Contemporary Outfit Blended with Rustic Sunglasses

Contemporary Outfit Blended with Rustic Sunglasses


Sunglasses is something which has become a mandatory fashion accessory when stepping out in the outdoors. Though primarily used to protect the vision from the harmful UV rays generated from sun, sunglasses have really evolved as a must have fashion add on. Myriads of sunglasses styles have cropped up in recent times but the mystical beauty of retro shades is simply unforgettable.

The charm that old school, retro sunglasses have is simply unsurpassed, even the modern era has fallen for them. The comeback of retro sunglasses can be a great addition to your contemporary wardrobe. If you think the blend of urban outfit and retro sunnies won’t work out, then you need to rethink about it after reading this article.

Some of the retro sunglasses have astonished for generations and still continue to create spark as before. The vintage shades are so alluring that it matches well with any outfit and enhances your look instantly.

Here are some classic picks from the retro sunglasses collection:

Round sunglasses:

Whether it’s round glasses or sunglasses, it’s casual presence is definitely to woo all. The legendary hollywood actor John Lennon has popularised this cool and classic frame style. Embrace the look and delightfully attract the admirers. Both men and women can bring an extra point for the outfit they are wearing. Round sunnies suit best on an oval and square shaped face. You can either add a splash of color or keep it all black for a modernistic touch.

Square sunglasses:

The sharp edgy square frames are cool, charming and totally retro. The charismatic square sunglasses remind us of the retro rockstars and marks a great comeback. It’s aesthetic appeal is hard to ignore. Muted colors to vibrant color pops, you have a variety of choices to choose from. Recreate your look with these classic sunglasses. It best suits a round shaped face.

Clubmaster sunglasses:

The bold, sophisticated and classy pair of sunnies reveals a unique charm. No matter what you are wearing, just pair it with clubmaster sunglasses and look class apart. It elevates your style quotient and gives an outstanding look. It grabs attention in no time, especially people with heart and square shaped face can carry it very well.

Aviator sunglasses:

The timeless classic, all time favourite aviator sunglasses is here to stay till eternity. Aviator sunglasses also known as pilot sunglasses is the most iconic one. It has till date come with myriads of iterations and have rocked each time. From retro to metro, aviators have always been a fad, you can wear them with any outfit and look stunning as ever. Oval, round and square can pull off aviators very well.

So here is the list of sunnies that are still shining bright is the world of fashion. Incorporate them with your modern outfit and look fab as never before.