Cost of Living in Portland Oregon

Cost of Living in Portland Oregon


Perhaps you are hovering over the decision of moving to Portland, Oregon and you are looking forward to taking some of the crucial factors that determines your lifestyle standard into account. If you are all packed or decided to move and looking for a moving company in Portland, there is the one essential aspect that you want to consider which is ‘cost of living.’ Needless to say that cost of living in any around the globe is determined based on several factors which are related to your lifestyle. 

This article intends to give you an average cost of living in Portland, Oregon so that you can justify and take validate your decision of moving to Portland permanently.

Home Cost

If you have sufficient budget above $3,80,000, you will be able to get a good home at such price point. Also, you will also find expensive house in Portland. According to NeighborhoodScout data from May 2019, more than half of the homes in the city are priced at somewhere between $394,001 and $984,000. Even with these high prices, most of Portland’s residents own a home, to the tune of a 52.1% homeownership rate.

House Rent

By the by home cost in Portland, the house rent is also expensive, in others words, Portland’s studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments all hold median rents above their respective national marks. Here’s how they compare:

• Studio: $1,016 ($189 above the U.S. median)

• One bedroom: $1,130 ($183 above the U.S. median)

• Two bedrooms: $1,334 ($159 above the U.S. median)

• Three bedrooms: $1,941 ($363 above the U.S. median) 

Utility Cost

Utility cost is also another major matter to take into consideration because it varies from place to place as well as the house you have taken or bought for living. in 2019 revealed that for a combination of electricity, heating, water and garbage, in the City of Roses, on an average you will have count around $171.38. This is much more than most Americans pay, as the national average is $152.08.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, transportation can be considered as the one of the most crucial one because you will be out most of the time for commuting to your workplace or surrounding areas. However, in Portland, the scenario is quite different; walking, biking and taking public transportation are all popular ways of getting around in the city. A monthly pass on Portland’s Tri-Met public transportation will cost you $100. That’s on par with monthly transit pass prices in Los Angeles and Chicago, but New York sets you back by $116.50. Uniquely, transit pass for “Honored Citizens” offers monthly passes at a price of just $28 for seniors (65+). 

Food Cost

Food is an essential part of lives as it provides energy to our body to operate and live a healthy life. In Portland the food cost can be summarized as quite higher than national average price. For instance, a dozen eggs in Portland should cost you $2.71, 44 cents higher than the national average price of $2.27. Furthermore, a pound of chicken in Portland goes for about $5.02, which is $1.18 off the U.S. average. 

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