Codename: Trail of Samsara

Codename: Trail of Samsara


About a half year ago I was completely annoyed by looking for a more-less playable MMORPG and I didn't found anything. Most of modern MMORPGs are not an MMO at all, in addition lot of games become p2w or just have crappy mechanics.

So, as a programmer (10+ years web development), I decided to start learning game development with long-term goal to build "an ideal MMORPG".

And I can say I don't care about pets, mounts, animations and so on – all such things are purely cosmetic and has nothing to do with MMORPG in fact.

Of course, it's nice to have high-end graphics, but it's optional thing for MMORPG, in my opinion.

So, I have focused on some unique mechanics while faced to more-less classic RPG gameplay in general.

To the moment, I still need to design some of those mechanics (and I'm looking for people for discuss/brainstorm those mechanics from the implementation side). While I'm learning game dev, I have started few small game projects to gain exp and in teh best case build a team and earn some money to start real development of the MMORPG project.

A prototype of one of my small projects after ~4-6 hours of development.

Key features which I believe will make this the perfect MMORPG:

- it's MMO, so it must have single world, with no instances/channels/shards/whatever modern BS.

- living world (it's a new kind of games, kind of "open world" + "sandbox" + steroids) where the world reflect players action and interact with player on any level from NPC chat to large-scale politics.

- Completely custom skills (in best case player will be able to make any imaginable ability, with some RPG/progression restrictions of course).

Basically, that's it. I have tons of smaller features and details for those above, but in general – that's all basics.

Why do I say I don't care about cosmetic stuff – because any of those key mechanics could be wrapped into any graphics, any lore/story, even any theme (while I'd prefer high-fantasy style).

And optional goal: make it suitable for VR. Right now it may sounds superfluous, but MMORPG development takes at least several years and I believe VR will be much more common at that time. Besides, it's a great marketing feature :-)

Unfortunatelly, anyone who can be really interested in such project, already has "own mmorpg" idea in mind and don't want to help with some other's project... So after several monthes I still didn't found anyone really interested to work on it more than few messages in a discussion.

p.s. and I have a discord channel if anyone interested!