Charlotte and her friends..

Charlotte and her friends..


Let me start with some background information. Charlotte grew up in the Northwest. By the time she was 16, she was 57, blonde, 120lbs. She always wore yoga pants and tight shirts to show off her DDs and amazing ass. Her sex experiences were limited, always being relatively mild unless she had been drinking. Charlotte would always get a bit crazy after a few drinks, guess that plays into the guys advantages. She would give head, but hated cum so she never enjoyed it. When the occasioned called she could deepthroat a good 8 inches. Her ass had been fingered a couple times but she refused to go any further.

We were drunk in her bed one night when she brought up her fantasy of having a threesome. My mind worked on it for the next couple months before I talked to her one night and brought up the idea. We agreed I would find 3 guys for introduction to gangbangs.

The night came, Charlotte and I in her bedroom while her parents where in Chicago. A knock on the door and 3 black guys walk in. John was 63, 220lbs. Randy was 61, 210lbs, and Jamal was 64, 225lbs.I had plied her with a 6 shots earlier, so she was already near drunk.I dont think she was expecting anything near what they presented. Each of them undressed and pulled out 9-10 dicks, at least 2 thick. Her only other partner had been 6 and thin, so this was a shock.

I explained that the guys were going to go easy on her, and I could see her start to accept it. She agreed and went to the kitchen to grab one last shot. While she was gone, I told the guys to be as rough as possible. Dont let up, punish her, dont stop until youre all completely satisfied. They winked and it was on.

As soon as Charlotte came back, they ripped off her clothing. She screamed in surprise, but was quickly muffled as they pushed her to her knees and stuffed a black dick in her mouth. Jamal dragged the top half of her body onto her bed and climbed on top. He held her hands down and shoved his dick into her young mouth. 3 inches disappeared instantly, but that would never satisfy an angry jamal. He began thrusting harder into her mouth. I could see the fear in her eyes and she gagged unmercifully on that black cock. John and Randy started fingering her pussy and ass while she was restrained, pinching and slapping her tits. Charlotte let out a scream, muffled by a black dick pounding her throat.

Jamal hopped off, rolled Charlotte over and immediately shoved 9 of thick black dick in her virgin asshole. She let out a scream like Ive never heard. Jamal stood up, with Charlotte lodged firmly on his dick. John came forward and pushed his cock into her young pussy with one stroke. Both stood with Charlotte hanging onto their bodies as they double fucked her young body. She began to fight back, so I stepped in and wrapped her arms to her body in duct tape. Now she was completely immobile. I could see the defeated look flash through her face and she resigned herself to the gangbang.

Jamal then lay on the bed, with Charlotte in a reverse cowgirl. John stepped forward and they continued the double fuck. Randy took the oppurtunity to climb on top and straddle her body. I could hear the gagging sounds as he pummeled her poor throat. Spit and precum were streaming down her face and she had no hands with which to slow him. He would pull out and ram his cock into her throat like a piston, her hair flying as her head was fucked.

I heard a different tone coming from her. Her face began to flush and I realized she was beginning to cum. A couple minutes longer and her screams of pleasure climaxed.She had always stopped sex after she came, but tonight she had no choice. Faster and faster the 3 men pounded her young body. Charlotte had never dreamt she would be fucked like this, used like a fuck toy for a gang of black men.

The men got off of her, rolled her onto her knees. John lay on the bed and gripped her hair in his large hands and pushed his 9 dick into her small mouth. The size of this mammoth dick only made her look smaller and weaker. Randy got behind her upwards ass and slid 10 in. She moaned through the dick in her mouth, still not use to anal sex let alone a rough pounding. I gave Jamal her vibrator and he shoved it into her pussy. He looked at Randy and asked if they should give her a double anal. At this, Charlotte began to get her head off of Johns dick to object, her eyes wide with fear. But John only held her head down harder and began to thrust deeper into her mouth. Randy agreed and got in front of Jamal. A quick dab of KY and they began to push. Charlotte renewed her fight to free her mouth, but Jamal pulled her hair hard making her head snap back. This straightened out her through and John seized the opportunity to shove his entire dick down her small throat. He was ruthless, ramming her throat like never before. She began to cry at the brutal treatment of her ass and throat. At the same time, they all pushed all the way in. John now buried up to the base in Charlottes throat. Randy and Jamal both balls deep in her virgin ass. Spit was running out of her nose and her face was bright red as she struggled to breath with a large pipe suffocating her. John pulled out and a large rush of air flooded her lungs as she struggled to stay conscious. Finally able to speak, Charlotte began screaming at the double anal. A couple seconds later, her second orgasm began to hit. The vibrator lodged in her pussy was bringing waves of pleasure, combatting the tearing pain in her ass. Her breath became ragged as she came, moaning like a good high school girl should.

They both pulled out of her ass, everyone a bit tired. Before they finished, each decided to pound her pussy. She was pushed onto the bed, and they each took turns fucking her missionary. Her perfect pussy was red and swollen with the abuse. Each fucked her hard, wrapping her legs around them as they thrust deeper than anything had ever been in her. Her young pussy stretched far to accomodate the girth now invading her. As Randy was finishing up his final round, Charlotte began to cum again. 3 times in a night, I thought, a new record.

They stood there, deliberating how they should cum. In her mouth, they decided. They grabbed her hair and dragged her to the edge of the bed with her head hanging off. With her arms still tied to her body, she had no way to slow or control the throat fucking she was about to receive. Charlotte started to plead, hadnt they had enough??

Jamal went first, thrusting about 3 inches into her mouth. Once he was lubed in her saliva, he began to push down her throat. A couple gags later, Jamal held her head and rammed all 9 inches down her throat. She began to buck, anything to escape the suffocating cock. For 10 minutes her pounded Charlottes throat. Her face was covered with saliva, dripping down her hair. Jamal asked the 2 others to pull her legs wide. As he felt his cum building up, he shoved himself to the hilt. His big balls covering Charlottes nose and eyes. He leaned hard into her, making sure every last millimeter was in her. He reached forward with his right hand and slapped her young pussy as hard as he could. Her screams came out as a muffled mumble, and she began to kick and fight. John and Randy held her legs firm though. Jamal was pumping a big load straight down her throat. After 15 seconds of cumming, he slapped her pussy again and pulled out. Charlotte surfaced like a drowning child, screaming and breathing with every other breath. Randy and Jamal switched, and she was quickly gagging again. Randy pushed his even longer cock down her throat. I could see the huge bulge moving down her throat, almost to her collar bone. He followed Jamals lead and poured his load into the back of her throat. John took the longest, holding himself in until she almost passed out. I jumped in and said my turn! I told them to slap her pussy for every thrust I made. Everytime I pulled out she screamed in pain but I fucked her throat. I began to cum, but I just kept thrusting. Saliva and cum began flooding out of her mouth and nose as my balls bounced off of her face. We all stood silent for a minute before I stood her up and cut the tape off of her. FUCK YOU GUYS, she yelled and stormed into the bathroom. The guys went home, and I climbed into her bed. An hour later she came out, and slept on the couch. I think she was too drunk to remember the video and pictures I took. Oh well...more material to remember it by!

Thanks for a great gangbang babe.

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