Congregation - You Are Mine Ch. 01

Congregation - You Are Mine Ch. 01

When she woke up, she was lying in a dimly lit room she did not recognize. She had a light headache, less of a pounding and more of an uncomfortable pressure, as if her head was being squeezed by someone, but otherwise felt healthy. She felt a little bit too cold, especially her arms, which were as she now noticed bare of any clothing and not under the duvet like the rest of her body. In the small amount of light that was coming in through the windows underneath the curtains, she could tell that the room she was in was a fairly average bedroom, with a double bed with dark sheets, a large wardrobe with a chest of drawers next to it, and an armchair close to the bed, on which lay what seemed like a large pile of white fabric.

She thought about calling for someone, but as she had no clue where she was or how she had gotten here, she wanted to wait a bit longer until her headache cleared up, maybe everything would be clearer to her then.

But she did not get that time to think, as barely a minute later someone opened the door to her room and stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind her. She gulped. Although she could not see his features very clearly in the dim lighting, the man did not seem familiar to her at all and the grin on his face as he watched over her still form unsettled her.

She tried to remember very hard what had happened before she woke up and how this man connected to that, whilst he continued watching her intently, but that only made her headache worse. She had a vague idea of walking somewhere, but couldn't remember where from or to, and what had happened then. As the man continued staring at her (because by now she was sure she could call it staring) with an expression of which she didn't know what to make, she suddenly realized that she not only did not know where she was, how she got there and what had happened before, nor the identity and her relation to the man in front of her, she also did not know who she was. That thought shot a sudden rush of fear through her, although strangely not as much as she thought appropriate in her situation, in fact her whole emotions seemed quite dimmed, as if there was a blanket of calm over them.

After another minute or so of her trying to make sense of her current situation, she could not take the man's staring any longer and decided that locked in this room with him, he was her only source of information.

"Who am I?"

She had not planned for that to be her first question, as it seemed rather philosophical and like many different answers would befit it, but it was what she first asked in her slightly raspy voice. She must have been out for a while then, as her voice felt quite unused, and spotting a glass of water on the bedside table she sat up, clutching the blanket to her as she wasn't sure how much clothing she wore underneath.

"It worked well then, as you don't seem to remember anything. Do tell me what you do remember if you don't mind, sweetheart."

His use of the endearment for her made her even more uncomfortable than she was already, with his staring and the way he seemed to appreciate her complete loss of memory. She pulled the blanket up a bit further over her shoulders and arms, so only her neck and head were visible. He smiled as she did so, and took a step towards her.

"What do you mean, it worked well? What happened to me? And who are you?"

"Answer my questions and I might answer yours, baby."

He emphasized the new endearment, and seemed to enjoy how uncomfortable it made her. His tone was assertive, it was clearly an order even with the endearment at the end. Her voice trembled as she explained how the only thing she could vaguely remember was walking somewhere outside. He seemed happy to hear that, and sat down on the armchair next to the bed, turning on the lamp on the bedside table as he did so. For the first time since he had come into the room, she could really look at him, as his back had been towards the windows so the little light from there didn't illuminate his face. He seemed to be a man in his thirties or close to that, he had short brown hair and a stubble of facial hair the same color, she didn't see any grey hairs in either. He was quite tall, something she had noticed as he had come into the room, and seemed to be muscular, although not insanely so. He wore a dark grey suit, and a white shirt, which had the top buttons open, letting her see his chest hair, which made her more aware of how very nearly naked she was. Looking at herself under the blanket as she had been talking to him, she saw how she only wore a white lace bra and matching underwear, which judging by how uncomfortable it felt was a thong. After being able to look at him more closely, she still felt no familiarity with the man, and wondered further how she had come to be in this house he seemed to know well in only her underwear.

"Do you feel alright? Any headaches or other pain?"

She nodded, telling him about her headache, which seemed to appease him. There was a long moment of silence before he began to explain himself in a cold matter of fact tone.

"Listen closely and don't interrupt. Your name is now Victoria or Tori for short, and as I personally chose this name for you, you will not argue or complain about it. Your last name does not matter, as it will change in about an hour anyway."

She wanted to interrupt, ask about what he meant, but his tone and facial expression breached not interruptions.

"You do not remember anything, because you have been given medication to induce amnesia, which will hopefully be permanent, except for maybe an occasional feeling of Déjà vu or dreams that do not make sense. But even if you were to remember anything about your life before, it doesn't matter now. Your new life will be very different, and dwelling on what was or would have been won't do you any good. Do you understand?"

He made a short pause there, but when she opened her mouth to ask what the hell he was on about, he continued talking.

"You are now mine, Tori, in less than an hour we will be married and from then on the only thing that matters to you is what I want. You will do whatever I want you to do, be whatever I want you to be and not fight me on anything. If you ignore any of my orders."

He pulled a small remote from the pocket of his pants, and a sudden pain spreading out from her throat had her screaming as she fell backwards from her seated position to lie on the bed. She clutched her throat the moment the pain stopped, and noticed some sort of tight necklace around her throat, which she had not noticed before. The man continued speaking once she started breathing evenly again, unfazed by the pain she was in just then.

"Your collar. It shows everyone else that you are mine and ensures good behavior from you. If you don't behave as I tell you to, I will shock you like I did just now. That was the lowest setting, and only for a second, and as the settings go up to 10 and I can hold it for about 20 seconds before endangering your health permanently, you will not wish to break any of my rules or go against my commands. I do not enjoy hurting you like this, but if you do not behave, I do not hesitate from using this often."

At that he waved the remote around once more, before slipping it back into his pocket. He stood up and made to remove the blanket from above her, but stopped as she gave a terrified squeak.

"You will let me remove this blanket from you and allow me to touch you as I see fit, or I will punish you."

She nodded, her bottom lip quivering as she tried to hold back tears whilst he removed her blanket, before pulling her to stand. He pulled her towards a large mirror, after turning the ceiling lights on, which hurt her eyes a little as her headache was not gone yet, being shocked had certainly not helped. Once she stood in front of the mirror and could see herself from head to toe, he moved closer until his front was pressed to her back, making her squirm uncomfortably as her head was leaning against his chest as he was towering over her.

She felt something hard press into her back through the fabric of his pants, and did not want to think about it as she almost physically felt his gaze on her in the mirror. He pulled her even further towards him with an arm around her waist, pulling her to stand on her toes as the bulge in his pants now pressed hard into her lower back, just above her butt. His other hand twirled a strand of her long blonde hair around his finger, as he started talking.

"You are mine. This -" he pulled on her hair slightly making her wince, "-is mine, as is this." His hand moved down to cup around one of her bra clad breasts, causing goosebumps all over her and her nipple to harden, to which he gave a light squeeze, making her squirm more.

"If you don't stop rubbing yourself against my cock, I will fuck that pretty little mouth right now, instead of waiting until we are married."

At this she stood stock still, trying not to cry as he continued fondling her breasts, before moving down her body to claim more of it as his.

"So to summarise, you are completely mine and I will do whatever I want with you and to you, dear. And now I will help you get into the lovely wedding dress that I have bought specifically for you to wear, so that we can get married and I finally get to fuck my beautiful little wife in every way I want, until she cannot walk for a week."

This caused the dam of her tears to break, which earned her another shock before her soon to be husband started putting her limp body into a tight fitting white wedding dress.

Another man picked her up in the room she had awoken in, his gaze moving hungrily up and down her body in the tight-fitting wedding dress Markus (her soon-to-be husband had told her his name as he was groping her ass before pulling the dress up her body) had put her in. He then proceeded to almost drag her down the stairs into a living room, which much like the rest of the house looked nice, but not like anyone had ever used it or lived there. It lacked any kind of personal touch like photos, a book on the couch table and stuff like that.

Tori (she used this new name for herself because she couldn't remember her old one and knew she had to get used to it anyway) felt like she was being doomed to her own personal hell, as she was put in front of Markus, next to whom an older man in something that looked like a modified priests gown stood. This man then proceeded to swiftly speak the words necessary to marry them to each other, after which he told Tori's now husband (she almost started to cry again at that thought, but calmed herself to avoid another punishment) that he could now kiss the bride.

The five other men present, all of whom made her very uncomfortable with how they looked at her body proceeded to congratulate Markus, who held Tori in front of him so everybody had a full view of her, like she was a trophy of some kind. She realized that that was most probably what she was to Markus, who stopped her from moving away to the side and whispered threateningly into her ear. The guests all left quickly, some winking at Markus and looking suggestively at her, and within 20 minutes of being married Tori was alone with her husband in what she now knew to be his house.

"My dearest wife, how glad I am to have you all alone for me now. We will have so much fun once you are naked in my bed, I at least will most certainly enjoy it."

Before she could think too much about what he had said, Markus had picked her up in a bridal carry and quickly strode up the stairs, depositing her on the bed she had awoken in less than three hours before. He went to lock the door behind him before climbing onto the bed, making her shuffle backwards until her back was flush against the headboard and he had her pinned down with his hands on either side of her hips.

"You won't get away from me, love, not tonight and not ever. If I want something from you I will take it. And right now I want to fuck you, hard."

Tori was crying again, which he ignored as he leaned in to kiss her roughly, demanding entrance to her mouth which she tried to deny him, until he pulled her down roughly to lie pinned underneath him, which surprised her enough that he could force his tongue into her mouth. She tried to fight him when his hands reached underneath her to pull down the zipper of her dress, effectively stopping him from doing so until he shocked her again, for two seconds now instead of one. In the time it took her to start breathing again, he had pulled her dress off of her body entirely, leaving her again in just her underwear before him.

"I will say this one more time before I turn up the level of punishments. You will not try to stop me from anything I want to do to you. If you try to stop me from doing anything to you again tonight, I will shock you so long that you won't be able to move at all whilst I ravage your body and leave you with muscle pains for at least a couple of days. Do you want that?"

She shook her head vehemently, more tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Good girl. I can't expect you not to cry tonight, as I am sure it will not be painless or enjoyable for you, but I do expect you to not fight me anymore. If you promise me now that you'll behave yourself, I can give you a painkiller now to make it more bearable.Would you like that?"

She nodded and the tears stopped running so frequently once he had pulled away from her half-naked form to reach into the bedside drawer. She watched him take out a small bottle of greenish syrupy liquid, which he quickly unscrewed and placed in front of her mouth, using his other hand to push down her jaw so he could pour it in. She did not fight him on this, just lay completely still, as she knew that whatever was in the bottle would make what he would do to her next more bearable. Once she had swallowed it, Markus started unbuttoning his shirt and continued speaking to her.

"The liquid drug will be in your bloodstream faster than a pill would, which you should be very grateful for, as I don't think I can wait to fuck you much longer. It will also make you relax and stop fighting back so much, but don't worry, you'll still feel everything that's happening."

He chuckled at that and she shivered, watching him now removing his pants and socks, leaving him in only his underwear. The large tenting of fabric there made her close her eyes and swallow hard, trying to stop more tears from falling.

"Look at me!"

His tone was aggressive as he stood now naked next to the bed. Tori forced herself to open her eyes trying to look just at his face, but the way he towered over her had his fully erect cock directly in her line of sight. He smiled at the look on her face as she whimpered, trying to scoot further away from him on the bed, but she felt weak and her limbs heavy, so she only moved a couple of inches to the side before Markus had straddled her waist, his cock pressing up over her still bra-clad chest towards her face, the tip only a couple of inches from her mouth. She wanted to cry more, scream and get him off of her, to run far far away from this, but the weird drug-induced heaviness she felt made her unable to do any of that, only silent tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Please stop"

Even her voice was weak as she struggled to take back the control over her own body, but her mind was still clear as her thoughts screamed at her to do something.

"Look how well this worked. No more fighting back from you tonight, Doll, what a blessing. I can't drug you all the time though, we don't want to damage that perfect body of yours."

He moved a little up her body so the tip of his cock was at her lips, which he easily pulled apart with a pull at her jaw.

"How about you get acquainted with my cock a little more, Toy, there probably won't be a day you don't have it inside of you at least once from now on."

Tori wanted to shout at the top of her lungs that he couldn't do this to her, that she wouldn't ever be his Toy again, but she could only utter a quiet "No" before the tip of his dick was in her mouth. She tried to close her mouth and push him out, crying all the while, but he grabbed a fistful of her hair and moved another couple of inches into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat, making her gag a little.

"See my little Toy. That mouth is perfect for sucking my big dick, don't you agree. I will take your silence as a yes, my Dear."

He took one of her limp hands and guided it to pump the rest of his cock that hadn't fit into her mouth, grunting and moaning all the while as he pushed in and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes. Tori's mind was begging and screaming at him to stop, but she could do nothing but lie there as her body was unable to follow her commands.

"Mmmh, Toy, your mouth was just made for my cock. I will have you deep-throating in no time. Now swallow everything I give you!"

He was panting during words as he forced himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, until hot sticky liquid hit the back of her throat as he came, grunting above her. He pulled his far deflated cock out of her mouth and closed her mouth with his hand under her jaw, forcing her to swallow the salty stuff as she laid exhausted and disgusted on the bed, closing her eyes and trying to catch her breath.

"Don't think we're done yet, Sweetie. We are just getting started. It will take only a couple of minutes before I am ready to go again, with the endurance I've built up and how hot you look with some of my cum dripping out of your moth."

It was disgusting to her how full of himself this man was, as he boasted about his dick and how he liked to see his juice on her. Markus then reached his hands under her back as he unclasped her bra, pulling it off and throwing it somewhere in the room. Then his hands began fondling her now naked breasts, squeezing and kneading whilst sometimes pinching her nipples, causing quick gasps of pain in between mutterings to stop, which he ignored.

"You have wonderful boobs, my Toy, do you know that? And now they are mine to play with, like the rest of your body."

He slapped her right breast then and quickly after her left, which made her sob before he moved his mouth over hers, shutting her up by roughly forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hands m

oved down her side until he had reached her white lace panties, which he pulled down her legs, stopping the kiss to pull them off her feet and discard them to the floor too. His rough hands moved to grope her butt before shifting to push apart her legs.

"Let's see if you're ready for me yet, Baby."

His constant use of endearments to refer to her whilst simultaneously touching her body against her will and preparing to rape her in the next minutes made her angry, this feeling battling against the fear and disgust she was already feeling so much of.

Markus suddenly pushed one of his hands to her pussy, the other going back to grope her breasts in turn. He pushed one finger inside of her, moving it around inside of her which if she could move would have made her squirm at the violating foreign feeling.

"Hmm, not really wet enough yet, Toy. Soon you will be wet for me anytime I desire you."

She didn't know what he meant, but felt too weak to ask as he started rubbing and pressing on the sensitive spot between her legs, making moisture accumulate between her legs with the unwanted stimulation. It caused her to feel a rush of pleasure, which she tried to suppress as she wanted to feel nothing close to enjoyment from being raped. The sensation was short-lived though, as he moved his fingers back down to check for the wetness he now found.

"Mmmh, Doll, you are so wet for me, your beautiful pussy is just begging me for my cock, to claim you as mine and fill you with my essence."