Community Relations Ch. 04

Community Relations Ch. 04

Nicky didn't sleep well. Her mind had been churning all night. She was confused. The previous evening had been a very enjoyable one. She and Doug had spent a lovely few hours together, enjoyed a nice meal, and then had some pleasantly naughty sex which had been rather cut short by the unexpected arrival of Laura, Nicky's room-mate. She had very much caught them 'at it' and, after some embarrassment all round, Doug had departed. That wasn't Nicky's issue though. Her confusion was in connection with what happened after that.

Nicky had gone to bed but was still awake when her room-mate had entered the bedroom. Laura had undressed and Nicky had found herself in the unfamiliar position of becoming quite aroused as she saw Laura's semi-naked body. Furthermore, she had still been awake when she became aware of Laura using a vibrator to masturbate in the bed about 4 feet away. Although she had been quite subtle about it, and didn't know Nicky was awake, Nicky's senses had been finely tuned and she had taken in every detail. She had found the whole thing very erotic, and was now questioning why that was.

Until last night Nicky felt she was 100% straight. OK, she had done a bit of curious exploring and practice kissing with a school friend on a few occasions when the friend had slept over at her parent's house, but that was years ago and had just been a 'coming of age' thing. She felt sure that many girls had done something similar. As soon as she was old enough, she started going out with boys and was soon enjoying sex with them. In total she had been with 5 guys, most of whom had been relationships lasting more than a year, although there had been one 1-night stand. She had recently met Doug who had become 'male partner number 6' for her. The fact is, she had never once felt attracted to a woman, and she had seen plenty of them naked in changing rooms, dormitories and the like. She had also been chatted up a few times by female colleagues while in the Police, but had always found it easy to politely decline. So what was going on?

Nicky was certainly not homophobic. She had some long-standing friends she knew were lesbians, and it made no difference to her whatsoever. She also knew the Police service was a popular choice for lesbians and knew at least 3 lesbian couples who were colleagues of hers, she had just never considered that she might someday be aroused by a woman. She had thought about it for most of the night and couldn't really explain it. She had been a bit tipsy, but it certainly wasn't the first time for that! She had also been a bit frustrated as her sexual fun with Doug had been interrupted, leaving her desire somewhat unfulfilled, but even so! It was a mystery to her.

She crept out of the bedroom leaving Laura sleeping and, after using the bathroom, sat in the kitchen munching breakfast. She usually needed 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning before she really got going, and she was just sitting down to the third cup when the living room door opened and Laura walked in sleepily. They smiled at one another and Laura shuffled past to make herself a cup of tea. She preferred tea first thing in the morning.

Laura sat down at the table with Nicky and glanced across at her.

"You OK?" Laura asked.

Nicky realised this was a reference to how she was feeling after the embarrassment of being caught pretty much naked, performing oral sex on Doug in full view of Laura.

Nicky nodded and smiled. "Yep. Fine thanks." She felt she had pretty much put the incident behind her.


Laura giggled. "I think it will take me a few days to get that image out of my head."

"Oh thanks!" retorted Nicky. "Was it that bad?"

"Not bad," responded Laura, "Just very unexpected!"

Nicky just smiled but found herself surveying Laura as she sat there in her slightly unflattering dressing gown. There was no doubt she was a good-looking woman, but Nicky still didn't feel attracted to her in the cold light of day. Perhaps she should just put it out of her mind for now. She remembered she said she would phone Doug, and now felt like a good time.

Nicky went back through to the bedroom, sat on the bed and dialled Doug's mobile number. It was answered after 4 rings and she recognised Doug's voice but there was quite a lot of background noise.

"Hi. How are you?" Nicky asked cheerily.

"Good thanks. What about you? How did you get on with Laura after I left?" He had obviously been thinking about how that might have gone.

"Oh. OK," she replied, not wanting to go into details in case Laura could overhear. "What are you up to today?"

"I've got a stall at a car boot sale in Ampthill. They have a sale here every couple of months and it is usually quite a good one."

"Ah, OK. It sounds busy, judging from the noise I can hear in the background," she replied.

"Yep. Doing OK so far. Do you fancy coming out here to join me?" Doug asked hopefully.

"Why not. What time does it finish?"

"It started at 8, so it finishes quite early. They normally pack up at 1pm," Doug replied.

Nicky glanced at her watch. It was almost 10am.

"How about I come over for about 12 noon," she asked. "Maybe we could do lunch or something?"

"How about a picnic?" queried Doug. "I always keep some picnic stuff in the back of the van. We could just pick up some food locally and drive somewhere nice. I could leave the van parked here if you don't mind using your car?"

"Sounds like a plan," said Nicky decisively. "Whereabouts are you exactly?"

Doug provided Nicky with detailed directions and they agreed to meet up in a couple of hours. Nicky hung up and trotted through for a shower. She still had rather sticky hair!

At 11.30 Nicky was feeling much fresher and was suitably attired in walking trousers and a loose fitting T-shirt. She climbed into her VW Golf and programmed the sat nav with the location Doug had given her. She still didn't know the area well enough to just wing it, but was pleased that she had guestimated the length of the journey well enough. Arrival time 1156 it said. Perfect.

The journey was uneventful and Nicky pulled into the clearly signposted car park a couple of minutes ahead of schedule. Clearly the Sunday traffic had been light. There were a lot of stalls and she suddenly realised she didn't even know what Doug's van looked like. Oh well, she would have a nice browse around and would be bound to find him. After all she knew what he looked like!

As luck would have it, Doug's stall was the sixth one she came to. He had a couple of customers as she arrived, so she hung back until he had made his sale, then she walked over and kissed him warmly. She was pleased he seemed relaxed and happy after the embarrassment of the previous night.

They chatted for a couple of minutes, then Doug had to deal with another customer. After that, there was another couple who wanted to speak to him, so she decided to explore around. She signalled her intentions to Doug who gave her the 'thumbs up'.

The sale was indeed a large one and the range of stuff on sale was incredible. Some of it was complete 'tat', some of it really expensive stuff on fancy stalls obviously run by traders, but there were plenty of interesting smaller stalls and she browsed happily. She picked up a few paperbacks on sale at 5 for £3, and some CD's of 80's and 90's music; a bargain at 10 for £5. They weren't exactly classics, and there were a couple of dodgy-looking compilations, but she wasn't going to complain for a fiver. Finally she found a couple of nice stalls selling locally-produced pasties, cheeses, fruit and some lemonade. Ideal for the picnic she thought.

When she returned to Doug's stall at 12.50, she felt quite well loaded with carrier bags.

"You've been busy," he grinned. "Can I interest you in anything else, as you've obviously come with plenty of cash?"

"Actually I've bought us lunch," she retorted, opening one of the bags so he could see inside.

"Oh fabulous. You can come again," he smiled.

"I hope I can," she replied with a naughty smile.

Doug chuckled. He loved her sense of humour.

Nicky took the bags back to her car, leaving Doug to pack up his stall as the crowds were already starting to disperse. She returned in just a few minutes to find he was almost finished.

"Wow. Slick," she commented, genuinely impressed at his efficiency.

"I've had plenty of practice. Actually I keep most of the stuff in trays and boxes, so it doesn't take long to load them up," he explained. "Where's your car?"

Nicky pointed in the general direction and Doug nodded.

"OK. I'll pack these last couple of boxes away and just leave the van here where it'll be safe."

Sure enough a few minutes later they were climbing into Nicky's car. Doug had brought a picnic rug and a small holdall containing some basic picnic crockery and cutlery. He kept these in the van and used them from time to time. He placed them on the back seat.

"A bit smarter than my old van," said Doug looking around the shiny VW appreciatively.

"I like it," Nicky replied. "So where are you taking me?"

"I know a nice little place a few miles away," he said. "It's a bit of a walk across a couple of fields, but it is usually very quiet and a nice pretty spot. How does that sound?"

"Fine. Lead on navigator," and she turned the key.

Fifteen minutes later Nicky was parking the car on a small grassy area just off a narrow country lane. It looked like it may have been a gateway years ago, but the gate was totally overgrown and it was clear they wouldn't be obstructing anyone. They climbed out and Nicky transferred the picnic food to a rucksack she kept in the boot. Doug took his stuff out the car and Nicky locked it with the remote, slipping the key into a pocket the rucksack for safe keeping.

They climbed over the gate and set off up the small grassy hill. They walked for about 10 minutes, climbing over a couple of rusty fences and up and down a couple of small hills. Eventually they came to a small wood and meandered their way through the trees. Nicky couldn't see any sign of a path.

"Do you know where you're going?" she asked with a grin.

"Trust me," said a smiling Doug.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later they came to the other side of the wood and found themselves in a sheltered little dip between the hills. The land in front of them was a wild-looking pasture with a mixture of longish grasses and a variety of pretty wild flowers. It was all very peaceful.

Doug put his bag down, turned and kissed Nicky, putting his arms round her waist.

"How's this?"

"Perfect." She replied. "How on earth did you find it?"

"Oh, I grew up around here," he replied. "I know lots of nice little spots. I often used to just come out on my own and lie in the grass listening to the birds. I never thought I'd bring an attractive lady here."

Nicky smiled happily and kissed him.

"You say the nicest things."

They spread out the rug and set out the picnic. It was a sunny, warm day and they made themselves comfortable. It was an idyllic spot.

Nicky's choice of food was excellent. They munched their way through the various local delicacies, chatting happily and washing it down with several glasses of the wonderfully sweet lemonade. When the bag was empty, they lay down on the rug together and relaxed, appreciating the warm sun shining down on them.

"So, tell me what happened after I left last night," said Doug suddenly. "Was Laura really pissed off?"

Nicky smiled. "No, not at all. I went out to look for her and she was sitting on a wall nearby. It was a slightly awkward moment but we were soon laughing about it."

"Not at me I hope?" Doug sounded slightly hurt.

"No you idiot!" Nicky grinned. "Just at the situation. It isn't every day you walk in on a couple and catch them right in the act!"

Doug actually looked a little red-faced.

"Yes the timing was particularly unfortunate," he said slightly sheepishly. "Sorry about that. I just couldn't stop myself."

Nicky kissed him and grinned.

"So I noticed! And so did Laura! That was worthy of one of your dirty videos!"

They both giggled rather childishly.

"What did she say?" Doug clearly wanted to know more.

"Well she didn't talk about the detail specifically," Nicky replied. "She thought you had a nice big cock though!"

"I suppose she did get rather a bird's eye view," he smiled.

"Laura wanted to know how long we'd been together, continued Nicky. "I wasn't very specific. Then she started on all sorts of personal questions. I ignored her and went to bed." Nicky decided to be a little economical with the truth. She certainly wasn't about to discuss what had happened after she went to bed!

"And that was it?" Doug sounded a little surprised. "What about this morning?"

"We just had a quick chat over breakfast. We both asked each other how we felt and we were both fine. We're cops not shy teenagers," she continued by way of explanation.

"Yeah. OK," said Doug, a little lamely. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but the fact it seemed to be pretty much a non-event as far as the ladies were concerned, had to be a good thing he figured.

"So," Doug murmured sliding closer to Nicky. "I don't know about you, but I think we have some unfinished business!"

Nicky giggled and cuddled into him.

"Yeah. I think I agree."

They put their arms around each other and pressed together in a close cuddle. They spent a few minutes kissing and inevitably their hands started to wander. Nicky allowed her hands to stray onto the cheeks of Doug's bum and she squeezed his firm cheeks through his jeans. He slid his hands up onto her T-shirt and gently began to fondle her boobs. She could feel his cock stirring as he pressed against her.

She looked around slightly nervously.

"How secluded is it here," she asked.

"Very," replied Doug firmly. I've been here dozens of times and I've never seen a soul. We're a long way from any paths. Why do you think I chose this spot?"

Doug was now kissing Nicky's ear lobes and her neck and she was clearly enjoying it. He lowered his head further and started to kiss her boobs through her T-shirt. Nicky was enjoying the naughtiness of doing this in the open air. It was something she had fantasised about a few times but had never had the opportunity to do for real. She started to grind her pelvis against Doug's and could feel his cock growing stiffer by the second.

"Well then, it would be a shame not to make the most of the situation don't you think?" Nicky gave a naughty wink and Doug felt her hand slide to the front of his jeans and squeeze his cock through the tough denim.

They wrapped their arms around one another even more tightly and Nicky slid on top of Doug, sitting astride him. She started rocking her hips, pressing her crotch against his

now fully erect penis, although they were both still fully clothed.

"I so wanted to fuck you last night," she purred. "Things were moving along nicely and then we were interrupted. Had I already taken you too far when Laura walked in?"

"I thought I was going to be OK." Doug was very much enjoying what Nicky was doing and was also getting a kick out of talking about the events of last night. "Your hand was so gentle on my cock and I was loving it and felt in control. Then you started licking my balls and you moved your finger onto my bum. The combination just suddenly made things rush up and take me by surprise. I might have managed to get it back in time, but then Laura walked in. Being caught by another woman was too much," he grinned.

He immediately thought that might not have been the right thing to say and that Nicky might be offended. He started to bluster a bit in an effort to recover the situation. Nicky smiled and placed her finger over his lips.

"It's OK," she murmured reassuringly. "It turned me on as well."

That wasn't the response Doug had expected.

Nicky continued.

"I think I've always been kind of sensible and restrained. I've fantasied about being naughtier but have never dared. I've already done things with you that I've never done before; and I've enjoyed them. Maybe I need to be a bit more daring."

Doug was now really getting aroused. He had never had a woman telling him about her fantasies before although he had often fantasised himself about how sexy it would be.

Nicky wasn't finished yet.

"We didn't really get an opportunity to appreciate it," she continued, "But afterwards in bed I started to replay events in my head. The thought of Laura catching us naked, well almost, and doing what we were doing made me feel really sexy."

Doug wasn't sure what to make of it.

"It's OK," she reassured him. "I've wanted to do something like that for ages, but you can't exactly set it up! When you spurted into my face and I could feel it running down my cheek, the thought that Laura had seen me like that was great! I felt like a porn star!"

Even as she said it, Nicky was surprised at herself. That was such a personal, private, naughty fantasy she couldn't believe she had just told Doug. He had that effect on her. He was a lovely guy and so open about what he liked. None of the hang-ups she had. He didn't seem to feel embarrassed about things that most people would try to conceal. They had watched the couple have sex in the lane together on that first afternoon, and she had been turned on by it. She had discovered Doug's pantie fetish later that afternoon, and far from being put off, she had left her dirty panties with him to enjoy. She knew he must have sniffed them quite a few times and the thought she could turn him on even when she wasn't there in person excited her. Now she had just admitted that she had been turned on getting caught having sex by her room-mate. It seemed as if he had somehow awakened a previously dormant naughtier side to her sexuality, and she was determined not to repress it.

She was now energetically riding Doug, her increasingly damp crotch rubbing on the hard bulge in his jeans. She hadn't had his cock inside her last night and she was determined to make up for it.

She kissed him so tightly she took him by surprise. She slid off his lap and her hands moved quickly to the button of his jeans. There was no attempt at the slow seductive undressing of previous occasions. She just wanted to get them off!

Doug was already kicking his feet together to push off his shoes still with the laces tied. Nicky unbuttoned his jeans, then realised they had a button fly and had to take an extra few seconds to undo another 2 or 3 buttons, but then just tugged then unceremoniously down along with his pants. Both were thrown to one side.

She stood up and started to unfasten her shoes. Doug reached up and unbuttoned her trousers before tugging the zip down. By the time Nicky had kicked her shoes off, Doug had pulled down her trousers and knickers and they joined Doug's on the picnic rug.

Nicky pushed Doug roughly down onto the rug again. She took up her position astride him again, reaching down with her right hand and taking hold of his stiff cock. She guided the head to the entrance of her pussy.

Their previous rubbing and fantasy talk had already got them very excited and, as previously, both were very wet. Doug's broad head slid easily into Nicky's slippery hole and she slid all the way down on his erect 8 inches. She gasped as the 'girl-on-top' position allowed deeper penetration than she had experienced before. It wasn't painful though; it just pressed into her in a place she had never felt before. She leaned forward, kissing Doug passionately and clinging onto his neck.

Nicky started to ride him in as controlled a manner as her excited state would permit. She moved her body using her muscular legs to slide her pussy up his cock, taking it to the point where only the head was inside her, then lowered herself back onto his throbbing organ.