The channel comparison tool is located on the top panel of the service. You can use it to get a comparison table for the channels you choose. There is only a limit on their number - up to 50.

You can add a channel for comparison from the overall rating, rating by category and country, on the channel page.

In order to add a channel to the comparison table, click on the corresponding button near the channel. If the icon is blue, the channel has been added to the comparison table, if not, fix it by clicking on it.

To start the formation of a comparison table, click on the “Compare channels” button in the pop-up window of the tool or “Clear all” added channels from the list for comparison:

Now you can see the comparison table for the channels you have selected. You can also change the period for which you want to compare data - 7 days, 30 days, previous month or year:

What exactly is available for comparison and what it depends on their presence or absence, read the section What information is collected by the bot”.

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