Coinbase owes thousands of users CLAMcoins

Coinbase owes thousands of users CLAMcoins


First off let me say that I like and am a big fan of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over the past two years I have worked for a couple startups that were involved with cryptocurrency payments and processing including Coinbase and a smaller wallet company.

I do not currently work at a cryptocurrency focused company but I still follow the news. I have noticed that Segwit2x is coming soon and am excited about its potential.

The only reason I am writing this is because of what happened with Bitcoin Cash. I do not know the executives but I saw that Coinbase management almost did not give users the ability to have something that belonged to them. They have now said they will allow users to have access to Bitcoin Cash. They did the same thing with Ethereum Classic last year too.

I spoke with a couple of former colleagues that are still at Coinbase and told them to tell Brian and the rest of the management to come clean about other airdropped coins and forks that Coinbase users deserve to have. But it looks like they have not made any progress.

Specifically Coinbase should admit what they did with CLAMcoins. No one cares about this coin but in 2014 all users at Coinbase were given free CLAMcoins. But Coinbase did not tell users this. Instead Coinbase took those coins and sold them, keeping the money for themselves.

CLAMcoins are still around and no one still cares about them. But they are now at an all time high and these tens of thousands of users from 2014 are owed that money, maybe $50 each.

I am only writing this so that Coinbase will explicitly state how it will support future forks and airdrops and help disclose this information more quickly to users. And also reimburse users for any other coins they may have sold without telling the users.

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