CoVID-19 | India Ops

CoVID-19 | India Ops

We stand with everyone who work on the front lines.


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The data collected and curated is just an aggregation of all the non-personally identifiable information reported by states. While we give our fullest to make sure that the data is its best condition, please consider the dynamic nature of the situation when you make your final validations.


Any on or off field activity, which is beyond digital interaction, by any of the group members is strongly discouraged and condemned. Always stay safe and follow the instructions of your local authorities.

Any such activity done by any group members, should be taken up at their own discretion. We, admins of this group, are not responsible for any mishap or damage done to and by these volunteers.

Report cases using this Google Form!

Hey there! Welcome aboard! :)

Current volunteering activities in action :

Hi Everyone! This Ops group had to be frozen, but lot of activity has been going on in the background!

This started of couple of week back just as a simple tracker. Now, we have so many active volunteers contributing in various domains.

Below is a summary of the activities that are going on so that everybody has visibility:

1. The data operations team

This team is the engine that keeps collecting news and updating details of the patients as soon as it's verified. They duly track state bulletin releases and official twitter handle for news. The form responses made by the community is also verified and updated by this team. You can contribute to their work by reporting verified news reports regarding a COVID-19 case in India by making a form submission here. Please do have a look at our sources considered.

2. The dev team:

They are actively making changes to the website for added functionality. There are more than 30 active contributors on the project with 300+ forks. This response is genuinely overwhelming! :)

Please check out our repositories here.

You can see the main website roadmap here.

For discussions regarding the development of the website and other functionalities, you can join the dev TG group here

3. Social team

They are conducting awareness campaigns, myth-busting and producing videos in vernacular languages and taking care of our Social Media presence! Please follow us on Twitter for spreading the messages of awareness. If you have content that will help the cause and would like to join this work, contact us through the form. (Don't forget to mention your TG username :) )

4. Folding@Home and Rosetta

A small group of volunteers have started running the software. It may not directly lead to the cure for COVID19, but should contribute in some way. You can join our Folding@Home team and try to your small part. More details here.

5. Science/Research

This is a discussion group for analysis and medicine related topics. We will try to derive smaller teams working on specific problem from here. If you have more ideas, please reach out us using the Contact Us form

6. Economics

A group of economists and enthusiasts have started to have discussions regarding several questions regarding economy. We will try to showcase their insights and studies later in our website soon! Ideas in discussion can be viewed here.

7. eConsult:  

We are trying to build a solution to enable a large number of doctors who can provide their consultations from home. It's allowed by government to be done by licensed medical doctors. Soon, we would give a shout out for all the doctors who would pro-bono take consultations and other doctors who are on furlough. Also we would need a dedicated set of developers who would like to work on this. If you are interested in design and development, please use the Contact Us form below.

There are several more groups apart from these that are not listed here. Thanks a lot for all the contributions!

For anything else - suggestions, complaints, collaborations, corrections, please Contact Us through this Google Form.

Since the Telegram Group is growing larger, we have created this channel to provide future updates : Please do join!

About Us & Our Vision

We are an Open Source community driven project run by enthusiastic folks like yourself who are volunteering selflessly to support India through this crisis.

We are building a strong community to collaborate and support our nation during this crisis. 

For this, we have built a website to provide real time and accurate data of CoVID-19 spread in India from various reliable sources.

Rather than just the few numbers on the website, we are trying to create a rich data-set of the patients that will be helpful during containment and mitigation efforts.

We, volunteers, are running this show purely pro-bono. Only donate your time to help us all survive this pandemic!


Psst: Here's the main(locked) Telegram group, join ONLY if you wish to contribute.