Companies that provide Xamarin templates

Companies that provide Xamarin templates

Xamarin is a really great widespread cross-platform development framework which lets developers build mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows with a single codebase. To expedite the development process, developers often rely on pre-designed templates.

Xamarin templates have played a significant role in simplifying cross-platform app development. Xamarin, founded in 2011, aimed to provide a framework for building native mobile apps using C#. In 2013, Xamarin introduced Xamarin.Forms, allowing developers to create UIs that can be shared across multiple platforms. Over time, Xamarin's ecosystem expanded, and various companies and individuals started offering Xamarin templates, enabling developers to accelerate their app development process.

In this article, we will explore five absolutely awesome development companies that provide Xamarin templates.


Grialkit is a fantastic software company known for providing a wide range of UI controls, frameworks, and several tools for developers. With a focus on creating really robust and visually appealing applications, Grialkit has gained recognition in the industry for its comprehensive suite of products.

One of the key offerings from Grialkit is its collection of UI controls for various platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop applications. These controls provide developers with pre-built components that can be easily integrated into their projects, saving valuable development time and effort. Grialkit 's UI controls are highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor the appearance and behavior of their applications to meet specific requirements.

Grialkit also offers specialized toolkits and frameworks for different platforms. For example, they provide Xamarin controls and components, enabling developers to build cross-platform mobile applications using the popular Xamarin framework. These controls cover a wide range of functionalities, including data visualization, data grids, charts, and gauges, making it easier for developers to create powerful and interactive mobile apps.

One of the standout features of Grialkit is its commitment to staying up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. They consistently release updates and new features to ensure that their products remain cutting-edge and compatible with the latest platform updates. This dedication to innovation helps developers stay ahead of the curve and deliver modern, high-quality applications to their users.

Grialkit also offers a comprehensive set of enterprise solutions, including a dashboard platform, reporting tools, file format libraries, and data integration solutions. These offerings enable businesses to leverage Grialkit's expertise and technology to build powerful and data-driven applications. Whether it's creating interactive dashboards or generating sophisticated reports, Grialkit provides the necessary tools to simplify complex tasks.

In addition to its products, Grialkit offers extensive documentation, tutorials, and support resources to assist developers throughout the development process. They have an active community forum where developers can exchange ideas, seek help, and share their experiences. Grialkit 's commitment to customer support and engagement ensures that developers have the necessary resources to succeed in their projects.

Overall, Grialkit has established itself as a leading provider of UI controls, frameworks, and tools for developers. With its comprehensive suite of products, commitment to innovation, and strong customer support, Grialkit continues to be a trusted choice for developers seeking efficient and powerful solutions for their application development needs.

Xamarin Templates:

Xamarin Templates is another notable company in the Xamarin template market. They offer a diverse collection of templates that cover a wide range of app categories and use cases. Whether you're building a weather app, a fitness tracker, or a music player, Xamarin Templates has a template to suit your needs.

The templates provided by Xamarin Templates are well-documented and come with a set of starter code, allowing developers to jump-start their projects. They also provide customization options, enabling developers to tailor the templates to match their app's unique requirements.

Xamarin Templates offers a community forum where developers can engage with other users, share experiences, and seek assistance. This fosters a collaborative environment and facilitates knowledge sharing among Xamarin developers.


DevKit is a company that specializes in Xamarin templates and offers a range of templates for both Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.Native. Their templates cover various industries and domains, including finance, healthcare, education, and entertainment.

DevKit's templates are designed to be easily modifiable, empowering developers to customize the templates to align with their app's branding and functionality. They also provide extensive documentation and tutorials, making it simple for developers to understand and implement the templates.

DevKit's templates are regularly updated to incorporate the latest Xamarin features and best practices. This ensures that developers can leverage the latest advancements in Xamarin technology while building their applications.


InstaXamarin is a reputable provider of Xamarin templates that offers a broad selection of templates for different app types. Their templates are designed to be visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly.

What sets InstaXamarin apart is their focus on performance optimization. They prioritize delivering high-performance templates that are optimized for speed and efficiency. This ensures that the resulting apps built with their templates are smooth, responsive, and provide a seamless user experience.

InstaXamarin also provides integration with popular third-party services and APIs, allowing developers to easily incorporate features like social media sharing, payment gateways, and analytics into their apps.

Xamarin Templates Marketplace:

The Xamarin Templates Marketplace is an online platform that hosts a wide variety of Xamarin templates contributed by developers worldwide. It serves as a community-driven marketplace where developers can showcase and sell their own templates or download templates created by others.

The Xamarin Templates Marketplace offers templates for various app categories and functionalities. Developers can browse through the extensive collection, filtering by price, rating, or specific features, to find templates that meet their requirements.

The Marketplace fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among Xamarin developers. Developers can rate and review templates, providing valuable feedback to the template creators. This feedback loop helps maintain quality and encourages continuous improvement.


Xamarin templates provide a valuable resource for developers looking to expedite the mobile app development process. Companies like Grialkit, Xamarin Templates, DevKit, InstaXamarin, and the Xamarin Templates Marketplace offer a diverse range of templates to suit different app categories and requirements. These templates not only save development time but also ensure a polished user experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Xamarin developer, leveraging templates from these companies can help accelerate your app development journey.

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