Cost to develop app like uber or lyft

Cost to develop app like uber or lyft

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In today's era, travelling has become a daily routine. The demand for Taxi booking has emerged so profoundly with the competitive market of travelling; whether it's from office to your home, or from cities to countries. The competition between the companies is also competent. However, there are many vital points which makes them the best amongst all.

Taxi app development is one such service which saves your time & cost by providing you user-friendly apps in your mobile phones. Taxi apps cover two significant interfaces, such as Passengers & Taxi drivers. It makes it easy for both of them to communicate on the same phase.

How do uber works?

Uber has been providing outstanding taxi-like services since 2012, as you can book a private cab with just a single tap. The car which will be nearest to you will pick you up.

Uber has been operating in more than 77 countries and has 80 million users. There are many other taxi-app services like Lyft, Halio and, Gett who followed, who have been succeeded.

Features of Uber-like app

Features for Admin or moderator of the app

Admin draws all the features which enable to manage and track the drivers quickly.

God's view

It allows the admin to detect and identify all the cars on the map, including the drivers, riders, location, fares and, vehicle type.


It will enable the administrator to view the statistics of rides, users, and earnings.


The admin should be able to have a look over the reports of the driver, payment, and other reports.

Features of Driver App:

Drivers obtained the capability of maintaining their profiles, payments, and rides.

Fare calculate

It enables the driver to calculate how much the ride is going to cost.


A driver can have a look over the destination and pickup point. He can also view the route of the ride on the map.


The driver should get every notification based on the request for a pickup, cancellation of a ride, or new messages.

Call passengers

If there is any delay due to traffic or confirming the exact location of the passenger, drivers should be able to telephone call the passengers.

Features of Passenger App

Estimated time

It will enable the rider to have a look over the time the driver will take to reach the destination. 


It allows riders to detect the location of the driver, setting a pickup point and to view the route of the ride in the map.

Call driver

Once they reach the destination, they can contact the drivers.


Riders can write about the ride from the pickup to the destination in detail and can leave the rating appropriately.


Riders can rate the drivers based on the ride.


The notification allows riders to display that have drivers reach their destination? Alternatively, if the driver has canceled the ride.

Cost of Custom Taxi Mobile App:

The cost of your Taxi App is decided on the base of features implemented, the time duration of development, API integration, and so on.

If you want an Android Taxi App, then it will cost you much more compare an iOS Taxi App. The reason is quite simple; there are many Android devices available & Android App requires testing to ensure a seamless performance across all the devices.

To discuss the actual cost of Taxi app development, you can contact us or can hire professional app developers at just $15/hr.