling out between his fingers. My nipples got hard and aroused and there was a strange tingle between my legs.

I vaguely knew that that tingle was signaling horniness, but my mind was getting number and number with every gulp of milk that I swallowed. Almost as if the milk was making me dumber or younger if thats even possible. Maybe the milk was just laced with some sort of sedative releasing me from my inhibitions and the regression part was just me surrendering to him, simply because it felt so good to be here. It felt so relaxed to be a little girl and to not worry about anything, to just depend on my daddy, to trust him and obey him, to not have to think for my own, to not have to fend for myself. I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t much cared to know anymore. I was happy and satisfied anyway.

‘It’s working daddy.’ I said happily. ‘The milk is working.’

‘Is it, sweety?’ He said, his fingers softly squeezing and massaging my boob, rubbing his thumb over the nipple so a pulse of arousal would shot through my body. Making me inhale sharply every time. Forcing a moan out of me. Causing me go cross-eyed with arousal.

‘Daddy.’ I muttered softly. ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy.’ A buzzing euphoria in the back of my mind as I gave in and surrendered myself to him, as I mentally slipped away in this regressed state of mind that he had induced in me.

‘Daddy, Daddy. Buh-bub-bub.’ My words were fading into uncoordinated syllables and daddy pulled the nipple from my mouth.

‘Woops.’ He said. ‘I think you’ve had enough milk for now.’

My mouth felt empty. I was smacking my lips trying to find the bottle or something else to suckle on. My cheek still resting against his pec and intuitively I turned my head towards his chest and closed my lips around his nipple, continue suckling.

‘O... okay.’ Daddy sounded quite surprised. ‘That’s new.’ He said as he gently brushed some hair away from my face. ‘None of the other girls have ever nursed on me before. Isn’t it funny how all of you are different? You spend months is phase 3, the longest of everybody I’ve ever helped and even after we finally reach some of the milestones, I’m still not entirely sure whether you’re ready for phase four and now this... you’re an atypical girl Dana, but we’ll figure you out, won’t we? I like a bit of a puzzle.’

He was still softly rocking me. The hand that had been massaging my boob and nipple was now inching down, tickling my tummy, playing with the edge of my diaper.

‘What would be the next step for little Dana? To be honest I have no clue.’

Hesitantly he kept playing with the waistband of my diapers and then he slipped his hand inside. His fingers pressing against my labia.

‘Let’s see how you respond to this,’ he said. ‘What do you think about that sweetheart?’

His fingers caressing me ever so softly, playing with my clit, turning my entire pussy in a tingling puddle of goo. He was making my breath irregular, my body trembled with arousal and involuntarily a little moan emerged from my mouth.

‘What’s that sweetheart?’ He asked.

‘Dunno Daddy.’ I mumbled. ‘It feels funny.’

‘What feels funny sweetheart.’

‘Between my legs it feels so weird, whazz going on daddy?’

‘I think you’re getting a bit horny sweetheart?’

‘What is ho-w-ny?’ I asked, my voice sounding high pitched and childlike. I wasn’t even consciously replacing r’s with w’s. It just happened. It was outside of my realm of control. All I could do was suckle, suckle on daddy and intuitively I started to look for his nipple again. When I wanted to close my lips around it he pushed me away.

‘Not anymore.’ He said.

I was overcome with sadness and emptiness, it all felt so primal. My body reacting without my mind being able to filter. I cried and whined.

‘Ssh.’ Daddy said. ‘It’s okay. Do you need to suckle on something?’

I nodded. Tears shimmering in my eyes, lips pouting. Daddy lowered me down on his lap. Now my head wasn’t next to his nipple anymore, but close to his crotch. He pushed his pajama pants down and showed me his cock. It was already semi-erect, he fumbled his cock into my mouth and the moment I started suckling I felt him growing.

He was tugging on my diaper, opening the tapes and then he exposed my pussy, he rubbed his fingers up and down over my pussy, his fingers getting wet and slippery from all my pussy juices. He played with my clit, circling it with his index finger, making me squirm and moan.

I was trapped in a cloud of love and tenderness. I was feeling so safe and secure and horny all at the same time. My feelings seemed to be way stronger than any conscious thought I had, my feelings were overwhelming, my feelings were calling the shots, while my mind was numb and regressed, expelled towards the back seat, just a helpless observing passenger is this vessel that was my body.

This vessel that was succumbing to all the pleasures and arousal. He slipped his finger inside of me and finger fucked me. My pussy cramped up around his finger and within moments I was send over the edge. The most intense orgasm crashed through my body, making me tremble and shake uncontrollably.

And then I squirted or I peed, I wasn’t even sure what happened, there was just this overwhelming orgasm making me loose control. In a few big gulps it splashed out of me, squirting against his fingers, seeping down into my butt crack. Drenching the diaper that was still laying beneath my hips. He folded the front of the diaper back against my dripping pussy.

‘It’s okay sweetheart, that happens, don’t worry about it. Little girls can’t control their bodies yet, can they? You were just so horny you started squirting weren’t you? That means you love daddy very very much, that means your pussy is ready to bond with daddy.’

I was only partly listening to his words, my mind was just drifting in this euphoric bliss. I was satisfied suckling on his cock and just laying there in the afterglow of my orgasm.

‘It’s okay sweetheart, it’s okay.’ He said. ‘I think we have to make a change of plans, I think daddy needs some time to regroup and assess the situation, since I’m not really sure what phase you’re in now. But first let’s give you some amnesiac, okay? Since we can’t have you remembering any of this, can we? I’m not sure what the judge would think about all of this.’ He laughed and wriggled himself out from underneath me and as his cock slipped from my mouth I started to whine and sob again.

‘Daddy is right back.’ He said.

When he finally returned to the couch, I hasted myself to lay my head in his lap again. I closed my lips around his cock once more and satisfied I started to suckle once more. I wouldn’t let go of the cock anymore. I wouldn’t let go of daddy anymore. He showed me a plastic syringe with some milky white drug inside of it.

He told me to open my mouth, but I just didn’t want to let go. So he slipped the syringe into my mouth next to the cock and he pushed a gulp of bitter medicine into the back of my throat. I willingly swallowed and a shiver ran down my spine. Within moments I felt my head tingling and I was getting sleepier and sleepier.

Something was happening, but I couldn’t figure out what. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. With his cock still in my mouth I gently sank away in this deep memory-erasing sleep.


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