Cleaning Pet Pee From Your Upholstery

Cleaning Pet Pee From Your Upholstery

Marks Upholstery Cleaning

Pets can create nuisance anywhere inside and our house, pet pee makes the sofa unsuitable for use in long run. Not only this their sharp claws also damage fibres.

How to take care of upholstery in presence of pets? Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne suggests to be more careful about your upholstery if you are having pets at home. It is important to neutralize the odour to avoid embarrassment and to prevent your pet from becoming a repeated offender because its pets habit to pee where they had previously urinated. 

Here is a Guide that will Help you to Eliminate Pet Pee from your Upholstery:

  • The best way to get rid of pet pee is to clean it immediately as you spot it because as long as the pee sits, the worse stench it can become. Cheap upholstery cleaning service states that the condition worsens when the smell gets concentrated over time if left as such.
  • Blot the pee with the help of paper towels as much as you can because once it gets dried once it cannot be seen but its smell can irritate you.
  • Next, take an automatic carpet cleaner with a suitable attachment and vacuum the affected area. Upholstery Cleaning Dandenong states that you may have to vacuum the area several time as the pee settles inside. Use a carpet cleaning solution and scrub if required.
  • Pet pee gets easily treated with enzymatic cleaners. These cleaners have enzymes that helps to break down uric acid in the pee and thus makes their removal easy. For treatment soak the stain with the enzymatic cleaner allow it to sit and here the stain gets vanished along with its smell too.
  • Best upholstery cleaning states that vinegar is the best household ingredient to treat pet pee. Vinegar is known to have odour combating properties and also helps to kills bacteria produced due to pee. For treatment make a mixture of one part of white vinegar and three parts of warm water, pour it over the stain, let it sit and then blot it with paper towels. Vacuum as usual. Repeat if required. 
  • Marks Upholstery Cleaning advice to use 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. Dab the stain with it and see it fading in front of your eyes. 

Use baking soda to remove pee smell from the upholstery. For treatment just sprinkle it on the affected area, leave for some time and vacuum a usual.

Following the above simple tricks will make your upholstery always shining bright and loutrous.