Ch. 17 Pt. 02

Ch. 17 Pt. 02

"This follows on from Ch. 17 "Keyholding as a form of therapy"

There was an intense but unspoken atmosphere in the bedroom the next morning. A lazy Saturday with a warm breeze blowing in through the floor to ceiling white sheer curtains. Amy was naked, on all fours, kissing Ben before turning around to let her lips engulf his tiny chastity cage.

"Fuck, not having the key makes me want you more," she moaned, "I feel like a woman staring at her lover through prison bars."

"There must be some other way to get me out?" Ben breathed, thrusting his silver stub gently into her mouth. There was a wonderful tingling sensation, like an inescapable hug around his cock, but that's where the pleasure ended. In such a tiny cell, his cock could never expand enough to cum.

The only key now belonged to Lisa. Amy had gifted the key to her friend the night before during a sensual evening designed to return Lisa's sexuality and self-belief. Lisa had loved their attention and had been thrilled by the erotic power and trust. 

However, this time it was more than just a keyholding relationship, where a woman holds the key to deny her partner. This key was a gift from Amy to her friend, and like all treasured gifts, there was no obligation for her to ever return it. The key may have been the only way to ever release Ben from his horribly secure chastity cage, but Amy had repurposed the key as a gift, a piece of jewellery, a silver pendant for Lisa to enjoy. 

This wasn't a purely altruistic move by Amy. Lisa's ownership of the key, and the uncertainty that went with it, was having the desired effect in the bedroom, with Amy and Ben aroused and driven to new levels of sexual desire by their predicament. 

For Amy, she may never be able to make love to Ben again. Sexually, she could be satisfied by oral sex, and she had fantasised about chaining Ben for eternity between her legs, but penetrative sex would be impossible. It would bind Ben to their relationship. Even with his looks and charms, why would another woman want a man with a permanently steel encased cock? 

For Ben, there was now the possibility that he may never be unlocked. He didn't know if it was true, but Amy's detailed explanations about the inescapability of the cage and the damage that any escape attempt would have on his cock were scarily convincing. If Lisa never returned the key, he may never make love again. He stopped briefly to recall how he had got himself entangled in this female web, before returning to Amy's naked body.

"Do you think she'll ever return it?" Amy trembled, rolling back on to the white sheets and spreading her legs. 

Even without the key, Ben obeyed her body and he rolled up on to his strong arms and returned his lips to their spiritual home between Amy's legs.

"Imagine it just being another key on Lisa's ring," Amy breathed, "Maybe she can't even remember what it unlocks. It just follows her around, jingling every time she unlocks her front door and then drops back into the depths of her handbag. If only that key could escape her possession ... just for one turn."

Ben moaned, focusing his entire attention on her body. He loved the feeling inside his cage as his cock swelled and contorted within the tight confine of the cage's curves. His lips were occupied with Amy's vagina as he listened to her breathy voice.

"One day, Lisa might pass it to her daughter, maybe with a half-forgotten story about some sexy guy she once met. Told the right way, I'm sure the key would never leave her daughter possession," Amy panted, her cries more animated, her dark hair ruffled and flying.


Ben answered the door dressed only in an old pair of jeans and partly unbuttoned white shirt with upturned collar. A shock of excitement hit him as Lisa stood there in her blue jeans and black leather jacket. 

"Wow!" he exclaimed, in his gravelly morning voice.

"Good morning!" she replied, soaking in his awestruck expression. She gazed excitedly, staring intently as if expecting something amazing to happen.

Ben felt he had to explain. "Sorry," he smiled, "I was just thinking about you."

"What about me?"

"Yesterday, the massage..."

Lisa just watched him, hoping he would continue.

"And the key?" he smiled hopefully.

Lisa still didn't reply. She just stood watching, almost examining him. She seemed so much more confident, flirtier and attractive than she had the day before.

"How was your night?" Ben asked as he tried to break her spell.

"Good... and yours?"

"I stayed in," he smiled, tapping the front of his jeans, "always hard between releases."

Lisa slinked down on to one of the soft leather stools and crossed her legs.

"I hope you're not going to keep me too long," Ben smiled, the inevitable swell building.

"Too long for what?" 

"Too long in the cage."

"I thought Amy said the key was mine?" Lisa replied innocently.

Lisa waited, thinking through her option, before unzipping her tightly fitted leather jacket and pulling on her necklace until the key popped out from her inside her black woollen top. Ben's penis reacted, swelling as the key appeared and swelled further as Lisa let it fall back inside her top. 

Ben realised he was trembling and staring at the key which he imagined to be somewhere between her breasts, "Sorry," he stuttered, "I thought you were going to give it..." his voice trailed off.

"It's the most wonderful thing I've ever owned," Lisa whispered, "It's the wedding ring I never had."

"Yes, and quite important to me," Ben swallowed.

Lisa rezipped her leather jacket, the sound of the zip surprisingly loud in the silent room. The jacket was once again tight, moulded around the breasts that Ben had touched and kissed the day before. He wanted to ask if he could massage her breasts again, but the determined glint in her big brown eyes told him the zip was staying shut. 

"You know it's not a normal cage," Ben stuttered, "It really can't be removed without the key."

"I'm sorry Ben," Lisa whispered.

Fuck, what did Lisa mean by 'Sorry'? He tried to ignore the frightening consequences of Lisa having fallen in love with his key and focused instead on the wonderful crushing sensation inside the now seemingly permanently locked cage. 

"Can I do anything for you?" he trembled.

Lisa had never had the power to control people. She had gone from being the youngest sibling to being with a dominant, abusive partner. She had a menial job with a sadistic bitch of a boss. Finally, she had power to influence someone and in Amy, a twisted friend, who wanted her to abuse that power.

"Maybe I should be asking you that," Lisa replied.

Ben wanted to ask why but didn't dare to hear her answer.

"You liked my touch yesterday?" he asked hopefully, stepping forward and gently uncrossing her legs, "Maybe, if you like...?" Ben begged, dropping to his knees and shuffling forward between her open legs.

"Wow, I can see why Amy keeps you like this," Lisa replied her voice breathy as she wriggled out of her jeans and sunk back down on to the edge of the stool.

Ben felt Lisa interlace her fingers behind his head and pull him closer. He smiled; he was starting to enjoy the thrill and challenge of this intransigent woman and felt the cage crush down on his cock as he edged further between her open legs. He pressed his face against her inner thigh as he reached around her to massage her hips.

"Mmm, that's lovely on my back," Lisa whispered.

"Maybe in return...?"

Lisa said nothing, but then her silence was rewarded with the touch of Ben's lips against her black satin underwear. 

"Do you want to go inside," she trembled, "Visit where the key lay yesterday."

Ben drew back the flimsy barrier and kissed her shaved clit, "Search me, please," she whispered.

Lisa was now on her feet with one leg over Ben's shoulder as he explored her body. When she could take it no more, she staggered backward on to the stool, her hands bringing Ben with her as she climaxed quickly with Ben gripping her hips to hold her on the stool.

Ben scrambled back to his feet and watched as Lisa squeezed back into her jeans and belted them tightly in place. His cock was throbbing, but at least he now felt in control having brought the woman to such a high. He stepped forward and gently touched the zip of her jacket.

"Hey, Mister, hands to yourself," she snapped, a comeback that she had often used with customers in the restaurant.

"Sorry," Ben stammered.

Surely this was a tease, but still he found himself trembling. Society's conventions meant that if Lisa chose, her body was completely taboo. Touching her arm could be deemed sexual harassment and searching her body for his key could land him in jail.

"Lis, I really can't get out of this," he begged.

"I'm sorry, Ben. Really I am."


Amy appeared wearing a fitted woven white top, blue jeans and black boots. Her hair was getting longer, and her ponytail flicked as she turned. She said hello to Lisa and then let Ben divert her back into their bedroom.

"That didn't work!" Ben whispered.

"Would have worked with me," Amy replied with a smile.

"What next?"

"Fuck, this is fun," Amy breathed, "I told you that girl has issues."

Ben's cock was twitching and swelling, "Why does this turn me on," he breathed.

"You like twisted women," Amy replied, almost drawing blood as she bit down on his lip.

Ben pressed her against the wall and pinned her there as he kissed her.

"Does she have the key with her?" Amy asked.

"In her bra."

"Better than pants," Amy giggled, "That would mean she's enjoying it way too much."


It was Amy's turn to try to unlock Lisa's vault, and she was now sitting opposite Ben's new keyholder as they ate lunch at the café. 

"Thank you so much, Amy," Lisa spoke quietly, exhaling deeply, "I feel amazing!" 

"Ben's good at... 'that'," Amy winked.

"Better than sex I think."

Amy gazed at her friend's excited eyes; the power suited her. She stared into her eyes again, watching her long lashes flash across her expressive eyes. In a very real way, this woman wielded power over her too. This cute, twisted woman could trap Ben in his chastity device forever, which would mean locking her out of her lover forever. 

The women had finished a bottle of wine by the time they returned to Amy's apartment. Ben had just showered after returning from the gym and was still undressed from the waist up. His phone rang, but he ignored it with his attention focused on Amy and her giggly friend.

"I know Lis loves to see you in your box, darling" Amy called louder than she intended. She leaned in to kiss him, "Go with it, darling," she whispered, "If we're to ever get that key from her tits."

Feeling that there was little he could add to the women's incoherent conversation, Ben let them take a hand each and lead him to the spare room and the heavy wooden trunk. He climbed in and was about to suggest a time limit when the lid dropped down on top of him. He didn't hear them padlock him in, although he heard the box creek and the solid, deadening feel of the two women sitting on top.

"Can I see the key?" Amy whispered, flirtingly touching Lisa arm.

Lisa unzipped her jacket and pulled until it eased free from her breasts, bounced and dangled from its thin silver chain.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Lisa beamed.

"What are you going to do with your present?"

"Treasure it always," Lisa replied jealously.


"Fuck, I wish I could do this to every fucking man," Lisa looked suddenly vulnerable, scared even.

Amy moved closer and kissed her friend, "It's okay, sweetie."

The wine was amplifying Lisa's emotions and fears, and her hands fumbled with the key until she clutched it in her tightly squeezed fist. 

"I've taken so much shit, Amy. It feels good to have power."

"I know, sweetie."

"I hope Ben understands," Lisa was sniffing, her glistening eyes dropping a tear on to her cheek.

Amy was buzzing; this woman really did intend to keep her man locked up forever. Amy needed another plan. She slipped the padlock through the hasp, to turn Ben into a helpless ornament, and then led Lisa to their bedroom. 

Lisa was giggling again as Amy closed the door behind them and pulled off her top and unbuttoned her jeans. Lisa did the same. 

"Well, our masseur's in the box..." Amy breathed, lying on her back in the middle of the bed and inviting Lisa to straddle her.

Amy and Lisa had shared drunken kisses when they were younger, but now Lisa's power happy body was on top of her, her thighs pinning Amy's arms to the bed as they kissed. Ben's key was dangling from Lisa's neck, but Amy was powerless to reach it.

"Remember, you have me if you get lonely," Lisa whispered, edging even closer until she had Amy pinned between her thighs, "Kiss me like Ben did?"

Amy felt aroused. She loved being held down and loved looking up at the key dangling tantalisingly out of reach above her. She kissed her friend, taking the brunt of her animated hips as Lisa climaxed in her face.

Next, Lisa and the key shuffled backward, and Lisa's lips sunk beautifully down between Amy's legs. Amy cried loudly as Lisa's tongue brought her to climax. Both women were now breathless, and Lisa stayed where she was, smiling up at Amy as Amy crossed her ankles and squeezed.

Lisa choked, her wide, startled brown eyes looking on as Amy unclipped her necklace and slid the key into her hand.

"No... please."

Lisa looked distraught. Her teary eyes were hidden beneath a tangle of long brown hair. The confidence she had this morning, the leather jacket and jeans clad biker chick, was gone. All that was left was the downtrodden forty-year-old woman exposed and betrayed by for friend.

Lisa looked up pleading, her hands wrapped around Amy's thighs, in a pitiful attempt to escape the humiliation. Lisa's legs were spread in an attempt to escape and her favourite black lingerie, which felt sexy and powerful this morning, now looked like a cheap hooker.

Amy could read so much in Lisa's desperate eyes. Years of disappointment and hurt and the realisation that this new drug of power was about to be taken from her. Amy couldn't bear to watch and so instead, she took the chastity key and pushed it slow between Lisa's legs.

"Sew it into this seam here," Amy breathed, "Gorgeous touch and impossible to steal..."

Amy's fingers pushed the key against Lisa's vagina and then released it to its new home. The uncertainty of whether she would ever see the key again made Amy tingle, but happily Lisa's lips were close to hand.


Lisa borrowed a needle and thread, and Amy looked on with growing excitement as Ben's key became permanently attached to another woman's underwear. Lisa expertly attached it by its hole, and then continued to wrap the cotton all the way down to the tip of the key, tying it off professionally at the end. Every stitch was perfect and evidently intended for a long-term stay.

Amy was buzzing, her body hot, as Lisa slowly redressed, buttoning and belting herself tightly into her jeans, "Now even if he sees you on the street, the key is completely untouchable," Amy breathed.

"Fuck, it feels wonderful in there," Lisa mouthed, feeling more ownership over the key than ever. 

What a gorgeous way to tease Ben; Amy found herself panting. Ben could never get at the key now. Simply whipping the chain from around Lisa's neck was no longer an option. The more time Ben spent with Lisa, the more Lisa's twisted mind would want to keep him locked, and the more addicted Lisa's body would become to her power.

Amy couldn't resist stealing another kiss, "Lunch again tomorrow, Lis?" 

Lisa looked and sighed, "I'm away for a few days, can we do next week?"


Amy showed Lisa to the door and then returned to her bedroom to masturbate. Only then did she return to the spare room and unlock Ben's box. Ben sat up in the box, blinking hopefully into the light.

"Sorry darling," Amy purred, "This game has a little further to run."