Children choir's "Sounds of Music" repertoire

Children choir's "Sounds of Music" repertoire

Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych

Classical works:

1.     Haydn J. “Lob der Faulheit”

2.     Grig E. "Good morning!"

3.     Grieg E. "Forest Song"

4.     Kalinnikov V. "Pines"

5.     Cui C. "Squirrel"

6.     Cui C. "Summer"

7.     Reger M. "Lullaby"

8.     Rebikov V. "The morning is cool"

9.     Rebikov V. "Bee"

10. Rimsky - Korsakov M. "Squirrel" (from the opera "The Tale of Tsar Saltan")

11. Rimsky-Korsakov M. "Winter farewells"

12. Schumann R. "Unprecedented country"

13. Hofmann O. “The air of the Wiener Wald”

Ukrainian repertoire (arranged folk songs and author's songs)

14. Drobyazgina V. "In the forest workshop"

15. Drobiazgina V. "Green Kharkiv"

16. "Kolo Bug" - Ukrainian folk song recorded by F. Kolesa, arranged by O. Popova;

17. "Kolomiyka" - Ukrainian folk song recorded by F. Kolesa, arranged by O. Popova

18. "Lyuba lastivochko" - Ukrainian folk song recorded by F. Kolesa, arranged by O. Popova

19. "Ruta" -Ukrainian folk song recorded by F. Kolesa, arranged by O. Popova

20. "Kalach" by Paronov I., arranged by O. Popova.

21. Gorova L. "Music sounds"

22. Gorova L. "Sleep falls from the sky"

23. Polyansky V. "Dreams come true"

Neapolitan songs:

24. "Tiritomba", arranged by Mello

25. Panchutti V. "Open the windows"

26. Маschеrоnі V. “Papaveri e papere”

Jazz and modern works:

27. Boyko R. "Mr. Twain"

28. Boyko R. "Lullaby"

29. Butler E. «Music in my life»

30. Hogenko V. "Happy July"

31. Gogolin M. "About freaks"

32. "Samba" Brazilian folk melody, arranged by L. Mayerhofer

33. Slavkin M. "The Old Woman and the Pirate"

34. Spiritual "I'm gonna sing" arranged by R. Schramm

35. Show K. “Jump, jive and jam”

36. Rodgers R. "Edelweiss" ("Sounds of Music")

37. Rogers R. "Song of Beautiful Things" from the movie "Sounds of Music"

38. Youmans V. “Tea for two”

39. Fantasy on themes from Disney films, arranged by E. Bulgakov

40. Semyonov V. Excerpts from the musical "Tom Sawyer and others":

a.      "Star River",

b.     "When I become a millionaire"

41. Menken A. "Beauty and the Beast" (from Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast")

42. Minkov M. Music from the TV show "The Stranger from Our Yard":

a.      "Long live the surprise,"

b.     "Anthem sign",

c.      "Anthem of the Stranger and K",

d.     "Song of the Rain",

e.      "Song of the Blue Eye",

f.      "Where are the wizards?"

43. Rubinstein A.- D. ​​Tukhmanov "On the steamer"

44. Pauls R. From the cycle "White Songs" at Art. J. Rainis:

a.      "The apron burst,"

b.     "I want the sun,"

c.      "Unreasonable desire",

d.     "Good winter"

45. Pauls R. From the cycle "Songs of the Willow Flute" on Art. V. Pludonis:

a.      "Verbochki",

b.     "Idyll of a summer evening",

c.      "Grasshopper",

d.     "Autumn song of the sparrow",

e.      "Idyll of the winter road"

46. Karminsky M. "Lost shoe"

47. Karminsky M. "Victory is celebrated by the people"

48. "Vienna Forest" Austrian folk song arranged by J. Kolodub

49. Ptushkin V. Choir from the opera "Wonderful Wonders"

50. Podgorny V. "Deer", "Bunny".

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