Connect, Follow or Add Contact?

Connect, Follow or Add Contact?

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For those lucky enough to be already using WebTalk beta (if you are not, you need to be invited by an existing user -- my invite page is here, just click on the Join button there) then you are really onto something big with a bright future that will truly have a positive effect on the world as we know it. From the WebTalk Foundation which will give 10% of all profits to building schools, hospitals, vocational training centers, parks and more around the world, to sharing up to 50% of its profit with it's affiliates.

If you are already using WebTalk you will probably already know how powerful the button just above your timeline view is: you can select Personal, Professional, Public, All Connections, and even Custom groups to filter what you see. Home in the evening, tired from work, you won't want to see posts from colleagues or that are work related. Simply switch to Personal. During the day at work, you'll want to switch to Professional. You can also select All News or just Top News.

Likewise, when you post, directly under the box where you are typing your post and optionally attaching any file, video or images, you should choose which type of people should see that post: public (including those who aren't webtalk users), all connctions (those you have actually connected to), professionals, personal, or drill down with Custom to choose specific groups e.g. only Friends, or Friends and Colleagues from one company, and prospective employers from another company. Powerful targeting!

So now to the question, what is the difference between a Connection, a Contact, and Following? What do you do when you have an incoming request? And which do you choose when you are on someone's profile and want to follow them, engage, or save them for future reference?

Connect should normally only be used if you actually have met or talked to the person and wish to be able to direct message, and put them into a particular type of connection: professional acquaintance, potential client, investor, business partner, personal friend, family, personal acquaintance, etc. They must approve from their side and will also put you into whichever category they think fits you (you won't see what that is). If they don't you will remain as a Follower. Then, whatever you post that fits the category or categories you have put them in (and you can change at any time in future if the relationship type or phase changes) will be seen by them on their timeline so long as they have set it to all, or a filter that fits the category they have put you in.

Alongside the blue button is a down arrow, click it for more options.

Don't forget you can add tags and notes, so that you can search and also know later who is who and what you have discussed, where you met, or what you plan to do etc.

Follow is what you use if you wish to follow the public posts of that person, plus any other posts that they make to any categories they may have placed you in, even without a Connection. As mentioned above, you should use Connection really for those who you have a real relationship with, no matter the stage or category, you can choose. They will then see any posts you make to those categories. They will also be listed in your Contacts.

If you follow someone you will show up among their Followers, just as you would if you are a Connection. When you click Follow you are given additional options such as to put them into a relationship category, add notes, tags, but you can just click Cancel and you will now be Following them -- you can verify this by viewing their profile page.

Later, if you want to Save as Contact or change to Connect later on, you can, from their profile page and then add notes and tags if you wish (a very good idea to do this). This is because later you can search your many contacts by tags or notes, e.g. if you tag contact in Nigeria with Nigeria, Africa you can find them searching Nigeria or Africa.

Save Contact is what you should select, just as in real life holding on to a business card or saving a phone number of a business into your phone but which you don't have a relationship with (supplier vendor or customer client etc). This just means you can find them in your contacts. As with all Connections, Following and Contacts you can ADD NOTES, and ADD TAGS to them (they cannot see what you write there), so that you can keep track of that relationship and easily find it via a search of your contacts. You might add tags Ghana, Africa, Shipping and you may add a note "Met on flight SQ101 had a great conversation about shipping from China" and later you may add additional notes "spoke on the phone, will get back to me about GZ prospect". Each note is date and time stamped and only visible to you, not your contact/connection/followed.

Changing Relationship

You can at any time view your Followings, Contacts, etc, easily on your Contacts menu. You can change (edit) each at any time, adding notes or tags, if they are Connections or Contacts, deleting them as Contacts or Connections and remain Following or also Unfollow. You can also do this from profile pages, and some of it from the profile photo from desktop, or clicking the three dots to the right of their photo on mobile browser Contact list views.

Be sure from time to time to go through your Contact menu and make sure you have people in the right place(s) and have edited the correct relationships to you. This is important because then you can use the power of reaching the right people with your posts, choosing the right audience option when you post, and keep up to date as your relationships change from prospect to actual, or are dropped, etc. as the case may be.

If you choose "Disconnect" you will only be following their public posts, and they will only be seeing your Public posts henceforth, and you can again click on the menu and select "Unfollow" if you additionally don't want to see their public posts.

Note that if you "Disconnect" but they are also an added Contact, they will still be listed in your contacts, unless you go to their profile, select the drop down arrow next to Following, and then "Edit Contact" and at the top of the next page "delete contact".


Should you approve all incoming requests and will someone be offended if you don't? No is the short answer. They don't get a notification that you have declined, their request will just continue to show as pending until they cancel it. But they will be following your public posts as anyone is free to follow your public posts.

Some of the functionality is not yet optimized and not so clear but this will improve!

For example, currently, if you go instead to the incoming requests contact page, and choose the decline request from the drop down instead of Accept, you will be following them. You can again click the now Following drop down and see then the options of: Unfollow, Connect, Save Contact.

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