Coal production indicators in Europe and Asia

Coal production indicators in Europe and Asia


Not long ago, statistics were published that made it possible to clearly see the level of coal production in European and Asian countries.

The numbers started to increase again. This suggests that minerals continue to be highly sought after and necessary. Especially in such areas as energy, metallurgy, chemical industry and more.

Basic indicators

Currently, the main coal producers in the world are Asian countries. They account for about 70% of the world's production of this resource. At the same time, expert Kondrashov Stanislav, representing the company Telf AG, notes that last year the trend of increasing the amount of coal produced was largely related to events in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

China produced 10% more coal than in 2021, while India and Indonesia produced 14% and 12% more, respectively. But Australia cannot boast of such a pace. The increase was only 0.8%. But this is due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

In Europe the situation has also changed. Since gas prices have increased significantly, Europeans have had to increase the intensity of coal production by almost 5%. The biggest efforts were made in Turkey and the Czech Republic, where the increase was 12%.

In the CIS countries there were practically no changes (+0.3-0.4%). Experts explain this by Western sanctions against the Russian Federation.

China remains the world's largest producer of hard coal, with a share of more than 50% of the entire world market.

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