Company 314xel Inc. has announced private testing launch date of the Pixel network

Company 314xel Inc. has announced private testing launch date of the Pixel network

Company 314xel Inc. has announced on its website the successful completion of the first phase of network development and that the Pixel Charity net will be available for testing to all those who wish by the end of June 2018.

To recap, Pixel is a charity project based on stable coin (crypto currency which is backed up by fiat money and has a stable exchange rate). Convenient and fast methods of transfer of cryptocurrencies allowed them to gain incredible popularity. Pixel will use this popularity for the greater good - assets backing up every released PXL (Pixel’s network unit) will be placed into a bank deposits with public access to the state of the account. All profits from the interest gained from the deposits will be automatically transferred to charitable funds. Thus, allowing each user of Pixel network to participate in charity without spending their money.

According to the creators of the project, the development began in March 2018 and the project will be completed regardless the result of fundraising in ICO. The company plans to collect more than $1 million from $15 millions available to use these funds for a marketing campaign to promote Pixel network.

At the moment on closed sales stage, the company has already collected more than $300 thousand from the $330 thousand possible. The stage of pre-sale of PXLT tokens will begin on May 6, 2018. In the third quarter of 2018, we are awaiting the launch of the public Beta Pixel network and mobile wallet applications for PXL.

Conditions of ICO: 

Private sales - 19.04.2018 - 05.05.2018

Pre-sale 06.05.2018 - 26.05.2018

Period of ICO Token Sale: 28.05.2018 - 30.06.2018 

Symbol - PXLT 

 Type of the token: ERC-20

 Price of the token: min 0,75 $ max 1 $

 Total tokens: 20,000,000

 Role of the token: Cryptocurrency

 Min. purpose of collection: $ 1,000,000

 Maximum collection goal: $ 13,500,000

 Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

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Telephone: +44 203 608 0490

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