Codename: Mass Guardians

Codename: Mass Guardians


An MMO project is always complex thing, especially large-scale MMORPG. So, for now I'm working on a small project to gain experience and maybe make a team.

The project with codename "Mass Guardians" is a shoot-em-up top-down single player game in a fantasy theme with controlling multiple characters by player.

My goal is to make a mix from "Battleheart" and "Crimsonland" games.

The Battleheart game has unique feature about controlling whole group at the same time and it makes the game pretty interesting and allows players to try lot of different play styles, depending on party members' classes.

And the Crimsonland has very fast-paced gameplay with tons of enemies, different weapons, perks and power-ups.

So, for Mass Guardians I'm going to implement similar group controls and some RPG features, such as classes, progression and skills; and the same time I'd like to see a fast-paced "survival" gameplay.

And here is how it looks right now, in very early stage of development:

Just to imagine how much still remains to be done, here is the current Roadmap (green checks are completed items)

If you're interested – join my Discord server! There are channels both for the "Mass Guardians" and "Samsara" projects.