CloakCoin is coming to iOS thanks to new Pip Wallet and Windscribe partnership.

CloakCoin is coming to iOS thanks to new Pip Wallet and Windscribe partnership.

Privacy Express

🌱 Meet Pip: Private instant payments

Coming soon to iOS and Android, Pip Wallet is the flagship product from Privacy Express, a Sydney based venture studio focused on privacy tech.

Pip is an open platform designed to enhance digital payment methods by preventing personal data from compromising privacy at the point of checkout.

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Consumers don’t want the risk and inconvenience of handing over personal information and payment details at the checkout. Pip is designed to make privacy the more convenient choice by embracing emerging instant payment standards supported by Google, Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft.

How Pip works:

  1. Checkout: Use instant checkout from our in-wallet browser. No checkout forms, just select preferred payment method thanks to emerging internet wide W3C standard.
  2. Payment: Review checkout and submit payment with convenient biometric transaction signing. Payment confirmations received at disposable emails within Pip Wallet for each purchase.
  3. Goods: Digital items claimed directly from in-app email, or use Pip for verification to receive physical goods. Rest assured you've got the blockchain for proof of purchase and your personal data is kept private and safe.

Check out Pip Wallet website here.

👻 Pay with crypto, not your privacy

You’ll soon be able to pay instantly with cryptocurrencies, without handing over any personal information — future support for traditional payments too.

In the meantime, CloakCoin, Pip and Windscribe are giving you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to shop online anonymously.

Proceeds help fast track development for the upcoming Pip Wallet launch.

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That’s it, a taste of what’s coming from Pip and new standards already implemented in popular Brave, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers. 

Pip Wallet’s in-built browser and seamless integration with others, will bring you the future of e-commerce, while keeping your data safely in your hands.

Pip is currently under development by Privacy Express and Chainsulting – coming soon to iOS and Android. 🚀

PS. We are huge fans of Windscribe's No BS Privacy Policy.