Cool Minecraft Mechanisms

Cool Minecraft Mechanisms


Everyone who plays Minecraft for a long time, little by little annoyed by the monotonous gameplay. And then players begin to create mechanisms in Minecraft - creative designs, the purpose of which can be very different: from "refrigerators" to high-speed elevators and even entire computers!

Ready-made Minecraft Mechanisms

Probably, many are aware of the existence of blocks such as an iron door, sunroof, lever or gate. But you can assemble simple mechanisms with the help of one or two of these blocks located in the right place, for example, a device that will block the path of water, and when you press a button, let liquid pass through.

Resource Mining

Now let's talk about constructions more complicated. In Minecraft, mechanisms cannot be built without the presence of red stone (aka “redstone”). If you decide to create your masterpiece in Creative mode, then you don’t have to worry about this, because in this world you can take any number of any items.!ku51948/

But in Survival, where resources are limited, you will need to mine a considerable amount of red stone ore. The easiest way to do this is in a cave, for which it’s enough to find the source of lava. Almost always there is a certain amount of redstone ore near it. If you have a diamond pickaxe and a water source, you can try to drain the lava: at the bottom of the source, there is most often a red stone.

Another mandatory subject for creating mechanisms is a piston. With him, the situation is simpler: it is crafted from items that are not difficult to find - it is wood, stone, iron and, again, "redstone". For more complex mechanisms sticky pistons will be needed - their peculiarity is that they are glued to the block in front of them with the moving part. To create them, you need a regular piston and mucus, which can only be obtained from slimes.

Cool gears in Minecraft

So, all the necessary items have been mined and crafted, and now you can’t wait to find out what devices you can create? Here it is necessary to clarify one more detail: in Minecraft, mechanisms cannot work on their own. A certain action is required on the part of the player plus a red stone, which, in turn, activates the entire scheme.

If you play with friends, you can play a trick on them by creating some kind of trap. The principle of its action is very simple: when the player stands on the pressure plate, switches the lever or uses the button, this activates the circuit of the pistons. But what happens next depends only on your imagination: you can simply lock it from all sides, you can flood it with water or even lava, or you can activate TNT under it and see how far it will fly away.

The Best Mechanisms in Minecraft

If you do not intend to set traps or just play a single player game, then there are many other applications of devices in Minecraft. They can have agricultural significance - for example, when activated, they wash away the grown wheat and transport it to the store. You can create just a beautiful scheme of red torches that will flash in a certain sequence (in the same way you can make a sign).

But the most useful use of "redstone", of course, is the elevator. If you decide to build it from scratch, that is, even without a sample, then this can take a lot of time, and the elevator will ultimately be ineffective. It is much easier to take a ready-made description or video, in which the creation of this device is described in detail, and build it in stages.