Coming Soon: A Song from My Story, a Story for My Song

Coming Soon: A Song from My Story, a Story for My Song

Do you remember a special song from your first school dance? The song on the car radio when you finally got to first base? The music playing when you lost your virginity? A standout song from the playlist for your road trip to spring break with someone that made the trip memorable? The music playing when you first realized you were in love? The first song you danced to as husband and wife? Music often plays a central role in our lives and our most significant life events.
Now, can you take that song and tell us a story that makes us feel what that song means to you?

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Here's more from the creator and organizer of this event carrteun:The challenge is to write an homage to music somehow important to you. Write a story inspired by a song, an album or CD, or any piece of music from your life. Perhaps it’s just a favorite tune that suggests a story idea. Music from an important or special moment. A song associated with an old friend you’ve not seen in years. Or even a tune that brings back a memory that makes you change the station the second you hear it. Odds are there’s music for it. Use it to to create something new and unique.

This is a challenge, not a contest. You may garner some fame, or maybe become infamous. But you won’t pad your bank account. Your story may, and probably will, get graded by some readers. But the stories won’t be ranked. There will be no challenge losers. The winners will be the readers that get to enjoy what you’ve created..
This event is open to all participants.

Please read all the rules and guidelines to make sure your work is included in this author challenge.

A Song from My Story, a Story for My SongOpen to all authors provided they read and understand the concept.
organizer: carrteun
challenge date: final anthology list posted on November 9th
submit your story: October 19-November 1st (stories submitted and posted)

Rules & Guidelines• This challenge is open to anyone that wishes to participate.• You must include the phrase "A Story for Your Song" in the "Notes to Admin" field so that Lit can find the stories and add them to the challenge.• Because this is a challenge - not a contest - you may enter your story in both this event and the Halloween Story Contest. (Be sure to read and follow the Halloween story contest rules once they are posted).• Stories can be submitted for any Literotica genre.• The song title can be used as the story title but doesn’t have to be.• Limit direct quotes from the song to no more than 2-4 lines total.• Use proper punctuation for any direct quotes.
Please see the Official A Song from My Story, a Story for My Song Support Thread if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to discuss the event with the participating authors.

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And a special thank-you to carrteun for creating and organizing this fun event.