Common Login Problems

Common Login Problems

Telegram Login Help

...and how to fix them.

Several problems related to login can be troubleshooted without the help of Telegram support; here's information on some that you may be experiencing:

I didn't get a login code!

If you are logged in on another active device, we will send the login code to you via Telegram, and not SMS. Simply check one of the other devices you're logged in on. It should look something like this:

If you are unable to check another device, you can tap the "Haven't received the code?" button to request the code be sent via SMS instead. And if that doesn't go through for some reason, you can also choose to have one of our robot minions tell you the code via an old-fashioned phone call. And if that doesn't go through, contact us with your phone number.

"Too many attempts"

If you receive an error message along the lines of "Too many attempts, please try again later", it means that you have attempted to perform some sort of action (in most cases, trying to log in) too many times recently.

In the case of logging in, you must wait 24 hours before you can try again. If you want to find out the exact amount of time left, you can do so by going to, attempting to sign in, then tap the "show technical details" button. You'll see a message like FLOOD_WAIT_XXX, where XXX is the amount of seconds left before you're allowed to try again. If, after this amount of time, you cannot log in, please DM us on Twitter: @smstelegram. We are not able to manually change this limit for you, sorry; you must wait the 24 hours. So, chances are, if you message us about this, we might not even respond or just point you to this article. It's nothing personal, there's just nothing we can do -- sorry!

"But, please... I'm just trying to log in..."

We understand your pain, we truly do. Having to wait for so long to log in is really a pain in the... yeah. But there is literally nothing we can do. The Great Telegram Gods Above have not given us the power to reduce or eliminate this waiting period.

"Limit exceeded" or "Internal server error"

You'll see this message if you have deleted your account too many times recently. To remedy the issue, simply wait a couple of weeks before trying to sign up again.

"Banned phone number" or "Your phone was banned"

If your phone number was banned from signing up, and you believe that this decision was wrongfully made, please send us a DM on Twitter with your phone number: @smstelegram

General Issues

If you have issues that aren't related to login, we would be glad to take them, but please note we can only speak English and Russian. If you speak some other language, give one of these accounts a ping:

If you prefer to send the issue in private (most of these accounts don't have open DMs), you can contact your local support team. Find them in Telegram Settings > Ask a question!

Everything else

If you don't see your login issue listed here, please DM us on Twitter being sure to include your phone number and any screenshots that will help us assist you: @smstelegram

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