Cfw Psp 660 Free 24

Cfw Psp 660 Free 24


Cfw Psp 6.60 Free 24

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The last missing piece: Permanent 6.60 CFWs for all PSPs in near future!? by The Zett October 31, 2014.

PSP Downloads Development . CFW 6.60 PRO-B9. . Date Posted Aug 24, 2011 Categories PSP, Homebrew Applications: Tags PSP: Downloads .

The below methods detail how to install Permanent Custom Firmware. Only do this if your PSP supports it and you know what you're doing; Temporary CFW is enough for most people.

I have a PSP-1000 that I haven't touched in well over a year. I got the urge to get it set up with some emulators again, so I'm trying to figure. 95ec0d2f82