Coitus Interruptus Ch. 02

Coitus Interruptus Ch. 02

Imagine, just after Christmas I got an invitation to attend a christening. It was the christening of my namesake, Gina and Gary's newborn son. Of course I was delighted I would see them again and more so the mother of this newest citizen who I still visualized while beating my meat. I wondered if the pregnancy had changed her appearance much. 

Well, soon I would know. 

I boarded the plane in Florida in a soft sunset now cooled off from the weather's heat and wended my way north. I arrived in Chicago in a lake affects snowstorm considered to be the season's worst. As I exited the aircraft I could hear the wind blowing and buffeting the walkway we were enclosed in. I was glad I brought a jacket but never having lived north of Virginia except to attend college in New England I was not at all ready for this Nor'easter.

Inside the terminal I spotted Gina but no sign of Gary or the babe. I hailed her, "Hi there, so good to see you again." I winked with a smile. "Married life doesn't seem to have changed you much, not even having a child. You are still slim and sexy."

"Well you would know, wouldn't you?" her eyes sparkled. She looked around grinning, "He's not here. We didn't think bringing the baby out in this weather was a good idea. Is that all you have for a jacket?" I nodded.

I gathered my belongings and we headed for the door. "It looked bad on approach. Is it that bad?" I shiver as she opens the door but I'm not at all ready for the blast that catches me. "Oh God, where is your car?" She points and we trudge into the weather. 

At least she has parked in a close by area so we arrive quickly and get inside out of the weather. "Is that all your luggage?" she asked.

"It's all I thought I would need for a few days. The christening is tomorrow, isn't it?" 

She nods as she starts the vehicle. "Were you surprised when I named him Jack? You know Gary wanted to call him Edward after his father, but I insisted since you introduced us." she grins, "and you did get in me before he did." she laughs.

"Gary or his father?"

"Jack!" You are terrible. Gary, of course." she chuckles "But his father is a handsome man. You will see him at the christening."

The plows have been through but the drifts are pilling up again on all the thoroughfares with the shifting winds. Even using fog lights and wipers it is near impossible to see much ahead of them. I make a comment. "We have to quit meeting like this in snow storms, my dear Gina."

"Jack, stop that. You know you make me wet when you do that. It's been a long time but it still affects me that way. Do you ever think about it."

I laugh, "It would embarrass you to know the answer to that one."

"You know I almost broke off with him after we had that night in the lodge. It's bothering me now to be so close to you. Perhaps it was a mistake to invite you or even name our child after you." We wait at a red light.

"I'm glad it bothers you too," I wave my hand to catch her attention and let her see the tent in my lap. She jerks ahead and thankfully the light has just changed. "We never did finish that session, did we?" I concluded.

She thinks about what I have said and fights the wheel. "I wish the plows were through here recently." she mutters. "And yes, it does still bother me. I wondered if it would but right from the time you came into the terminal I got wet. Does that do anything for your ego?"

"I don't know about my ego but my cock seems to find it stimulating. Oh Gina, I visualize you when I masturbate even yet. Watch it!" She swerves on a slippery spot and slides into a snowdrift. "Oh damn, are you alright?"

"I'm okay, just shaken." she studies me, "Can you drive?"

"I'm not sure in this weather. Let's pull in for a hot coffee at the next spot." He helps her climb over the console into his lap and she feels the hard object in his pants against her bottom. She turns slightly and their lips meet in a torrid tempest.

Breaking she whispers, "Damn coats and clothes. If we were anywhere else you would be inside me by now and I'd love it." She lifts up a bit and tries to pull her coat up reaching down between her legs to find me. "Damn! It won't work. Let's go for some coffee."

I move her over to the door and slide out from under her to go over the console and take the wheel. I ease it back watching for traffic. Soon we are on our way again and I watch for an open diner or coffee shop. I spot lights and it's an open service station with coffee shop. I pull in and we bail out running inside.

We have the counter to ourselves but have to behave because of customers in two booths. The waitress brings us hot coffee and we settle in to drink it. "Gina, do you want me to go back home? How will we behave if we are living in the same house a few days?"

"You can't go back. What would I tell Gary?" she pouts, "Besides I don't want you to go."

"If we hadn't already crossed the line back in that ski lodge we wouldn't have this dilemma now."

"If you hadn't introduced me to Gary it would be our son we would be celebrating now. I'm pretty sure of that."

They down their coffee and watch the storm roiling outside the windows. The storm seems to be getting worse and they see on the television it is indeed doing just that.

I ask the waitress, "How are you getting home tonight? That weather is almost closing the highways. They are already warning not to go out unless you have to."

She grins, "I live here upstairs. It's our family business." She rushes off to the till to collect from customers leaving.

"I guess we better give it a try, Gina. Do you want me to drive and you can give directions."

"Listen," she says. I hear the TV say the police have closed the highways into and out of the city and have restricted city traffic and parking. She goes on, "We just passed a motel and their vacancy sign was lighted. Let me call home and inform Gary." She adds, "At least see what he says."

"Make your call." I kept quiet as she made the call then greeted him when she handed the phone to me. "Good to hear your voice, buddy. I guess I could look out for her for the night if you think it's wise to stay where we are. We're not far from the airport." I returned the phone to her and she concluded her call.

We left the shelter of the service center and back tracked to the Best Western at O'Hare. Gina suggested that she register as the car was hers and she would tell them her husband was in the car with the baby. She grinned, "Since it's so obvious I am leaking breast milk." She rushed off inside.

Soon we had a room with a queen size bed and sofa for the baby. Gina laughed as she explained this to me. I caught her up in my arms and said, "Now for a proper greeting for you, sweetheart." and we kissed with tongues chasing tongues. Clothes began flying as our kiss continued and we broke when Gina started laughing.

"You can feel how wet I am all over. My tits are soaking my bra and my pussy is soaking my panties. Look what you do to this poor girl." She skipped back away from me and I saw what she meant since we were down to underclothes. Quickly she started folding clothes and deposited them on the sofa.

She came back to me, "I like what I do to you. That's the hardest I have ever seen and I've only seen three of them." She winks, "Gary's, yours and my father's when I peeked in on them having sex one night."

"One night?" I queried.

"Alright, maybe a few nights." she has approached me and is playing with my cock as she glances up coquettishly at me. "Mom used to make a lot of noise when she got it and even before so I had lots of warning," she chuckles.

I removed her bra and each breast was leaking a steady stream. I caught one in my mouth and she grabbed her bra to soak up the other one. She moved slowly to the bathroom with me attached and caught a towel to soak up the other one. "Do you like my milk?" I just nodded.

I steered her back to the bed and eased her back to remove her panties. My tongue started working on that end of her licking her vaginal outer lips to start and then her inner lips from her taint to almost her clit. She swung herself around so she could find my hardness with her mouth and we enjoyed a 69. I slipped one finger in then two to play with and eventually rub her G spot as my tongue uncovered her clit hood and found the bud hiding there. Quickly she went wild with a rushing fast orgasm that rocked her and sent her whimpering for more.

I obliged her whim and she had a few orgasms before we broke apart or she might have got me off. She was very good at sucking a cock so it was hard to believe she had such few opportunities to practice but she insisted it was true so I didn't argue. We try kissing passionately again and with only the towel between us it isn't long and I'm at the door nudging to come in.

"Oh Jack, I've wanted this so many times but it's not right. If we go farther will we regret it?"

"We'll never know if we don't go on." I push the head inside her and wait to see what she might say.

She grips my ass cheeks and pulls on them. "I need you!"

I slide in deep and we hold on feeling the moment and the anticipated movement that will soon consume us. I ease in deeper and fully insert myself feeling her slippery smoothness and vaginal muscles ripple in her hot channel.

I withdraw to thrust slowly inside her and she moves her hips to meet me then we speed up a bit and it feels so terrific we both sigh and laugh together. I bubble, "We have needed this so very long. This is a continuation of when we were once before in this position. This time we need to satisfy ourselves so this will no longer pester us."

"Do you think it will do that? I think I will still yearn for your touch. I'm AFRAID I will still yearn for your touch." She pushes up to me with an increase in speed and urgency. I can feel her tensing and slowly arching. Inside I feel her gripping and easing of pressure then gripping tight again as she heads into an explosive orgasm again.

The rippling of her walls and milking of my hard cock lead to a feeling of itch in my gut and tickle in my balls as semen shoots up my shaft and shoots deep inside Gina spreading out to seek her eggs. We remain connected for a while just enjoying our passion of being plugged in together.

She smooths and caresses my cheeks and lips as I hold her close. We chat quietly as we regain our breath and composure. She tells me of life in Chicago and I relate to her how my life is in Florida.

Soon we are kissing and it isn't long before we are involved in intercourse again. We take the time to really enjoy ourselves this time trying many positions. She finds she really likes rear entry the best since it leads to my cock rubbing on her G spot so we do the doggy style, the lap dance style and plain old side by side cupping her body with mine.

Of course I like missionary because I love to kiss her deeply while we engage our organs in mutual satisfaction. We don't get much sleep but it's not because we worry about the weather. We have forgotten the storm outside.

By the time my visit is over we are both satiated from occasions when we could get together alone. I returned to Florida with a feeling it was a closed chapter in my life and hope she could find the same peace.

Of course that was before I heard she was pregnant again.