Child Rights in Developing World

Child Rights in Developing World

Bhupati Barman

We say that, “Today’s children are the helmsman of the future.” We believe that they can change the world. They can prosper the social and economical conditions of the world. Developments of the world will depend on their future activities. On account of social discriminations their present conditions are uncertain in many countries. They are deprived of acquiring their proper rights.

Deprived children what are doing?

Bearing in a poor family, a child starts to think about how to support his family as usual. At first, they are derived from “the light of education”, parents’ love, nutritious foods, etc. Commonly in every day, we see in the streets- children are driving rickshaws, collecting dirty papers, cleaning cars, etc. We also see that- they are working in tea-stalls, cleaning utensils in the hotel. They work hard as child labor in tobacco industries, garments industries, welding workshops. They carry bricks, baskets of vegetables from one position to another at their place of work. To survive their existence and support their family, they are keen to work hard as a child-labor for earning money. They are the victims of physical and mental torture by their owners in their workplace for their little mistakes. The owner doesn’t give proper values of those children’s diligence. So, they are being deprived.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Many children work as a maid-servant in the aristocratic family. In their owner’s house, they are the victims of inhuman tortures for their mistakes. Even, the owners bind their hands-legs and give a shock of fire. As a result, ever they are losing their lives. Sometimes, we see that children are selling flowers or any consumers taking the risk of life in big streets of the big cities. Even, they begin the roads to meeting-up their needs. Threatening of want, they start to steal. The criminals of society use these children as a ‘child-terrorist’. They hand over the arms to the children for killing anybody. In this way, children are falling in uncertainty and addicting with drugs.

What happens in solvent family?

In the solvent family, children can’t take decisions to say their opinions. Parents want their child to become a doctor or engineer or barrister. But the child wants to be an artist. He cherishes this dream in his mind from his childhood. But he is deprived of his goal.

If parents are service holders, they can’t give enough time to their children. The child is deprived of parents’ affection, cordial love. He grows up with an undisciplined mentality.

Discriminations with children:

Children are the victims of the following discriminations: They are – Child Rights Discrimination, Color Discrimination, Food discrimination, {if a child is female.}, Physical discrimination, Status discrimination, Talent discrimination, Entertainment discrimination, Dress discrimination, Sport discrimination, Desire discrimination.

To change this terrible condition, we should come forward taking aware steps. Child-industry ought to be a punishable offense in many countries. So, at first the govt. must be banned child-industry. We ought to take such steps so that children mayn’t be the victim of the reality of life at their little age. Govt. should take proper steps to ensure the primary education for all the children obligatory. From their primary educational life, they should give knowledge about moral science, social science, psychology, and fundamental conceptions of philosophy so that they become conscious of their basic rights and social values.


In all primary schools, govt. should provide nutritious foods and superfoods as Tiffin daily to improve their talent in developing countries. The family should give value to children’s opinions for their best interests. They should break out the conservative and systematic thinking about the children. At first, every citizen should come forward to stop discrimination against the children. Children are everything in any country and society. Only they can full-fill “the sensation of free-thinking” with the help of us around the world. And, they can build-up poverty less, corruption-free, developed country. So, we should bloom smile to children so that we can build-up enriched World with ‘the citizens of liberal and non-communal thinking.