Choosing a Transcriptionist: Nine Vital Characteristics to Consider

Choosing a Transcriptionist: Nine Vital Characteristics to Consider

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Demand for transcription services is increasing throughout world at a considerable speed. To obtain a copy free of any mistake, modern-day individuals must put in enough effort as well as cautiously utilise different software readily available. However, none of that would ever outperform flawlessness of well-known provider with adequate experience and maximum competence.

Choosing one transcriptionist from among diverse options is a challenging endeavour. Rather than arriving at decision randomly, try looking out for certain necessary skills namely sharp memory, attentive listening, research capability, determination, focus, adaptive, diligence, etc. under all circumstances. To know more, please check out below-mentioned pointers right away.

1.      Even though advanced computer skills is not required but for succeeding within short period, a person should at least have clear understanding about Google search, Microsoft Word and Excel.


2.      Competent professionals working in trusted academic transcription company deliver services across multiple fields, thus, satisfied wider base of clientele seamlessly. They first procure information on certain topic, and then fabricate sensible transcripts.


3.      A pair of good ears can let anybody prosper in transcription work. Even when converting general subject matters into text, listen carefully because most audios and videos contain soft voices, backdrop noise, crosstalk, etc.


4.      Transcriptionists must be self-motivated and diligent towards reaching targeted objectives on stipulated time. If you find somebody who is passionate about meeting your expectations at any cost, please schedule an appointment with him/her immediately.


5.      Concentrating on details is quite essential otherwise you would unfortunately miss significant punctuation, laughter, pauses, etc., which effectually contribute to meaning. A transcriptionist must record everything starting from ‘like’, ‘just’, ‘uhm’, ‘hmm’, and many more.


6.      A sharp memory would help transcriptions to a great extent. Instead of stopping an audio frequently, transcriptionists should be able to remember major portions of longer dialogues in a hassle-free manner.


7.      Most flourishing experts are immensely proficient in grammar and spellings. Now isn’t that absolutely great? Even though there are plenty digitised tools, which can identify as well as correct error quickly, a strong linguistic foundation is still vital.


8.      Transcriptionists must be focused on getting job done by neglecting unnecessary distractions, and ensuring acute precision. A one hour long file generally takes about six hours to transcribe, so, it is no piece of cake.


9.      An average person types about 40 to 45 words per minute but successful transcriptionists have fast typing speed. They generally write 80 words or sometimes 100 words in 60 seconds with very minimal errors.

According to top-notch providers offering high quality interview transcription services for an affordable price, if a professional possesses all skills stated above, you must hire him or her without further hesitation. Remember carrying out thorough background check, seeking specialised recommendations, and scanning customer reviews is also mandatory.