Chickly NFT

Chickly NFT

What is Chickly NFT?

Chickly is a ROI project on BNB-Network with NFTs implemented you can earn up to 160% with.

Chicky is your small dream farm in your pocket or at your desktop. The place where you can get a fast and consistent earning. Basically, Chickly is an idle game, where you buy different NFT Chicks to earn crypto over time.

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Why Chickly?

• Reliable Investments with $BNB and $BUSD;

• Earn up to +160% of the NFT cost;

• Blockchain decentralized platform;

• Totally secure income based on BNB smart-contract;

• Smart-contract verified and audited by independent company.

Specific Features:

Basic Interest Rate

The rate is +1% per 24 hours which is +0.0416% hourly. BNB smart-contract calculate profit up to every NFT since the date it was bought. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day — +1%.

Personal Hold-Bonus

A bonus of +0.05% for every 24 hours without withdraw. Smart-contract calculates hold-bonus from your deposit, or last withdraw date. If you did not request payment, it will charge you an additional bonus. After 24 hours +0.05%, after 48 hours +0.1%, after 72 hours +0.15% and so on.

Contract Total Amount Bonus

A bonus of +0.1% for every 150 BNB balanced on the Chickly smart-contract. As the smart-contract check its current balance it charge an additional +0.1% up to your earnings for every 150 BNB on the smart-contract balance.

Smart Contract

Employing the technology of blockchain and smart-contract, the whole process of making investments and getting benefits is fully transparent and secure. The word ‘transparency’ means that you can always study the projects’ smart-contract to ensure it’s being run properly. At the same time none of your personal data is being collected or used so that each user of Chickly can stay totally anonymous and protected from any fraud.

Smart-contract has been developed in a way that no one can ever interfere with its operations to change any of its code or algorithms. Thus, all of your funds and transactions are being completely devoid of any meddling from outside. This is the approach that ensures the sustainable work of the smart-contract and eliminates the human factor from it. In other words, having been audited and tested for hundred times the Chickly smart-contract treats your funds in one way possible — it multiplies them, not reduce

Chickly NFTs to buy

There are 5 different Chickly NFTs to buy. They all differ in their features such as appearence, max profitability and duration of accruals and consequently — their cost.


0.04 $BNB / 10 $BUSD with the revenue up to 140%


0.2 $BNB / 50 $BUSD with the revenue up to 145%


0.4 $BNB / 100 $BUSD with the revenue up to 150%


2 $BNB / 500 $BUSD with the revenue up to 155%


4 $BNB / 1000 $BUSD with the revenue up to 160%

Referral Program

There's a multi-level referral system for the most pro-active users of the Chickly Project which means you can increase your personal profit through sharing your afilliate link (you can always get that after you connect your wallet) and inviting some of your friends.

Multi-level means that you're going to get some profit from the users that were invited by your referrals and their referrals as well. For the moment, there are 3 levels of affiliate rewards:

  • 1st level — 7%
  • 2nd level — 2%
  • 3rd level — 1%

Moreover, all of the referral rewards come instantly on your balance and can be withdrawn any time along with earnings.


Chickly is a project for people as the team values all of the projects' users and followers. The team is always open to direct communication with community members and encourages active participation in the life of the project on social networks. There's a few Chickly Blogs you have to follow to be the first who receive the news as the process of the projects' development remains open to the public eye.

Website ||| Twitter ||| Telegram ||| Discord

The links located below are the only confirmed sources of the original information. The social networks serve as the key to direct communication with the team working on the project.

Double $BNB and $BUSD with Chickly! To The Moon!

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