Copiers For Small Business: Buying Vs Renting Vs Leasing

Copiers For Small Business: Buying Vs Renting Vs Leasing

Danny Wilde
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Good copiers play major roles in increasing the output of small businesses. If you are a small business investor, consider reading this article. It would help you to make responsible decisions to buy, rent, or lease office copiers for your small businesses.

Should you decide to consider office copier leasing, copier machine rentals or low-cost copier rentals, there are a variety of copiers that best fit your small business requirements – budget, capital, and cash flow needs. These consist of mono, high speed, A3, A4, as well as multipurpose laser copiers or color copiers that are durable, less expensive, and manageable.

Buying office copier

For small businesses that produce less than 800 pages within a month, it will be advisable to buy multipurpose copiers or copiers that meet the demands of your business. If you decide to buy an office copier, this implies you will avoid paying fees and interest levies like in-office copier leasing or office copier rentals. Additionally, you will not be entitled to return the copier to the copier machine rentals or low-cost copier rentals companies when the term of rent or lease ends.

Another fascinating fact is that you will not be bound to live within terms of a contract. In deciding to buy an office copier, you can check out stores that have copiers for sale, color copiers for sale or used copiers for sale.

As a small business, there should be some concerns about buying copiers dubbed used copiers for sale. This category of copiers often breakdown, instigating frequent spending sprees to meet their repair needs as they are worn out. There exist many copiers for sale, used copiers for sale, and general copiers for sale around the city.

Notably, a used copier for sale may be offered at low prices but can however yield exuberant ownership costs and end-user issues. It would be therefore imperative for small businesses to carefully examine used copiers for sale before making any purchasing attempts.

In most cases, used copiers for sale lack high-speed scanners but if one does not check them into details, they might fall victim to end-user issues. So, if there is not enough time to carefully review these categories of office copiers, it is advisable to buy a new one.

Leasing office copier

In most cases, some small businesses choose office copier leasing over buying. This enables them to access advanced and up-to-date copiers that come with accommodating terms of payment. By this, small businesses can save more finances on outright payment costs.

Office copiers have in recent years witnessed frequent technology upgrade, therefore, by means of leasing, small businesses could prevent obsolescence. This choice also enables companies and institutions to add more technology to copiers within every three to five years.

Why do some people prefer to lease copiers for small businesses?

The answer is simple. They intend to preserve capital to increase the business cash flow and take care of other needs. Office copier leasing enables small businesses to avoid issues with resale and disposal. They also avoid other excess spending since office copier leasing companies take care of the maintenances which are usually part of the lease terms.

It is hereby imperative for persons that intent to lease copiers for small businesses to review the lease contract vividly especially in areas of maintenance service before accepting any lease. If you are a small business and do not have skilled IT employees responsible for maintenance, it is advisable to lease copiers for your small business.

Ensure that an office copier leasing company offers a new office copier before you accept any lease.

Rent Copier

Small businesses can also consider copier machine rentals or low-cost copier rentals should they decide not to buy or lease office copiers for their business. However, those who find themselves in this situation should consider an office copier for rent if it is not for a long period.

Renting a copier should be a short-term remedy for every small business. This implies small businesses should consider their reasons for considering copier machine rentals. Should you use the office copier for every day’s activities, you are advised to review the actual ownership cost for the copier machine rentals. This is because office copiers for rent are normally usable for short periods and on yearly basis.


Typically, even using low-cost copier rentals for over a year will not be reasonable since fortnight monthly payments may be high. However, let’s say you intend to use the copier machine rentals for short-term projects, from a few weeks to months, then considering copier machine rentals could be a great idea. 


Office copier rentals could be bad for small businesses since they are usually refurbished copiers, hence, experiencing frequent breakdowns requiring repairs. This means you will be required to spend money more frequently besides your rental terms and conditions.