Coffee Shop - Memoirs Pt. 02

Coffee Shop - Memoirs Pt. 02

07:00AM a text wakes me up buzzing on my bedroom floor.

I look to one side of my bed and know I am alone, gradually my arm and hand makes my way to the floor where I try to find it without looking. Suddenly I remember who it could be and bolt up to find my phone.

Text says - "Hey so last night was fun. Loved your idea of the hot coffee dripping down my naked body. I've got an idea for later. I hope you stay to your promise! Actually only do it once as I want plenty for me later. ;)"

I quickly take my naked butt out of the bed and just open the curtains not caring who will see me. I open so quickly that my eyes have to readjust and I immediately see her serving her first customer of the day, she looks up to see me completely naked. I just stand there not even ashamed looking at her in the most sluttiest t-shirt and apron combination that you have ever seen. I can see right down her top and what it looks like is that she's only wearing shorts.

My cock begins to twitch and grow from what I'm looking at. I guess if I want to have some cum left for tonight I'd better stroke one out right now.

I grab my jacket and pull out her knickers. There they are used and actually really quite nice underwear. I wrap them around my cock and start to stroke myself looking out the window a little hidden from view.

She looks up as a customer comes in, she glances at my nakedness and smiles then starts to serve the guy who is clearly checking her out.

I can see her flirting and being extra slutty bending over showing off her assets and giggling at the key. Putting the pen in her mouth and twisting it around. Playing with her hair and then gently sucking on the pen sliding it in her mouth a little bit more that normal.

The guy gives her some money and then as she is at the cash register giving back some change she then squeezes her breasts in-between her arms making them pop out a little bit.

I was so hard and stroking so fast. I was making all kind of noises and didn't care, fuck I'm so turned on right now.

She turns and makes the coffee. I see her ass and the guy behind the counter is getting an eye full as well. I'm so on the brink and so badly wanting to cum.

She turns again and gives him the coffee cup squeezing her breasts and bending over a little as she does, she giggles and then starts to play with her hair as the guy leaves.

She looks up at me and flashes her breasts at me which set me off cumming.

I stand there with my hand slammed against the window orgasming, groaning so loudly and shooting my load so hard. Dripping cum everywhere, shooting it throughout the knickers and onto the floor.

Another customer walks into the shop but her eyes are fixed on me. I open my eyes as I squirt the last of my cum into the panties and our eyes lock. I see her getting turned on, then remembering where she is and start to serve the girl who came in.

I begin to clean up my cock wiping as much as I can of the huge load onto the panties.

I go to my room and get dressed, even though I'm working from home today all mainly phone calls and sorting out paperwork I still feel the need to get dressed as if makes me more productive. I want to be naked though embracing her, I want to have her here all day and all night. I want her.

17:00 I look across at her still in that outfit and the light is dimming as sunset sets in. I want her up here right now, but know that she doesn't clock off until 7.

I've just finished for the day and start to get a little bit bored. I stand there in my suit unzip my pants, pull out my cock and begin to play with the tip.

Watching her as her breasts to bounce around, her ass just clench as she makes the coffee. How she flirts with every guy there that comes in.

I catch her look up at me, and then as the last customer leaves she rings me.

I grab my phone and answer.

"Hello you" I say so turned on again my voice is very low and suggestive.

"Hey, you're not going to cum again are you?" she says bending over the counter revealing more breast and a little nipple.

"No no, although if you keep doing that maybe I won't be able to control myself." My cock twitches so much that a little bit of precum squirts out.

"Well I'll have to clock off a little bit early, give me 30mins and I'll be over, no one comes in anyways after 5 30ish anyways. I'd just be stood her in this little outfit all alone, wet and bored."

The word "wet" as she said it makes me want to cum again, just how she said it makes me want to squirt my load as an instant trigger of pure orgasmic bliss.

She continues. "I'm thinking you've got a basement don't you? I'm guessing it's a bit secluded down there, lets meet there and bring some ties."

She hangs up on me and then places her phone on the side bending over she starts to take off her shorts and then her knickers revealing her bare arse. She then brings up her shorts again without her knickers, as she does she spreads her legs slipping a finger into her pussy, I start to stroke faster as she pulls her fingers out and then sucks on it licking all the juices.

She then grabs her knickers from the floor and puts them into her apron pocket and then starts to clean up around her knowing I'm watching her.

I look at her now rock hard sliding my hand down the shaft watching her bend over and reveal her arse cheeks, sometimes without her knowing a glint of her pussy as the small part of her shorts slips to one side.

I have to look away as my desire just to go down there grab her and fuck her against that counter is extremely over whelming.

I pop my cock back in my trousers and make my way down to the basement with 4 ties in hand.

My basement is all but a garage really. I don't really own a car mainly borrow works if I need to. There is a door and a private entrance to my garage which is very nice. I guess if you screamed you couldn't be heard, unless of course you were in the other garage next door to me, I guess it's how loud you want to be.

I clear away a little bit but there is an inversion table, a few boxes of junk, loads of cardboard boxes, and several old chairs.

I push everything to the side and drop the ties on the boxes and then go outside and wait for her on the street.

I stand there waiting patiently as I notice she has one last customer, the guy is pretty hot and chatting her up. I don't blame him, she is phenomenal to look at.

The guy from what I can see has a semi on and rummages around in his pocket for a business card and passes it to her. She grabs it and out the corner of her eye seems me across the street looking at her with a massive smile. She quickly hides the card and puts in the same place as her wet knickers.

She cleans up and flips the sign to "Closed" disappears into the back for a good 5mins and returns with a skimpy but stylish black skin tight dress. I watch her open the door and then bend over to lock up, my cock twitch and start to grow.

She runs across the road and right into, jumping as she does grabbing my waist with he legs and planting her lips on my lips while wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I feel the heat from her pussy and the wetness coming through.

She whispers in my ear "It drove me crazy watching you watching me. You cumming this morning was so hot I wanted to lick all of that spunk off your cock and then slide it inside me."

With that I just couldn't stop it but I wanted to fuck her right now. I wanted to slide my cock into her pussy slamming her right against the brick wall and pounding her but I knew we couldn't although so easy to do right now as it is a quiet street.

She gets down off me and I lead her to the basement without me saying anything, I open up and let her in.

"I want you to tie me up" She turns to my inversion table and pulls it into the middle of the room and gets on it. "Do you have any candles?" she spreads her legs while putting the lock on locking it into a V shape for her to get on.

I rummage around some boxes and find some long candles and matches, next to that some rope. Almost conveniently too much of a coincidence but right place right time.

I grab the rope and know what to do.

I stand in front of her silent wrapping the rope around my knuckles and slowly approach her naked body.

She trembles from the silence, just hearing my footsteps.

Her eyes are down looking at my feet watching them in the still slowly moving up with a kinky smile undressing me. She stops at the bulge in my trousers and giggles, looks straight up and bites her bottom lip. My cock just twitching by that sexy look, head tilted down and eyes looking up at me.

I can't resist but get close to her my chest in her face. My shirt unbuttoned and my after shave wafting out to her. I can see her eyes looks right at my face as she stands still with a cheeky grin appearing.

My cock is so tight in my pants right now wanting to burst out, I'm so close to her that is keeps brushing her stomach as I wrap the rope around her right wrist tightly and then move to her left stretching the rope even tighter around the arms and wrists. 

I then move down to her ankles fixing her feet to the side bars lifting her legs up spreading them to each side exposing her pussy glistening in the darkness. Wet and ready to be fucked or rather in this case teased.

Securing her so she can't move. I move the table so she is slightly vertical and slide my head down in-between her thighs and start to lick around her pussy lips sending her into a spasm wanting me just on her clit.

I move away. I take my time finding the candle and matches, leaving her mind to wonder.

She hears a match strike illuminating the room as it catches the candles wick and flickers around her and moves towards her.

I stand by the side of her and start to lick her breasts and nipples as I slowly move the candle into position and drips over her sending her into spasm of pain and pleasure.

I start to flick her nipple with my tongue as the wax drips in small drops down her chest splashing everywhere and as it hardens dripping down her to her stomach.

She flinches in so much pain on each and every drop.

I'm so hard by this point and just wanting to slide my cock inside her, so I move around to her legs letting the drips splash and harden around her thighs sending her into a squirming and squealing.

She looks at me as I blow the candle out and drop it down smashing onto the floor. I know those eyes and she needs to cum.

I readjust the table so that her pussy is now at my bulge. I unzip trousers and unclip my belt dropping them with my pants to the floor. My cock so hard just rubbing against her clit accidentally slips down and into her dripping we pussy.

I rock back and forth entering her fully and deep then slowly sliding out completely then back in again. Making her squirm and groan.

I get quicker and quicker as I feel my cock swell and her pussy tighten.

I withdraw after a few minutes of enjoying her warm wetness and her enjoying my long and pulsating, throbbing cock.

I kneel down and let her have my lips on her lips, flicking her clit with my tongue and moving my lips over hers I slip a finger into her and curl up to find her g-spot.

Her whole body just tenses up as I get faster and faster. Flicking to and forth with my tongue and faster sliding another finger inside I feel her tighten.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" she says as she lets out a massive squeal and her body tenses so much it begins to shudder.

She starts to scream out load as I feel her cum on my fingers and my face starts to get more juicier. Oh she is cumming alright and it feels so good.

I stop as she goes quiet and her body all limp.

"I'm not finished with you!" I say as I stand back up to her dripping we pussy.

I slide in and her eyes roll back as I pound her hard. My cock is so thick and pulsating right now. I'm so horny I just pound her wanting to cum.

She is such a sight. Wax hard on her chest down her stomach to her thighs. Sweat dripping off her and so much wetness from her pussy. 

Slamming into her harder and harder watching her breasts bounce and her hair float around her face.

"Fuck, oh FUCK!" she hears me say as I'm almost there.

"Cum inside me." she shouts out as I pound her harder and faster feeling her tighten and me just swell. "Cum in me!" she says again as I start to shoot my load right into her. Oh fuck it felt so good.

I withdraw and cum starts to drip out her pussy mixing with her juices. I stand there in bliss looking at her enjoying what I see, my cock still spurting of the last bits of cum.

I begin to untie her from the table, and hand her the dress that she was wearing.

We stand there in bliss as we get dressed and tidy up, but we both say nothing knowing that this is a moment to enjoy. She giggles a little and just looks at me with a massive smile on her face

As I pick up the candle on the floor I hear the door open. As I turn she was gone never to be seen again.

If I had known that it was the last time I'd see or hear from her I would have savoured the moment by holding her. 

I tried her number but nothing and over the next weeks and months she never went back to that coffee place ever again. I'll only have my memories of this day but it was an amazing and crazy couple of days.