Colombia's Coach Seems Unable to Play Against Korea

Colombia's Coach Seems Unable to Play Against Korea

[Women's World Cup] Colombia's coach seems unable to play against Korea... Discipline carried over 8 years ago

Colombia coach Nelson Abadia is unlikely to be able to sit on the bench in the first game of the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand against Korea.

According to the Korea Football Association on the 24th, coach Abadia was suspended during 먹튀검증

The 2015 World Cup in Canada for participating as a coaching staff for the Colombian women's team, and this discipline will be carried over to the first game of this World Cup.

The association announced that it had confirmed this to the Colombia Football Association this afternoon.

Colombia's first opponent is the Korean national team led by coach Colin Bell.

The match between the two teams kicks off at the Sydney Football Stadium at 11:00 am on the 25th in Korea time.

Coach Abadia participated in a pre-press conference held at the stadium on the 24th and said, "I have no doubt that the 23 players are the best players we have," and expressed confidence that "they are in the best preparation."

However, he did not specifically mention his disciplinary situation.

Dozens of Colombian reporters visited the press conference, but no questions were raised about the suspension.

Colombia, which participated in the 2015 tournament in Canada, lost 0-2 to the United States in the round of 16 and was eliminated.

The 2019 World Cup finals in France failed to step on the stage.

He advanced to the final of the Copa America (South American Football Championship) held last year and won the right to participate in this World Cup.

Abadia is the same person as the 'godfather' of Colombian women's soccer.

After joining the Colombian women's national team as a coaching staff in 2014, he was appointed official manager in 2017 and has been leading the team ever since.

Referring to Linda Caicedo (Real Madrid), a 'sacred star' born in 2005, who was present at the conference, Abadia coach looked back, saying, "It was in 2016-2017 that I gained faith that Colombian women's football would grow further."

"I felt that way while watching youth football at that time. Kaisedo was 12 years old at the time," he said.

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