Chubby Tales part 3

Chubby Tales part 3


But no I'm not gay. So congratulations to you, you're now all caught up with our story.

I woke up one morning feeling pretty bad for what I had done to Paul. I know that we are not officially a couple but I still shouldn't have slept with my professor.

I didn't have class that day so I decided to do something special for him. I went to a crossdresser friendly store to pick out a naughty outfit. I think he would really like me wearing a nice satin teddy or something like that. I will also grab a nice looking wig some Stockings and to complete the outfit a pair of high heels, if I can learn to walk in them before tonight.

I found a very nice red Teddy,matching red stockings and some pretty open toed heels. They were only 2 inches high and I can easily walk in them.

As I was going through the store aisles making sure that I had everything I needed, I started to notice an older man watching me. He had to be about 45 years old. He was a white guy with Sandy Brown hair about 6'4".

I looked over at him and said "Is there something wrong sir " 

He looked back at me with a nice friendly smile on his face and said "O know nothing wrong, I work here and was wondering if you needed help finding what you're looking for" 

I returned his friendly smile and replied "I'm actually looking for some red lipstick to go with this outfit I'm buying." 

He quickly responded with "let me show you everything we have to offer" As he led me over to the make up section of the store I could definitely fill his eyes all over my body. As we slowly made our way over to the make up section we Made little small talk about the store, He told me that his name is Glenn and that he had always wanted to open a store for people who live alternative lifestyles and he was glad he could help the community. 

As we got to the make up counter he reached for a nice shade of red lipstick and said, "this shade of red lipstick should go perfectly with your teddy and heals." I told him thank you and then he asked me a question that actually startled me.

" Are you out to everyone?" It was weird, I really didn't know how to answer that question. But I did the best that I could.

" You see Glenn, It's like this. "I'm not gay,I just have this guy and we just do our own thing I'm not really gay." 

Glenn looked at me with a very puzzled and confused look on his face then replied "Whatever you need to tell yourself, but you're beautiful no matter what you are. The dressing rooms are over there. You probably should try all that stuff on before you buy it."

That was very sweet of him to say that I was beautiful, Paul nor the professor have ever told me that I was beautiful before and it kind of made me feel a little special. As I slipped on my teddy and then the stockings I couldn't help feel more and more turned on. Images of Glenn fucking me were racing through my head.

I thought to myself "no, no, no," you have to put that thought out of your head. Yes Glenn is a nice guy and he has a nice smile but Paul cares about you and you don't want to ruin that. 

As I slipped on my heels and straightened my wig I slowly turned around in the dressing Room looking to see myself in the mirror. But there wasn't a mirror to be found. Soon I heard Glenn's voice call from outside of the dressing room. 

"Sorry I don't have a mirror in the dressing rooms you'll have to come out on to the sales floor if you want to see yourself."

I really did want to see what I looked like but I didn't wanna go out into a store wearing just lacy red underwear And high heels. Really that was the only choice I had, other than buying everything sight unseen.

I slowly opened the door to the dressing room. As my eyes scanned the store it appeared to be completely empty of customers. The only people in the store was myself and Glenn. Actually I didn't even see Glenn I only knew he had to be there somewhere because he wouldn't just abandon his store.

I started to walk out into the seemingly deserted store confidently with the sexiest walk I could muster in my new heels. As I got to the mirror I did a little turn to try and see how the teddy made my ass look. As I slowly turned back around I was startled when I saw Glenn standing there right by the mirror.

He said " Wow, whoever this guy is you are going to see tonight is one lucky man.He gets the privilege of enjoying such a sexy Brown Godess." 

I was almost blushing at this point I couldn't believe how nice he was being. Before I could say thank you he said that there was only one thing he would change about my outfit. I told him that I would be willing to listen to any suggestions he had.

He had Me face the mirror and then got right behind me very close and wrapped his arms around me and cupped my firm man breast. then said, " When you wear something like this you always want your nipples to be nice, hard and perky." 

Glenn was now pinching pulling and twisting my nipples through the soft silky fabric of my teddy.

" Glenn no I'm sorry you can't do this I'm Not gay and even if I was gay I'm kind of with Paul." 

Glenn Turned me towards him, his hand still fully cupping my breast and twisting My nipples. Glenn then looked at me with lust in his eyes and said "I don't wanna have sex with you, I just need to Suck these big beautiful breasts of yours. I know you want me to, I can see the bulge in your teddy."

He wasn't lying having him twist and pull my nipples was turning me on. And I really did wanna feel his warm wet mouth slobbering all over my big tits. I didn't say anything to him I just slowly pulled the straps down off of my shoulders and let the teddy fall to the floor

As Glenn got a full view of my big full breast, his mouth began to water with saliva. Without saying a word his mouth opened wide and he took my right nipple into his mouth. He began sucking furiously like a hungry child. His teeth began to clamp down into my hard nipple. He then reached up with his hand and grabbed My other breast roughly pinching and squeezing. This was such a big turn on for me, I have gotten my nipples sucked on before but nothing like this, nothing with such force and such passion. Glenn was moaning loudly as he sucked and licked my tits. My cock was rock hard from having this guy sucking my man tits like there was no tomorrow. 

" O God Glenn yes suck my tits, My God do it yeah suck those big tits God yes! suck them."

I felt like I was going crazy from the incredible sucking I was getting. I Love having my tits played with and fondled but this was causing me unbelievable Sensations like I had never felt before.

I had to fuck Glenn, and i was going to fuck him now.

I pushed him off my breast and down to the floor I quickly got down on to the floor beside him and unzipped his pants. he looked at me puzzled. 

"I thought you didn't want to have sex."

I looked back at him angrily and just said "shut up"

When I pulled down his pants and slid down his boxers I was less than impressed with what was waiting for me. Glenn had a small at best 4 inch member. This actually was for the best because I didn't have any lube and I was ready to get off. 

I grabbed his little member and shoved it into my mouth getting as much spit all over it as I could muster. 

Glenn began morning "O God, I think I love you please don't stop you're a Goddess, You're incredible O God I think I'm going to fucking cum." 

I would have been furious if he had cum at that point but luckily he was able to hold off. I don't know why but for the 1st time in my life I was taking charge in a sexual way. I pulled his little cock out of my mouth and proceeded to climb on top of him and shove it up my ass. I didn't care if the store was empty or not. At this point I just cared about getting off. I cared about feeling something up my tight black ass and I was going to make it be Glenn..

As I began to ride Glenn's cock. I reach forward grabbed his hands and slammed them up against my big chocolate tits. I could hear him screaming With pleasure.

"God yeah I want your tight ass. Please give it to me. Oh God this incredible, yes please fuck me. Keep rideing me. Ride that cock. Fuck my cock baby. Yes do it I love you, I love you. Please keep going.i love you."

As I continue to ride him his assault on my breasts become even more intense he started grinding his nails into my nipples. Even though his cock is small I could still feel it deep inside me. I look down at him with lust and say "that's it baby squeeze those big juicy tits. Yeah that's it baby come on, fuck me like a little slut. Don't tell me you love me just fuck me hard do it, do it come on baby just do it"

Suddenly I can feel him starting to shoot his warm cum deep inside my ass hole. I love this feeling but I'm a bit disappointed because I'm still as hard as a rock and didn't get off. 

I'm pretty disappointed as I'm sitting on Glenn's softening cock. 

As I get-up-and-get dressed and ready to leave Glenn apologizes profusely for cumming so fast He tells me that I can take whatever I want from his store as long as I agree to come back and see him sometime.

I tell him sure but he has to remember "I'm not gay"

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