CoinMetro 14th December 2018 AMA Notes

CoinMetro 14th December 2018 AMA Notes

AmaZix Team
Kevin’s live from Zurich today after meeting with some banks and conducing equity fundraisers!



#1. The EU Backs State-Owned Blockchain

  • Sovereign identity on the blockchain is a great use case. It’s quite difficult to achieve at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before some government gets on it.
  • Estonia has some inroads in this area. 
  • More regulation is necessary before we see it fully implemented.

#2. ICOs in Crisis, Running Out of Money With No Products

  • 2017 was a crazy year.
  • Lots of it was ideas “made out of air”. 
  • CoinMetro prepared, and in many cases, Kevin predicted these down swings. 
  • “I don’t like making predictions.” - Kevin Murcko
  • We needed this to happen at the end of the day, “sh*tcoins” need to go. 

#3. Crypto Exchange Binance Is Launching Its Own Blockchain – Will It Be the Next Ethereum?

  • It’s a logical step for many companies to build their own blockchain for specific use cases. 
  • I don’t know if they’re the best company to do it, from a broker/dealer standpoint. 
  • The financial industry at large uses standardized practices and tools. 

#4. Mastercard Patent Filing Outlines Way to Anonymize Crypto Transactions

  • MasterCard? Anonymize? Weird. 
  • At the end of the day, it’s not what most people think. 
  • What they want to do is anonymize the data when it’s in transit and in storage. 
  • They’re looking at ways to safeguard data. 

#5. Cryptocurrency founders show true love for their start-ups with tattoos of company logos

  • “I love my company, not sure I’m ready to tattoo it on my ass.” - Kevin Murcko
  • True love, or publicity?
  • If John McAfee wants to tattoo CoinMetro on his forehead, have at it.

#6. Crypto Exchange Kraken to Plan Private Offering After ‘$4 Billion’ Valuation

  • This one was surprising. 
  • If you look at the volumes Kraken does, what they charge, the amount of clients they have, YOY volume, the fact that they don’t have additional revenue streams. 
  • It seems really awesome for CoinMetro. 
  • Kevin’s skeptical about that valuation. 
  • Private offering among the client base? Seems oddly familiar. ;-)

#7. Bitcoin-Friendly Revolut Receives European Banking License, Aims to be ‘Amazon of Banking’

  • Bitcoin-friendly here is a bit of misnomer, because you can buy Bitcoin on Revolut but you can’t do much with it except sell it back. 
  • It’s a business model that CoinMetro wants to emulate to a certain extent.

#8. Venezuelan Government Paying Old Age Pensions in Petros, Without People’s Consent

  • This is crazy.
  • “This Petro thing is just complete and utter horse sh*t”
  • A country with failing governance has created a b/s token on someone else’s blockchain. 
  • If anyone is still behind the Petro thing, they need to have their head examined. 
  • This is a play by a scam artist, to scam more money from one of the poorest countries in the world. 

#9. Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange is Launching a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange

  • Solaris Bank is part of this one. 
  • These guys are going to come into the market, and no one is going to stop them from doing it. 
  • They’re after a different market than we are.
  • Most retail clients don’t trade on stock exchanges. 
  • Their goal is a tokenization of assets, and they want to get in now to play around with tokens and understand the technology.
  • CoinMetro is still going to be a retail-focused brand, that will bring these traceable instruments to a much larger audience.

#10. ‘Basis’ Stablecoin Calls it Quits, Returns Funds to Investors: "The company announced that regulatory concerns had put an insurmountable roadblock in their plans." 

  • Stable coins: kind of a joke.
  • At least they returned funds.
  • B2B settlements are one of the few good uses cases for stable coins.
  • Ripple is the best fill for this use case.
  • CoinMetro has no plans for a stable coin.

“If you have a great idea, fight for it!” - Kevin Murcko


How do you feel about going live at this time?

  • There’s no reason to be nervous in life, you just do it!
  • We do expect some bugs, we’ll fix them, and move on. 
  • UI/UX will be the last thing we fix. 
  • Bitcoin/Euro is the plan for Monday. 

FDIC equivalent in Estonia?

  • The entire EU has the same type of insurance across all countries in the EU.
  • There are limits on each segregated account.
  • Up to a certain point they are insured. 
  • We’re working with one of our liquidity providers to provide an authorized representative EMI license.
  • This will allow us to use an insurance that’s provided by this company to their clients to insure each and every individual SEPA account. 
  • Once that’s set, it’ll change the scene a bit.

Minting XCM and voting

  • “I like to vote and see what people are thinking.”
  • It’s about making the right decision.
  • At the end of the day, it helps Kevin see what the clients want.

Is Beta a disaster?

  • Not at all! 
  • The first launch of any platform is not going to be perfect.
  • There are obviously bugs, and most of them have been fixed, in regards to the matching engine.
  • All of this will get better over time as more people use the platform.
  • The important part, which is the matching engine, works well.

Crypto Loans?

  • Kevin doesn’t like that market. 
  • Most of these companies are loaning out up to 50% of the crypto value in fiat. 
  • And then the loan principle is usually paid back in crypto. 
  • Depending on where the market swings, especially if you’re not hedged- it could be trouble. 
  • “I don’t see where it provides any value to anyone.”

PAMM/TAM Accounts

  • On the FX side, some of the PAMMs have gotten hit pretty hard.
  • Each PAMM has a different risk parameter and is spelled out in a straightforward way.
  • Retail-managed accounts will almost always be high risk.
  • “People try to chase the profits, and they really end up chasing losses.”

Advice for trading in a Bear Market

  • Always the same rule: sit on your hands.
  • Devise a system. 
  • When you have a plan, and it’s worked on back testing or demo testing, don’t get off the plan.
  • If you’re in a terrible trade, and you’re about to hit your stop-loss, take the loss. Because you’ve programmed the loss. 
  • You always need to be ready for the next day. 

What does 2019 hold for Ethereum?

  • Ethereum reached its lofty heights based on the back of an ICO bubble that we will never see again.
  • That’s not to say ETH can’t reach those heights again, but it needs to show a use case to show that value. 
  • It’s very hard to put a value behind the processing of smart contracts
  • At the end of the day, 2019 for ETH will see a huge range.

Will fiat on and off-ramps be available at launch?

  • Yes. EURO in the SEPA zone.
  • Credit Cards yes, in multiple currencies. Bank Transfers EUR in the SEPA Zone.
  • Day 1 will be BTC/EUR. 
  • As quickly as possible, there will be more currencies. 
  • Fees (€1k example): SEPA transfer, €1. 
  • If you’re doing that over a credit card inside the EU 2.99%, outside the EU 4.99%

Liquidity for Exchange

  • No ball park regarding liquidity.
  • It’s by the gut, seeing how the orders roll in. 


How is Fundraising going?

  • Fundraising is going, some commitments here and there. 
  • We’re close to a first few confirmations. 
  • CoinMetro will survive 100%. 

Marketing, new customers.

  • This is the reason we build an ecosystem that’s not just about crypto trading.
  • From the crypto side it’s easy: we pay makers. Why wouldn’t you come here and make money with limit orders? It’s a no brainer.
  • In Tallinn we’ve been doing test cases with billboards and airport gates, and we plan on taking these globally in due time. 
  • The Ambassador program that will be multi-faceted. 

New listings outside of ERC20 

  • “Our entire wallet system is based on Bitgo, so anything they can list in their wallet infrastructure, we can list on our exchange.”
  • That’s going to change, it’s one of the first things we’re going to be working on after margin trading and margin lending features are live.

Will US clients have fiat gateways. 

  • You can send EUR via SEPA, from the US at least from day 1, no. 
  • We’re working on additional payment methods. 
  • You can use USD from credit cards, from anywhere in the world.

Debit Cards

  • We have been back and forth with multiple providers.
  • When it comes to Debit Cards, one provider may have access to 3-4 countries, another to 8, etc.
  • We require multiple providers in order to be all-encompassing.
  • There are risks involved. 
  • Solaris bank 2-3 regions, will have more in 2019. 


  • Q2-Q3 2019 launch window.
  • The team is working with a law firm in Estonia on this. 
  • TAM and ETCF are highly reliant on regulation. 
  • The TAM will probably launch first. 

Public API

  • It should be released sometime before the end of February 2019. 

CoinMetro News Publication based on the coins on the platform?

  • There is an SEO idea/product that will essentially be this.

When will margin lending/trading be ready?

  • The work has started, and it’ll most likely be ready sometime after Q1 2019. 
  • Margin lending will start first. 


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