City of Corona

City of Corona

The city of Corona has been popular among celebrities drawn to its upscale areas and relative privacy compared to Los Angeles. Desi Arnaz spent time at their ranch, located in north Corona, and played golf often at Cresta Verde Golf Course in the northeastern section of the city. After their divorce, Mr. Arnaz continued to live in Corona.

We will now take some time out to talk about car loan and how it works

Your Car Must be Paid Off in Full

Car Loans your car as collateral. Therefore, you must own your car. If you still have payments to make on your vehicle, then the car’s car is still held by the bank or financing company and you won’t be able to use it to get a car loan.

You must have Car Insurance

In order to get a car loan, your vehicle must be insured.

Car Equity May Depend on the Wholesale Value of the Vehicle

In many cases, the amount of the loan that you will be able to get will be based on the wholesale value of your vehicle. This means that higher value vehicles and vehicles that are in better condition will likely be able to get you a larger loan amount.

Ownership must be under the Borrower’s Name

The car needs to be in your name in order for you to use it as collateral for a loan. You are not able to use a vehicle that is under someone else’s name for a car loan, even if you are the primary driver of the vehicle. It has to be your car.

Once the loan has been repaid, the car is returned to the owner. You are able to continue driving the vehicle while you are paying for the loan and you do not lose access to the car as long as you keep up your loan payments.

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